Mezi Minimalist App Design

The Mezi app is designed to be a full service, personal travel assistant. The app can help users plan and book their travel, including flights, hotels, and restaurants. The app employs AI in the form of a chatbot that the platform claims is capable of handling 60 percent of the requests travelers commonly have. The more users book through the platform, the better the AI gets at predicting what they will want and need out of future bookings.

The Mezi app calls itself “mobile always” and it’s apparent from first use that the app was designed as a fully mobile-first concept, as opposed to one that was adapted from a desktop experience. The app has a pretty thorough onboarding process which gathers user information and takes them through a series of questions. New questions appear on the screen in the form of typing, which generates the feeling of having a conversation with someone, even if that someone is really a chatbot.

Bookings are made through a conversational interface, where the user tells the chatbot what they’re looking for, and through a series of questions the chatbot determines the details needed to make a booking recommendation. The user can also improve the experience of using the app by providing information on their preferences, like where they fly from most often

The design of the app is a truly modern one. The experience is impeccably designed to match the needs and preferences of mobile users. A minimalist aesthetic puts the focus on the conversation, and emphasizes the achievement of the goal the user has in using Mezi. Lightweight typography makes the platform feels modern and hip, and the interface guides users through the process of using the app seamlessly.

Mezi is a minimalist app design in the e-commerce & retail and travel industries.