The IT services market size is projected to reach $1123.57 billion by 2026. DesignRush reached out to experts to get insider perspectives on the most in-demand IT services in 2022.


The IT services market size is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 8.02% in 2021 until it hits $1123.57 billion by 2026.

With businesses opting for IT services across multiple industry verticals, looking for various benefits like increased productivity and efficiency, better management and higher return on investment (ROI), these numbers are not expected to slow down.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 11,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the IT services with the most demand in 2022.


In the opinion of Alexey Nosov, a product marketing lead at Aspirity, UX will undoubtedly be the most IT in-demand service that will beat coding.

"Software competition for user attention grows,” said Nosov. No-code solutions are going to reach a new bar this year and provide us with more possibilities. ​​​Thus, user experience design is one of the obvious candidates this year and is able to poach more attention than actual coding."


According to Ihor Maksymonko, partner manager at Gravelsoft, the COVID-19 pandemic urged businesses to increasingly adopt IT services. However, he believes that the eCommerce and finance sectors will particularly make use of the technologies this year.

“The pandemic changed IT from all sides,” said Maksymonko. “It drove an acceleration in the use of cloud, hardware and connectivity and introduced competition among data services. The size of technology adoption, especially in eCommerce and finance, could be compared to what the world has seen in the last decade.”


OceanoBe Co-founder and General Manager Robert Tamas also sees the impact of the pandemic in business technologies. However, he specified that they will particularly invest in IT services like web development, DevOps, artificial intelligence and cyber security, among others.

"Digital transformation has been around for quite some time but since the pandemic, most companies are now rethinking processes using digital technologies and disruptive innovations,” said Tamas.

“Industries, such as medical or banking, that have a lot of legacy infrastructures are investing massively in IT services for quite some time and 2022 will be no different. As we see it, there is going to be a substantial increase in web development not limited to frontend and backend. This includes web design, app design, new products and tools.

Other areas will be managed cloud services with more efficiency in scalability [with] DevOps that support service delivery at the highest speed.

Artificial Intelligence is another big investment because it allows organizations to scale data in order to better compete on the global market. And of course, Cyber Security and online security are a priority for all stakeholders.”


Julia Paduszyńska, marketing manager at Code & Pepper, believes that companies should modernize their technology stacks to monitor the risks, scale the business and digitalize their customer journeys.

"The trend is to seek software development services that offer scalable technologies to support business goals,” said Paduszyńska. “Companies need to monitor [the] risk and invest in the modernization of [its] technology stack, [such as] microservices over monolith, cloud adoption [and] integrating third-party solutions through API."

DesignRush issued the February list of the best IT services companies that can help businesses manage and scale their digital operations:

1. Codiant -
Expertise: Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity Consulting, Cloud Solutions and more

2. Aspirity -
Expertise: SaaS Design, UX Design, Web Design and more

3. Gravelsoft -
Expertise: Web Development, Mobile App Development, UX Design and more

4. OceanoBe Technology -
Expertise: Product Design, UX Design, Web Development and more

5. Code & Pepper -
Expertise: Digital Transformation, Software Development, Mobile App Development and more

6. Saratoga -
Expertise: Custom Software Development, Systems Integration, Business Intelligence and more

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