What Makes Phoenix Video Production Companies Unique? 

Companies that do video production in Phoenix belong to one of the most dynamic filming markets in the world. They are excellent at video production services because first-rate experienced professionals surround them. 

When it comes to market statistics, there was a job increase of 3.3% in 2021, and future job growth for the next ten years is predicted to be 48.2%. This is higher than the U.S. average of 33.5%. 

Phoenix video production firms can expand their business as a part of the fast-growing economy. 

Phoenix has one of the most extensive job markets in the United States. It is the fifth largest city in the country and emerging in the new economy with: 

Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is one of the most attractive business destinations, with an annual GDP of more than $240 billion, ranking 16th in the country with 4.7 million residents.  

As a top market for a skilled workforce, companies are growing in the thriving business environment of Phoenix. 

Major industrial products in the metropolitan area include: 

  • Aircraft parts 
  • Electronic equipment 
  • Agricultural chemicals 
  • Radios 
  • Air-conditioning equipment 
  • Leather goods 

It now accounts for nearly 77% of the area's total employment.  

And with more than 10 million visitors from the United States and Canada annually, the fluctuation of people is making Phoenix the center of Arizona's economy. 

Financial services regional operations, together with Fortune 500 companies, have headquarters located in Phoenix: 

  • American Express 
  • Chase Bank 
  • Bank of America 
  • Discover Card Services 
  • Intel 
  • Wells Fargo Bank 
  • Boeing 
  • IBM 

This dynamic and productive environment creates a reasonable basis for developing high-quality video production companies in Phoenix.  

Funding for business development in Phoenix is available through: 

  • Business Development Finance Corporation 
  • Southwestern Business Financing Corporation 
  • Phoenix Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) 
  • Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) 
  • Arizona Commerce and Economic Development Commission 
phoenix video production: buildings
Phoenix Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) has an annual GDP of more than $240 billion
[Source: GPEC]

What Do Video Production Companies in Phoenix Specialize in?

Media professionals define an appropriate solution for your product or service to tell a compelling story, which means finding the right: 

  • Type 
  • Style 
  • Tone 
  • Script 
  • Art direction 

The company you choose as your business partner can analyze your target buyers to determine the best way to distribute and showcase your story. Phoenix production company can secure your projects with the following: 

  • Crew 
  • Equipment 
  • Digital Media 
  • Pre-Production 
  • Post-Production 
  • Production Support 
  • Talent Services 

The chosen plans and tactics ensure the correct type of video content, impacting the right people. 

Video production companies in Phoenix that are focused on the development of tailor-made visual material for your project are specialized in services such as: 

  • Video Budget 
  • Video Brief 
  • Content Marketing
  • Theme Creation 
  • Marketing Video Plan 
  • YouTube Content and Marketing Strategy 
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Why Hire a Phoenix Video Production Company? 

When creating video material for your company or upcoming project, developing a devoted team of experts who will invest their knowledge and experience in your work is important. 

Following are the three reasons why you should consider hiring a Phoenix video production company: 

Reason #1: Educational System 

Phoenix is home to one of the best academic institutions in the region. Apart from medicine and engineering, these universities provide education in arts and creative fields that can kick-start video production quality in Phoenix. 

Some of them are as follows: 

  • Arizona State University: ASU was ranked first in the United States for four years in a row for Innovation by U.S. News and World Report. It has a growing entrepreneurial force with more than 11.000 students. 
  • University of Arizona: Their undergraduate McGuire Entrepreneurship Program was ranked #8 by U.S. News & World Report in 2020. In addition, they opened in fall 2015 a U.A. Cancer Center at Dignity Health St. Joseph's. 
  • Northern Arizona University: The Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology fosters economic vitality and business growth. It actively matches startups, entrepreneurs, and growing companies with resources. 

Reason #2: Developed Market Access 

Phoenix is connected to a variety of significant markets. Headquarters located in Phoenix will find several different travel styles easily accessible. 

This provides more accessible organization and communication for Phoenix video production projects: 

  • Airports: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport serves the Greater Phoenix region and is less than ten minutes from Downtown Phoenix. The airport invested about $5.7 billion to meet the growing travel demand. 
  • Highways: Having a solid ground transportation system, Phoenix is connected with many major freeway and highway systems. This includes Interstate 10, which extends from California to Florida. 
  • Public transit: Phoenix also enjoys a newly built METRO Light Rail, which runs from North Phoenix to Tempe and Mesa. The city also boasts an extensive public bus system reaching all corners of the metro area. 
  • Rails: Phoenix is supported by the BNSF Railway and Union Pacific transcontinental rail line.

Reason #3: Developed Filmmaking Industry 

Arizona was the third most popular film location in the past, behind only California and New York. It was a hub for Westerns as far back as 1920. Some of the most popular films and shows in the film industry were produced in Arizona, such as parts of "Psycho" or "Jerry Maguire." 

Some of the top-tier film organizations located in Phoenix are: 

  • Arizona Film and Media Coalition 
  • Arizona Production Association 
  • Independent Feature Project: Phoenix Chapter 
  • Phoenix Film Foundation 
  • Phoenix Film Society 
  • SAG – AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) 

In addition, the Phoenix Film Festival has been an essential part of the film industry in the state. It gives space and community to small-scale productions.  

A film industry as developed as the one in Arizona ultimately boosts the inspirational flow and experience of video production companies in Phoenix. 

How Much Do Video Production Companies in Phoenix Charge for Their Services? 

Regarding the cost of Phoenix video production, there is a wide range of prices depending on the project's complexity. 

You could expect to invest between $50 an hour to $150 an hour for a scriptwriter to create the storyboard and script you need. Key people in the team earn from $75 to $150 an hour in Phoenix: 

  • Director 
  • Director of photography (DP) 
  • Editor 
  • Sound professionals 
  • Lighting professionals 

If a studio is needed, the cost is around $95 to $400 an hour in the Phoenix area. This depends on the studio's size. 

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How to Find the Right Video Production Company in Phoenix for Your Business? 

Comparing the capabilities of video production companies in Phoenix can be exhausting. It is essential to stay focused and acquire a complete insight into your future business partner.  

Follow the next steps to ensure a top-tier expertise agency by your budget and demands: 

Step #1: Develop Clear Objectives  

Prepare your project's brief that includes relevant information such as: 

Start your search with a clear idea about what you want from Phoenix video production. This can save you time and help streamline the discussions.  

The brief is different from a script or a storyboard because it is a straightforward summary of the purpose of your video. Keep it outlined and as understandable as possible. 

Step #2: Set a Budget  

Think about your budget, and if you are unsure, then get ballpark quotes to get the market rates ideas. Depending on your plans with video content, from live-action to animated footage, there are many different pricing packages.  

Setting a budget will give your future partner company an insight into the cost-effective achievement plan.  

Step #3: List the Reliable Candidates  

Seek recommendations from different marketers and businesses by asking about video production in Phoenix. This can give you a bit more reliability when hiring the perfect candidate. 

Scope out the content and find something which fits your company's vision. It can be video material from an entirely different niche, and all it matters is the type of video content they create.  

Step #4: Look for Strategic Thinkers 

You want a Phoenix production company that can meet your business objectives, so look at their specific work sectors. 

See the reach that video material has received, comments, and several viewers, because these are excellent indicators of the potential engagement your content can get. Ask for proof of how these videos resonate with viewers and conversion rate into clients or customers. 

This gives you a clearer idea of your future business partner's work structure and what they can provide for your project. 

Step #5: Discuss in Detail 

Choosing the right company means considering the team's personality and culture. You will work closely to ensure the people you hire are a perfect fit. 

Refer to their previous videos to show what you want or flag possible concerns. Fully understanding the video production process can alleviate worries you might have.  

Step #6: Clarify the Timeline  

Leave space in your timeline for mistakes and possible reprioritization of deadlines and tasks. Allow some room to ensure enough time for edits and additional planning. 

Talk with the Phoenix video production firms about their regular timeline regarding the content and material you want. Everyone involved must understand your video's objectives and the visuals you plan to include.  

Step #7: Ask for Proposals 

Once you consider several video production companies from Phoenix, go through your requirements and ask them to send you their proposals along with the quote.  

Comparing the proposals gives you an instant sense of who understood your vision better. The pricing is also a factor in determining your final choice. When it comes to this, a more engaging video that conveys your company's message will get you a better return on investment (ROI). 

10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Phoenix Video Production Company 

When looking for quality collaboration, consider different work segments to understand how suitable the company is for your aims and goals. 

The following are some questions that can make you deliver in-detail communication with your potential partner: 

  1. How is your video production in Phoenix better than others on the market? 
  2. What does your ideal timeline look like? 
  3. Who will be our point of contact during the production process? 
  4. How will the project be managed? 
  5. What specific visuals should be captured? 
  6. What filming and editing tools are you using? 
  7. Can you explain a good collaboration process with a previous client? 
  8. What happens if the video doesn't meet the KPIs of the campaign? Are you open to revisions? 
  9. How will you measure the results? 
  10. Can you give us an estimate of the project budget? 

Takeaways on Phoenix Video Production Companies 

When outsourcing Phoenix production company, consider that most collaboration will combine creative solutions and objective goals. 

Choose a partner who understands your company's message and can deliver your desired results. Think about the following points: 

  • Previous experience 
  • Budget 
  • Portfolio 
  • Expert knowledge 

Remember to check our agency directory and skim the budget, hourly rate, team size, and more. 

Good luck!


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