What Makes Digital Marketing Agencies In Baltimore Unique?

There are three key reasons that make digital marketing agencies in Baltimore stand out from all other related companies in the country:

Reason #1: Baltimore Is A Thriving Tech City

CBRE’s US 2021 Tech Talent report shows that Baltimore holds 15th place among the top-ranked tech talent markets.

It has a labor pool of 79,880 tech workers and between 2015 and 2019 it added 11,560 new positions in the field.

Along with IT talent, Baltimore’s rising tech industry also attracts many non-technical professionals. So, in 2019, the city had 9,530 workers in the marketing sector.

Digital marketing occupations are on the rise and ZipRecruiter itself reports 443+ digital marketing open positions.

Top-notch digital marketers from Maryland and the whole US move to Baltimore mostly for its affordability.

The city’s cost of living amounts to 88.2, which is lower than the US average of 100, making it far less expensive than major tech hubs like New York, San Francisco or Boston.

Thanks to the city’s affordability and a low unemployment rate of 3.6%, as reported by US News, Baltimore ranks as:

  • The ninth best city for job seekers in the US
  • The 11th best city for college graduates to pursue a career

Reason #2: Baltimore Produces Highly Educated Workforce

Baltimore is home to a number of internationally recognized universities that offer certificates, graduate and master degrees in digital marketing.

Students here can become proficient in various fields including content marketing, marketing automation and conversion rate optimization.

These notable institutions allow students to:

  • Become leaders in corporate, nonprofit and government marketing
  • Develops deep analytical skills
  • Use data for a deeper understanding of the market
  • Develop targeted customer experience strategies based on real-time customer feedback
  • And more

The Johns Hopkins University, which ranks ninth in best national universities and 12th in the most innovative schools, and Loyola University Maryland which ranks fourth in best schools for undergraduate teaching, are just a few of the notable academic institutes producing top-grade talent in the industry. (US News)

Reason #3: Baltimore Is Home To Some Of The Leading Industries In The Nation

Unlike other similar companies in the US, digital marketing agencies in Baltimore are more likely to have accumulated experience in the leading industries in the city.

Some of the major sectors that drive the city’s economy are:

  • Defense contracting
  • Financial services
  • Higher education
  • Healthcare and bioscience
  • Tech, cybersecurity and IT
  • Sports

Their profound understanding of the local market, audience and competition is a key characteristic allowing these agencies to create successful strategies based on unique insights.

downton Baltimore
In 2019, Baltimore had 9,530 workers in the marketing sector

What Services Can You Outsource To A Digital Marketing Firm In Baltimore

Digital marketing agencies in Baltimore offer standard digital marketing services likewise their counterparts based in other parts of the US including:

Apart from creating digital marketing campaigns using various mediums and channels, these professional companies offer a bunch of additional services like:

  • Graphic design
  • Print design
  • Branding
  • Web design and development
  • App design and development
  • Software development
  • And more

How Much Do Digital Marketing Agencies In Baltimore Charge For Their Projects?

Typically, digital marketing agencies in Baltimore offer the following pricing structures:

  • Fee per hour
  • Fee per project
  • Result-based fee

The fee per project is the most common option that is based on time estimates. In other words, you will pay your partner depending on the number of hours they spend working on your project.

For this type of cost, you may pay between $50 and $150 per hour.

If a digital marketing agency in Baltimore offers project-based pricing, then you will be charged by the project or the type of services you need.

For instance, you can pay this much for the following :

  • $250-$10,000/month for social media marketing
  • $500-$20,000+/month for SEO
  • $300-$5,000/month for email marketing

The result-based fee, as the name itself suggests, is based on performance or results, meaning you will issue the payment based on what your partner agrees to deliver.

Some deliverables may include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Higher web traffic
  • More conversions
  • Increased revenue

Why Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Agency In Baltimore?

Brands looking to grow their businesses and expand on a local level should consider partnering with a digital marketing agency in Baltimore mostly because of the local market know-how they possess.

Their profound understanding of the local ecosystem, the audience, their pain points, likes and dislikes as well as key competitors give them a leg up on their competition since they are able to deliver successful strategies based on unique data.

In addition, Baltimore digital marketing firms employ some of the finest professionals in the nation.

The city not only produces top-grade talent with its internationally recognized universities, but it also drives talent from across the country thanks to its:

  • Low unemployment rate
  • Thriving tech industry
  • Low cost of living
  • Great opportunities for career development

So, this means here you can find some of the best professionals that can execute your project effectively and efficiently.

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How To Choose The Best Baltimore Digital Marketing Firm For Your Business

Follow these steps to make the search for the best Baltimore digital marketing firm less overwhelming:

  • Learn about their strategic approach: The partner you hire should have refined strategic processes that rely on unique data rather than on a templated approach. Instead of using cookie-cutter strategies that they implement with every client, they should take the time to conduct market research and pull key information that will empower their tactics. So, make sure you pick an agency that takes a personalized approach and is able to tailor its strategies based on your unique needs and goals.
  • Find out how tech-savvy they are: One of the key factors to consider when selecting a digital marketing agency in Baltimore is to understand how proficient they are in the use of the latest tools in marketing automation, keyword research, analytics and data visualization and more. The best company should have the access to top software and be able to adapt to new technologies and mediums.
  • Understand their corporate culture: The core values of an agency can predict the kind of relationship you can expect to have with them. To make certain you partner with the right company with whom you can expect a healthy relationship, consider their beliefs, behaviors, company management, how collaborative and innovative they are as well as how they treat their employees and clients.
  • Check their credentials: The achievements and accreditations of the digital marketing agencies in Baltimore will be strong indicators of their quality and skill set. They should be issued by credible third-parties like Google which issues various types of certificates including Google AdWords and Google Analytics certifications. However, make sure these accreditations are relevant to the type of services you need.
  • Read their reviews: Reviews are a form of online client feedback that serves as a significant credibility signal. They measure customer satisfaction and will reveal valuable info on their trustworthiness, skills and capabilities but also their flexibility and transparency. Read these to understand which of these agencies can be a reliable fit.

15 Questions To Ask A Digital Marketing Agency In Baltimore Before Hiring Them

When looking for the best digital marketing agency in Baltimore, ask each prospective company the following questions to ensure you make the right choice:

  1. Do you partner with businesses of the same size?
  2. Do you have previous experience in working on similar projects or clients in the same niche?
  3. What marketing tools and platforms do you have access to?
  4. How do you stay on top of the industry trends?
  5. Do you outsource any part of your work?
  6. What is your strategic approach?
  7. Do you use cookie-cutter or customized strategies?
  8. How will you make sure your strategies appeal to the right audience?
  9. How will you create a content strategy? What kind of content do you believe will be effective for my company?
  10. How do you select the right KPIs and how do you track them?
  11. How will you communicate the project progress?
  12. How regularly will we communicate and what means of communication will we use?
  13. What is your reporting process? How often will you send me analytical reports?
  14. How much will the project cost me?
  15. Do these goals seem realistic and when can I expect to see results?
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Takeaways On Digital Marketing Agencies In Baltimore

Businesses that want to increase their online presence locally, should consider hiring a digital marketing agency in Baltimore.

Apart from their local market know-how, these professional companies can be a top choice because they employ some of the finest experts in the nation.

Outsourcing your project to a digital marketing agency in Baltimore can cost you somewhere between $50 and $150 per hour.

To choose the best partner for your business needs, take the following steps:

  • Learn about their strategic approach
  • Find out how tech-savvy they are
  • Understand their corporate culture
  • Check their credentials
  • Read their reviews

Best of luck!

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