How to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate: 11 Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimization for eCommerce

eCommerce Development
How to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate: 11 Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimization for eCommerce
Article by Maria Martin
Last Updated: December 17, 2022

eCommerce sales value is estimated to skyrocket to $6 trillion in 2024. And the baseline target conversion rate of an online shop is 3%. When achieved, you can proceed with more advanced strategies for conversion rate optimization for eCommerce.

You have 15 seconds to engage visitors on your online business website before they bounce off and convert them into paying customers.

To increase eCommerce conversion rate and enjoy the benefits of running your site, you should:

  • Get users to the product or service offers they are looking for.
  • Optimize consumer journey for multiple service categories and product lines.
  • Help them achieve what they need in limited time.

In this article, you will find on-site tactics to increase conversion rate for eCommerce.

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11 Proven Ways to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate

Here are excellent tactics to increase conversion rate for your eCommerce business.

1. Place Your Best Offer Where it Is Most Visible.

Grab visitors’ attention by putting most crucial, irresistible offers with a catchy call-to-action (CTA) on the above-the-fold, i.e., the most noticeable area on your landing page.

Pro tip: Majority of clients looking to grab great deals are focused on the above-the-fold. Use this placement to promote a new product range, or a seasonal sale, such as winter, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday offers.

2. Add Pop-ups without Bothering Visitors.

Use an effective exit-intent pop-up with an exclusive offer that cannot be missed. When this appears, a user who starts getting bored and is close to click their window close will be curious, decide to stay, and learn more.

These pop-ups monitor also mouse movements. They are an efficient way to understand buyer behavior. When they are looking for a way out, do they return to the search engine and move on to your competitor’s site? Or does your eCommerce website have what it takes to lure them back in and keep them engaged?

To do the latter, ensure you use the right color palette that appeal to their emotions. Make them feel inspired to purchase their needs as well as their desires. Use well-written copies for CTAs. Plus, make sure you do not overdo the pop-ups and add too many of them.

Pro tip: An exit-intent pop-up does not have to instantly convert visitors into purchasing customers. You can begin patiently with getting them to sign up for your emailing list. While waiting for them to go back to your shop, you manage to stay in touch with them, keeping them in the loop about your offers.

3. Use Simple Navigation and Interface.

Utilize a responsive web design that adapts automatically to varying device environments. The interface needs to resize accordingly to mobile gadgets and should not only favor desktop use.

Also, reduce complicated steps to check out and include only the most necessary actions. Avoid frustrating users and ask only basic customer details needed to complete a transaction. Keep the checkout to a single-page.

Invest time in organizing your store’s flow. It starts with the transactional menu—the main menu listing all website subsections, the search functionality, and every available product or service category.

Pro tip: Make the transactional menu stand-out in an eye-pleasing way. You can use the traditional hamburger icon to represent the main menu. Stick to the standard navigation flow of an eCommerce web page. While it may be tempting to get creative and unique with it, veering from the customary site flow may only end up confusing customers.

4. Use Concise Forms.

Customers are generally scanners. And your prospective customers will only spend a handful of time browsing your site before they decide if it is worthwhile. More so, they will not allot time on filling out unnecessary fields on a tedious website form.

Improve user experience and trim your forms. You will also cut down on your potential clients’ energy and time. Get more signups, win their approval, and spare them from the hassle while you save your brand from losing buyers because of a poorly created form.

Pro tip: You do not need to ask for their personal mobile numbers. After all, it’s a mailing list their subscribing to.

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5. Be Easily Reachable.

Establishing trust helps increase eCommerce conversion rate. Make your company contactable through different channels, providing users with options that are most convenient to them.

Pro tip: Displaying complete contact details showcases your credibility and reputation as a business. Make these easily visible on your site—use the traditional footer placement or on the right corner of the header. It is also a good idea to add a form that directly sends you client emails. Plus, streamline customer care via an on-site chat functionality.

6. Invest in High-Quality Images.

Another way to increase conversion rate for eCommerce is capturing professional photographs of your products.

The collection of images on your product pages should include:

  • Close-ups
  • Photos from distinct angles
  • In-context pictures to illustrate product uses and benefits
  • An interactive 360-degree shot
  • A short video featuring the product

Do not pass up on the opportunity to exhibit the strengths of your product offers through clear visuals and beautiful imagery. Leverage these tools to attract leads and in turn, increase eCommerce conversion rate.

Pro tip: Steer clear of stock photos. Or if you ever use them, do not overdo it.

7. Optimize Product and Service Descriptions.

Website visitors who take the time to peruse product or service descriptions are most likely to complete an order. Ensure you satisfy them with complete information and details they are looking to find. Cover everything and answer their burning questions even before they start wondering about them. Appease their concerns about your offers by giving them assurance about quality and your adjustment policies.

Invest in exceptional, compelling copywriting and do not forget search engine optimization (SEO). Use bullet points to segregate features and benefits and for better readability.

Pro tip: Imagine explaining your product range to a 12-year-old. Will they understand it? Never assume that consumers know your product. Neither should you rely on label descriptions. And do not use big, technical jargon. Keep them short but snappy.

8. Highlight Positive Customer Reviews

Keep in mind that consumers do not buy what you sell alone. They buy what the rest is buying. They want to gain insight into what other people say about your brand. And what better way to tell them that other people patronize, support, and frequent your shop than sprinkling glowing reviews across strategic areas on your site.

Pro tip: Set up an email sequence requesting review from purchasers after approximately one week after receipt of order. You will leave them with enough time window to test the items. This ups your chances of getting a higher rating and a satisfactory review.

9. Leverage Social Proof

Social proof is one of your most genuine, non-paid endorsements. Potential clients take it as a personal recommendation from real people who have tried and tested your products or services.

Acknowledge users’ social media posts of your items. Express your gratitude and feature them on your page by resharing these uploads. Directly embed these posts on your eCommerce website, too.

Pro tip: Put together case studies about successful purchases. In your case studies, explain at length how your company has been able to address a consumer’s concern, meet their needs, and resolve a specific problem.

10. Be Transparent with Privacy, Shipping, and Refund Policies.

Ease your customers’ worries about perceived risks of transacting with you. Alongside the contact information on the footer, include a brief description of your return, refund, and shipping insurance policies, plus product protection plan. Then, elaborate on them on the FAQs section.

Pro tip: You can take this step further and repeat these policies on every product page. in addition, put a trust or security seal upon checkout. You can apply for and acquire this seal from The Better Business Bureau and Google.

11. Automate Recovery Emails Series for Abandoned Carts.

Cart abandonment is one of the foremost reasons for lost revenue in eCommerce. On average, 69.99% of shopping carts are abandoned before checkout.

The good news is you still have the opportunity to win back hesitant customers and influence them to proceed with placing an order.

Set up an effective abandoned cart email campaign without becoming a nuisance to clients. The agenda is to reengage lapsed consumers, remind them of what they are missing, and reignite their want to purchase from your brand.

Pro tip: Reach out to these lapsed customers with an exclusive discount code they cannot refuse.

Top eCommerce Development Agencies

1. SAMA Labs

  • Location: 1140 Holland Drive #2 Boca Raton FL 33487, Boca Raton, Florida 33487, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: Inquire
  • Expertise: Branding, eCommerce Development, Website Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

SAMA Labs creates stellar branding strategies through an all-digital experience using a range of marketing services.

Its in-house branding experts have the know-how of cohesive tactics to optimize your brand across all digital channels to create a more measurable and successful brand while driving sales and reaching new customers. SAMA Labs develops eCommerce Stores, Websites, and Digital Marketing Campaigns tailored to meet the needs of the companies it works with—regardless their company sizes.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, SAMA Labs is a globally recognized lifestyle marketing brand. Some of the agency’s most notable clients include RSVP Skinnies, Clearly Loved Pets, Excel Auto, and Revive.

2. inCode Systems

  • Location: Palliser House Second Floor, Palliser Road, London, England, W14
  • Average Hourly Rate: $50/hr
  • Expertise: Web Design, Responsive Website Design, eCommerce Development, eCommerce Web Design, Mobile App Development, eCommerce App Development, Website Development, WordPress Website Design, Shopify, Ruby on Rails, Software Development, and PHP Development.

First established in2014, InCode Systems is a company that specializes in web design and eCommerce development. They use their expertise to help clients build a website, identify the best platform for their business, and select the best eCommerce solution.

inCode Systems' services include responsive website design, eCommerce development, eCommerce web design, mobile app development (Android & iOS), and eCommerce app development along other things. In all of these areas they have mastered the art of crafting beautiful and modern designs while still emphasizing on performance.

Some of the inCode Systems clients include Casio, Booktonote and ViceGolf.

3. Optimized Webmedia Marketing

  • Location: 705-1221 Homer St, Vancouver, V6B 1C5, Canada
  • Average Hourly Rate: $125
  • Expertise: Branding, eCommerce Marketing, Digital Marketing, PPC...

This agency's digital marketers, designers, developers, and business development team take the time to understand any business and requirements – the clients' target personas, goals, ideas, and truly create a personalized project which aligns with their timeline and budget.

They are professionally certified on a number of industry designations, so that their clientds can be re-assured that each projects are initiated, executed, monitored, and closed using best practices in project management, quality, and ethics. The certifications include: Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Project Management Professional (PMP), Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Hootsuite Social Media Marketing, and Influitive Advocate Marketing.


  • Location: 31 WOODLANDS CLOSE, #05-01 WOODLANDS HORIZON, Singapore, 737855, Singapore
  • Average Hourly Rate: $80
  • Expertise: eCommerce Development, Software Development, SEO, PPC, Integrated Marketing...

At 8CLICKS Web Development Agency, they give you the most promising web design services at the reasonable service price.

Together with 8CLICKS, the global exposure that you always wanted to enhance the current market reputation of your business can become a reality though their search engine and social media marketing.

Their main goal is to provide a service that turn your ideas and concepts into a platform to showcase your business. 


  • Location: Konstitucijos pr. 12, Vilnius, 09309, Lithuania
  • Average Hourly Rate: $50
  • Expertise: eCommerce Development, eCommerce Marketing, Multilingual SEO, Enterprise SEO...

EASYSEO is an SEO agency and digital marketing company with 10+ years of expertise. They have worked with companies from Lithuania, Germany, Russia and the US.

They provide consultations as well as technical work. Their strongest competence comes in the field of SEO, one of the most popular services among their clients. They focus on improving the ranks of their client’s business website by optimizing the content, fixing technical issues and making sure the website meets the latest SEO trends.

6. Impressive Sol

  • Location: The Burns House, Woking, GU21 5LS, United Kingdom
  • Average Hourly Rate: $30
  • Expertise: SEO, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Logo Design...

Impressive Sol has been successfully making its identity in the industry of web development and has lots of credibility in design and multimedia. With a creative team of digital experts, the company provides top class, professional services to the client with outstanding results.

They are specialists in interactive web and App development, Innovative web and App design, graphic design and up-to-date planned online marketing. They offer clients cost-effective and affordable packages according to their requirements. Retaining the trust of clients and creating a long term relationship is their top priority. 

7. Undoubt Studio

  • Location: Aurora Residence, Jalan Prima Utama, Taman Puchong Prima,, Puchong, 47150, Malaysia
  • Average Hourly Rate: $55
  • Expertise: Branding

Undoubt Studio is a branding & digital marketing agency based in Malaysia that has helped clients all over the world kickstart their brand through strategical design and reach a wider audience through digital marketing. Their mission is to help brands and businesses dominate the online marketplace.

They help businesses create meaningful branding identity through logo & branding design, tell their story better with compelling copywriting, showcase their services and gain an online presence through web design and sell more products online through eCommerce development.

8. Byteout Software

  • Location: Kneza Danila 56, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia
  • Average Hourly Rate: $60
  • Expertise: eCommerce App Development, WooCommerce Development, Mobile App Development...

Since 2009, they've helped clients on more than 100 projects, building both simple-to-use and advanced applications on mobile & web platforms. They develop both using existing proven eCommerce systems like Magento, Sylius, Symfony, WooCommerce etc. or fully custom solutions for more complex systems.

Their main product is a mobile commerce application called Omnishop. It is a fully native mobile SaaS solution that gives clients their own mobile apps for iOS and Android which connect to the existing e-commerce website through an API so it is an easy integration. You can schedule a free half-hour product session with them to check if they are a good fit.

9. Studio Umbrella Inc.

  • Location: 811 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, California 90017, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: Inquire
  • Expertise: eCommerce Development, eCommerce Web Design, WordPress Development...

Studio Umbrella Inc., founded in 2005 by Ronen Hirsch, and located in Los Angeles, designs and develops websites of a variety of types for small to medium-sized businesses. They create e-commerce websites, corporate websites, online portfolios, simple landing pages and mini-sites as well as other more customized functionality, plug-ins and add-ons.

Even after launching their clients' website, they will always be there to help and support with anything that their clients may need including adding new content or functionality and fixing any new bugs that appear. They also offer a Website Care planwhich keeps clitents' site updated, secure and backed up.

10. Jordan Marketing Consultants

  • Location: NASA PKWY, Houston, Texas 77058, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: $100
  • Expertise: eCommerce Web Design, Responsive Website Design, SEO, Digital Marketing...

Jordan Marketing Consultants is a marketing and web design agency that focuses on organic search engine optimization to help clients reach their prospects before competitors. As an agency that specializes in marketing and web design, they work with clients from start to finish in their customer acquisition journey. 

They optimize your any site for higher search engine rankings and produce quality content to get the leads rolling in. Their team creates SEO strategies that capitalize on the power of national and local searches to get clients connected with the right audience. They also plan and execute social media engagement and SEO strategies that lead to increased brand awareness, website traffic and sales.

11. Golden Oak Web Design

  • Location: 9979 E Paradise Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260, United States
  • Average Hourly Rate: $60/hr
  • Expertise: eCommerce Development, eCommerce Web Design, Small Business eCommerce Development, WooCommerce Development…

Established in 2007, Golden Oak Web Design specializes in WordPress and WooCommerce but also has a long history of working with popular software like Joomla, Drupal, as well as eCommerce solutions like Zen Cart and osCommerce.

The company's eCommerce development service is a comprehensive solution for selling products online, and its custom WordPress website design service can create an online shopping cart for any need. They also have experience working with various frameworks and content management systems (CMS) and may take on new PHP development projects.

Their clients include Friedman And Shields, Comic Watch, Katherine Mueller Design and

12. Emerald Studio

  • Location: 600 Cleveland Street, Suite 393, Office 758, Clearwater, Florida 33755, USA, Mobile phone: +1 (850) 468 2600
  • Average Hourly Rate: $40/hr
  • Expertise: eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development, Website Development, Digital Marketing…

Emerald Studio is a digital marketing agency with locations in Florida, USA, and Bogotá, Colombia. The company specializes in the design and development of web pages and mobile apps and offers digital marketing services throughout Latin America.

In terms of eCommerce development, the company begins by analyzing a client's traditional sales process and proposing a clean design for the online store. They also take care of setting up each product and partnering with payment platforms like PayU Latam to facilitate the transfer of funds.

Emerald Studio offers web and mobile app development, technical support, content marketing, digital marketing, design and animation.

13. TriState Technology LLP

  • Location: 209, Kalasagar Mall,Nr. Sattadhar Cross Road, Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad 380061, Gujarat, India
  • Average Hourly Rate: $25/hr
  • Expertise: eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development, Magento Development, Software Development…

TriState Technology is a full-service mobile and web development agency that offers custom solutions to help clients achieve their business goals.

The agency is dedicated to delivering a high-quality shopping experience for end-users and offers both open-source and proprietary platforms to achieve this goal. They can help create an effective mobile presence for eCommerce businesses and boost customer engagement in order to drive sales and deliver a high ROI. TriState values its clients' intellectual property rights and ensures that they retain ownership of the UI/UX and source code at the end of projects.

Aside from eCommerce solutions, their services include mobile app development, UI/UX design, web development and digital marketing.

14. Creative Tim

  • Location: Romania, Bucharest, Bucharest, 010281, Romania
  • Average Hourly Rate: $80/hr
  • Expertise: Web Design, Construction Web Design, B2B Website Design, Responsive Website Design, Small Business Website Design, eCommerce Development, eCommerce Web Design, BigCommerce Website Design, Mobile App Development, eCommerce App Development, Website Development, PHP Development, and Software Development.

Creative Tim, based in Bucharest, Romania, and founded in 2014, is a team that provides an entire ecosystem of web design services.

Creative Tim's clients can avail of their services without having to invest in expensive hardware and long searches for the right people. Creative Tim also offers specialized solutions including B2B Web Design, Small Business Website Design, and eCommerce Development that can help businesses start faster and scale more efficiently.

Those needing Creative Tim’s expertise include RCos Solutions, Paybilla, and Melkior Professional, so you know Creative Tim will deliver top-notch results every time. With Creative Tim on your side, you can have quality web designs that won't break the bank.

Final Word on How to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate

As business owners and managers, you already exert so much efforts to get potential customers to make it your web landing page. When you do, do not waste time to keep them engaged. Or you will lose them at the last second.

There are many methods for conversion rate optimization for eCommerce. Besides the list above, you can increase eCommerce conversion rate by:

  • Reducing page loading time
  • Creating a sense of urgency through limited-time offers
  • Leveraging scarcity of products
  • Adding several payment options
  • Offering free shipment
  • Using chatbots for streamlining customer care
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