What Is A Machine Learning Company?

A Machine Learning (ML) company helps enterprises of all sizes to accurately predict user behavior, generate more leads, acquire new customers, boost customer engagement, optimize value offerings, as well as streamline companies’ internal processes.

This method of data analysis automates analytical model building. In other words, it is a sub-branch of artificial intelligence (AI) based on the idea that computer systems are able to learn from collated data, identify relevant patterns and make decisions with or without minimal human intervention.

Because of the new computing technologies, machine learning today has grown exponentially. Born from the aforementioned pattern recognition, ML evolved to learn from previous computations to produce reliable, repeatable decisions and results. It’s not exactly a new science, but its abilities and/or limitations are challenging our expectations daily.

Machine learning companies have become key players in enterprise-level IT environments in the past decades as business leaders have realized the value of having so-called “smart” software.

Today, ML capabilities are entrenched into a wide array of enterprise software, from process optimization recommendations to medical diagnostic systems, even to custom-tailored cybersecurity measures.

Some of the widely recognized examples that perfectly embody machine learning are Google’s self-driving car, online recommendation offers (Amazon, Netflix, etc.) and more.

Machine Learning

Which Services Do Machine Learning Companies Offer?

Machine learning service companies enable many organizations across the globe to transform their processes to intelligent autonomous operations by delivering machine learning and consultation services that boost different aspects of business like:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Annotation

They work on all farms of data ranging from text, numbers, audio, etc. They enable organizations to build optimized machine learning models based on end-user applications of various nature, be it face recognition for mobile devices, security measures, maintenance and more.

Their expertise lies in services including, but not limited to:

  • Model building, training, optimization and validation
  • Model deployment, launch and performance testing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Image, Text, Video and Audio Processing and Analytics
  • Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • ML as a service (MLaaS)
  • And more
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How Much Do Machine Learning Companies Charge For Their Services?

Specialized AI skills are hard to come by, so they usually cost significantly more than your usual software development services.

Top machine learning companies typically price their services per resource, per hour or per project. The pricing rates may vary greatly depending on factors like:

  • Company location
  • Number of resources/tools
  • Level of expertise
  • Third-party charges

Depending on location, the price may range anywhere between $50 and $199 per hour.

Companies will also command a range of prices, depending on the quality of their portfolios, management and resources – all of them, bundled up, play a key role in the quality of their output.

In terms of average project cost go from $10,000 to $100,000.

A couple of other factors may also dictate the cost of custom machine learning solutions development. These include:

  • The complexity of the project
  • The team’s size
  • The timeline

What Are The Signs Your Organization Needs Machine Learning Services?

As noted, building a machine learning solution is not the same as building general software, as it involves some unique aspects that more directly influence your business.

Machine learning has so much potential that nearly every organization nowadays wants to use it, but no technology is perfect.

Therefore, as a business owner you may risk:

  • Forcing ML solutions where it can’t add value — a pointless effort to stay afloat, relevant and modern.
  • Failing to grasp its full potential and take advantage of where it can actually add value.

Although truth be told, every situation is unique and there’s no “one size fits all” solution. However, there are some proven rules of thumb when it comes to employing top machine learning companies. Here are the most common signs that an ML solution is for you:

  • You already have a lot of well-structured data: Relying on hard data is a good sign that you would find value in ML instantly.
  • You already employ hand-crafted rules, methodology and hierarchy: Your internal processes, data-gathering and similar tasks are already well organized.
  • You rely on human labor to carry out repetitive tasks: If these tasks are clearly defined, machine learning would be invaluable for process streaming and time/cost-efficiency
  • You expect to gather loads of data: The nature of your organization is such that you work with mountains of data on a daily basis.

Machine Learning Elements

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Machine Learning Company?

Machine learning helps in extracting meaningful information from huge sets of raw, unprocessed data. If implemented properly, ML can streamline a variety of business complexities, fix man-made problems and predict complex customer behavior.

The main benefits of working with a machine learning company for business are:

1. Manual Data Entry Elimination

Inaccurate and duplicate data entries are some of the prevailing problems faced by modern businesses. Predictive algorithms and ML tech are able to avoid any potential issues born of manual data entry and even resolve them effortlessly.

2. Spam Detection

Pretty self-explanatory, ML helps email service providers to filter out spam without a hassle.

3. Predictive Maintenance

Companies in the manufacturing sector, for example, can utilize the advancement of ML to gain unique insights and patterns hidden in their production data. It helps reduce the risk usually associated with unexpected failures and hidden expenses.

4. Financial Analysis

With large volumes of accurate data, machine learning can be utilized for financial analysis, namely portfolio management, algorithmic trading, loan underwriting, fraud detection and more.

5. Image, Audio, Text Recognition

Computer vision, image recognition and similar ML capabilities have the ability to produce numeric and symbolic info from images, sounds and other high-dimensional data.

6. Cybersecurity

Increasing your organization’s cybersecurity is one of the major problems solved by ML. Basically, it allows new-generation security providers to build better technologies that are faster and more efficient when detecting unknown threats.

7. Product/Service Recommendations

Machine learning helps in developing the product and/or service-based recommendation systems. Most of today’s eCommerce online stores are making full use of ML for making product recommendations based on customer behavior patterns like previous purchases or known interests.

8. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Machine learning agencies help your business improve customer loyalty and ensure a superior customer experience. This is achieved by using previous customer engagement, analyzing it and implementing resolutions into new interactions. This reduces the cost and the amount of time invested in managing customer relationships.

How To Choose The Best Machine Learning Company For Your Business

It all depends on one thing: your business goals. What business or consumer-related problem are you hoping to solve with machine learning? What features do you believe it should have?

Searching for the top machine learning companies can be difficult, so not only did we analyze and rank each of them above, but we also suggest you look into these three aspects to streamline your options:

1. Solutions-oriented company

Simply put, an ML company’s role is to find a solution to your problem, regardless if it’s unclear or well-defined. If a company expects you to provide a full specification of the problem, you should probably look for another candidate.

Even if you have an idea of your obstacles, the agency should do its own research. Their job is to evaluate your findings/suggestions and see whether there’s another or better way to address the issue.

2. Clear value proposition

Although the importance of ML solutions is expanding at a rapid pace, implementing it just for the sake of it is pointless.

The best artificial intelligence companies will suggest using ML where it’s truly required. They should be able to provide a transparent value proposition. Every reliable machine learning company should be able to describe the benefits clearly so you can see how their efforts impact your business for the better.

3. Experience and knowledge

It may sound obvious but past experience and knowledge are must-have attributes. Machine learning, much like engineering can be confusing to the uninitiated, so it’s easy to fall for the one-size-fits-all type of solutions that can only slightly enhance your business.

Whether you employ a company that utilizes already developed approaches or one that crafts superb ML solutions from scratch, your future partner has to know your unique problems and be able to communicate them properly. Experience in your specific niche/industry is preferable.

Some issues can be tackled with already existing techniques while others require out-of-the-box solutions. The main difference is the price tag.

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15 Questions To Ask Machine Learning Companies Before You Hire One

Before choosing a machine learning company, make sure to find out as much as possible about their culture, knowledge, resources and creativity, approach and ultimately, their quality of work.

  1. What’s the most notable ML project you have worked on? Can you outline the brief, process and results?
  2. How will you analyze our business goals and determine a course of action?
  3. Which team members will be working on our machine learning project? Have they worked with similar companies, industries or projects before?
  4. How long will this project take?
  5. How much is your rate and what is your pricing scheme?
  6. What data do you need from us to make the ML solution function properly? How does it learn over time?
  7. How will your ML solution improve our ROI?
  8. What can this ML program do that a conventional program cannot?
  9. What type of ML tools do you use?
  10. How do you ensure that your tools are updated every time there are new trends or algorithms?
  11. Do you provide support and maintenance?
  12. How will your ML product/service integrate seamlessly into our existing detection, alerting, and incident response workflow?
  13. What productivity benefits can we expect?
  14. How will your ML solution be integrated with our company’s overall strategy?
  15. What related services do you provide?

Takeaways On Machine Learning Companies

As one of the most important subspecialties of AI, machine learning helps organizations accurately predict user behavior, generate more leads, identify notable patterns, streamline internal processes and more.

Machine learning agencies offer a wide range of services including:

  • Model building, training, optimization and validation
  • Model deployment, launch and performance testing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Image, Text, Video and Audio Processing and Analytics
  • Neural Networks
  • NLP
  • MLaaS
  • And more

These services offer an array of benefits to your respective organization including:

  • Manual Data Entry Elimination
  • Spam Detection
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Financial Analysis
  • Image, Audio, Text Recognition
  • Cybersecurity
  • Product/Service Recommendations
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction
  • And more

Top machine learning companies may charge anywhere between $50 and $199 per hour, or $10,000+ and $100,000 when it comes to project-based costing.

When choosing your future ML partner, you should opt for a company that is:

  • Solution-oriented
  • Transparent
  • Experienced

Best of luck!

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