Disney LOL Playful App Design

The Disney LOL app is a playful app for kids to explore GIFs, memes, jokes, and fun clips. The app has an interactive component as well, allowing its young users to create their own memes, take selfies with customs frames and effects, and share their creations with their friends and families.

Upon launching the app, users are prompted to customize the experience by selecting a color palette to represent their mood. The palette selected is the one that will define the color scheme of the app. Once a palette is selected, users are immediately thrown into a scrollable reel of memes and GIFs which can be navigated by swiping left. Swiping to the right brings up the selfie screen, which encourages the user to capture and share a selfie.

To view more content, users tap the Disney LOL icon at the top of the screen to be directed to the home screen. The home screen acts as a gateway to additional content. There’s a prominent search bar at the top of screen, and below that are categories of content that can be explored. Each category is represented by a title and an image. Each image is an animated GIF, which helps immediately draw user attention. Categories include pathways to new content and user-generated content, as well as content categorized by theme, such as “Cute”, “Fun”, or “Fail”.

At the bottom of the screen is a user-generated content option, including LOLfies (selfies with funny frames and effects), LOL maker (meme generator), and My LOLs (saved GIFs and memes).

The design of the Disney LOL app is bright, playful, and very youthful. Animation is used to draw the eye toward content exploration. Features are minimal, as the app’s core focus is to encourage users to spend time exploring content, and to return frequently to discover what’s new.

Disney LOL is a playful app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.