What Makes Advertising Agencies in Charlotte, NC, Unique? 

Several facts separate advertising agencies in Charlotte, NC, from other US-based competitors:  

Fact #1: Charlotte Is a Tech Hub on The Rise 

Charlotte is undoubtedly not to be underrated in the finance sector. The city has driven economic growth in the area for years.

According to The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance®, the growth of the financial sector has historical roots and started in 1927 when the Federal Reserve opened a branch office in the city.

It was followed by the move of Nationsbank and Bank of America in 1998 when Charlotte turned into the second-largest banking center in the country, after New York, by total assets.

Charlotte’s huge banking center creates a great number of job opportunities while particularly laying out the foundation for jobs in the fintech sector.

In 2020, around 9,000 technology workers were employed in the financial services sector - a 47% increase in the last five years, as The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance reports.

Because of this, Charlotte is a rising tech hub that holds the fifth position on CompTIA’s Tech Town Report, which ranks the best places for IT pros to live and work. 

Fact #2: Charlotte Attracts Highly Skilled Talent 

Charlotte, NC, ad agencies employ some of the finest advertising specialists in the country because of the city’s ability to entice top-notch talent.

Charlotte is like a magnet for the leading workforce because of several reasons.

On the one hand, the city’s cost of living is 5% lower than the national average. Divided by category, Charlotteans enjoy lower expenses for: 

  • Housing (-14%) 
  • Utilities (-8%) 
  • Groceries (-6%) 
  • Transportation (-3%) 
Advertising-Agencies-in-Charlotte-NC: cost of living
[Source: PayScale] 

On the other hand, following Raleigh and Austin, Charlotte ranks as the third city with the best quality of life in America. 

Beyond the accessible living expenses and great quality of life, Forbes also named the city the seventh-best place for business and careers in the nation in 2019. 

To create the rankings, the organization measured various metrics, including: 

  • Job growth 
  • Business and living costs 
  • Income growth 
  • Projected economic growth 
  • Cultural and recreational opportunities 
  • And more 
[Source: Forbes] 

Apart from the leading institutions in the financial services sector like the Bank of America, Charlotte is also home to many notable employers such as Amazon, Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, and Siemens.

All these factors make Charlotte a welcoming destination for top talent and just the perfect destination for outsourcing digital marketing services, including advertising. 

Fact #3: Charlotte Has a Vibrant Art Scene 

Referred to as a crown jewel of the American South, Charlotte is the third place in the country to be featured in Google Arts & Culture's global quest to bring the world's treasures online and share the unique culture of cities.

The organization aims to allow people globally to virtually experience Charlotte's extraordinary art scene while showcasing 3,000 artworks and artifacts and more than 50 stories that explore the city’s culture and history.

Charlotte has it all, an epic music scene where residents can attend concerts at theaters and small standing-room-only venues, as well as various music and collaborative dance workshops. They can visit its outstanding museums (from history and classic to contemporary art) and do much more as in Charlotte. There is no shortage of cultural and entertainment options.

This is where advertising specialists in the city get their inspiration. Because of Charlotte’s bustling art scene, they are notorious for their creativity, delivering innovative campaigns that drive businesses forward. 

Charlotte is the second-largest banking center in the country.

What Do Charlotte, NC Ad Agencies Do? 

Much like other US-based counterparts, advertising agencies in Charlotte, NC specialize in developing various marketing materials to help brands promote their products and/or services effectively and efficiently.

In other words, their job is to help the organizations achieve their unique business goals, including:

  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Introduce new products or services in the market 
  • Educate the audience 
  • Improve sales 
  • And more

To do so, they engage in various tasks that range from researching, planning and implementing strategies to tracking analytics and measuring success.

They also develop campaigns for different marketing channels, such as:

  • Traditional channels (TV, radio, newspaper) 
  • Online channels (Google, social media network, mobile, email)

Unlike US-based competitors, advertising agencies in Charlotte, NC, tend to be more competent in delivering successful projects for local businesses.

That said, they can be the most suitable partners for organizations belonging to the area’s most dominant sectors, including:

  • Banking 
  • Financial services 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Energy 
  • Automotive 
  • Health 
  • Technology 
  • Retail
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How Much Do Charlotte Advertising Firms Charge For Their Services? 

Charlotte advertising firms cost somewhere between $25 and $300 per hour.

The considerable price difference comes down to several factors:

  • The type of services needed: Advertising services range from promoting a business using traditional mediums to creating campaigns for digital channels. Depending on the type and number of services requested, the price can vary from agency to agency. 
  • The business goals: Depending on what the business is trying to achieve, prices can also vary as, for instance, it takes more work to promote a new product than to gather qualified leads. 
  • The agency’s experience: Lower-cost Charlotte advertising firms usually have less experience, and higher-cost agencies typically have many clients in their portfolios. However, the price is often not an indicator of quality; instead, selecting an agency with experience in solving similar problems can ensure that things are running successfully.

Why Should You Hire an Advertising Company in Charlotte?  

There are three significant reasons to handle your project with an advertising company in Charlotte: 

Reason #1: Benefit From Their Local Market Expertise 

A unique characteristic of Charlotte advertising firms is their experience in the local market.

Working with local clients, they’ve gathered unique insights into their competitors, audiences, behavior, needs, likes, and dislikes.

This is crucial as these insights can benefit businesses because these agencies can deliver successful projects faster while doing less research. 

Reason #2: Work With Leading Talent 

With its accessible living expenses, great quality of life and notable employers, Charlotte allures leading talent from across the country.

Thus, the city excels with a top-notch workforce that delivers high-quality services.  

Reason #3: Take Advantage of Their Creativity  

Stephan Vogel, Ogilvy & Mather Germany’s chief creative officer, once said:

Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer-lasting works with fewer media spending, and builds a fan community…faster.

Creativity is what gives life to brands and products. It is what makes them distinctive and recognizable. Creative advertisements get more attention and drive purchasing decisions.

Therefore working with a creative agency can make all the difference. Luckily, advertising agencies in Charlotte, NC, are widely known for their creativity and innovation capacities.

This is how they deliver successful projects, thanks to their ability to stimulate ideas into visuals and words while inspiring the audience and grabbing their attention. 

How to Choose the Best Charlotte, NC Advertising Agency?

Charlotte, NC, ad agencies vary in size and shape. To make sure you pick the best fit for your brand, follow these steps:Charlotte, NC ad agencies vary in size and shape. To make sure you pick the best fit for your brand, follow these steps:

  • Think about your internal needs: Define your business goals and then set a realistic budget based on these goals and the type of services you would require. That way, you can ensure you hire an agency that fits your budget allocations and let the agency know how to allocate the resources. 
  • Look into their portfolios: Be proactive in researching the portfolios of the best Charlotte, NC ad agencies and shortlist only those that can build inspiring brands that consumers love. Depending on the type of services you need, choose a partner that has relevant experience in executing similar campaigns. This will accelerate the project delivery and ensure positive results. 
  • Learn if they are an excellent cultural fit: Find out if these companies’ working preferences and values match your company's. Although experience matters, a good cultural fit will make all the difference in ensuring a smooth collaboration and project success. You can do this by learning about their mission and objectives, understanding the employees they attract and if they can retain them, and considering how competent and motivated they feel about their job. 
  • See how creative they are: Be sure to hire an advertising company in Charlotte that delivers creative campaigns. Considering that today’s consumers are bombarded with ads everywhere they turn, only creative ads can make a brand memorable and stand out from the crowd. So, see how each agency differs from the rest and pick one that can deliver something fresh and innovative. 
  • Read their reviews: Find out what other clients say about the top advertising agencies in Charlotte, NC, to see how trustworthy and reliable they are. Reviews will showcase their strength and capabilities but also highlight their weaknesses. Make sure you stay informed before your final decision. 
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10 Questions to Ask Charlotte, NC Ad Agencies Before Hiring One 

When screening the prospective Charlotte, NC ad agencies, be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. Have you worked on similar projects? What were the results? 
  2. How familiar are you with our industry and business model? 
  3. How will you define our audience? Will you perform market research
  4. How will you help achieve our business goals? 
  5. What ads will you create and what mediums will you distribute them to? 
  6. How will you measure the success of the ads? 
  7. Which team members will be engaged in the project, and what is their experience level? 
  8. What factors in the final advertising cost? How much can we expect to pay? 
  9. Will you incorporate any current advertising trends?  
  10. When do you think we can see the results? 

Takeaways on Advertising Agencies in Charlotte, NC 

Advertising agencies in Charlotte, NC, are some of the most competent in the nation because they:

  • Have a local market know-how 
  • Employ leading talent 
  • Have a creative and innovative mindset

While they can develop strategies and execute campaigns for various sectors, they are most proficient in the locally dominant industries: 

  • Banking 
  • Financial services 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Energy 
  • Automotive 
  • Health 
  • Technology 
  • Retail

In Charlotte, NC, ad agencies charge approximately $25 and $300 per hour.

To choose the best agency partner for your business needs, follow these steps:

  • Think about your internal needs 
  • Look into their portfolios 
  • Learn if they are a good cultural fit 
  • See how creative they are 
  • Read their reviews

Best of luck!


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