Postmates Modern App Design

Postmates promises to deliver anything you want, anywhere you are. The service partners with local business to offer delivery of everything from takeout to alcohol to a last minute birthday gift. Postmates has a fleet of delivery people at their disposal. Their system takes into account the pickup and delivery location of every order and assigns the closest available delivery person so users are assured of the shortest possible wait times. Postmates operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so users can receive deliveries whenever — as long as the store or restaurant they’re ordering from is open.

The Postmates app uses the user’s location to automatically populate a list of restaurants in their area. Restaurants are listed in a long-scrolling carded list. Each listing features a photo overlaid with the restaurant’s name, a categorization (eg; Mexican, Pizza), an estimated delivery time, and a delivery fee if applicable. Tap the image to see the menu and then browse deeper into the menu through category links. Some menus even include images of menu items. If there are different options available (how you want your eggs cooked, for example), these can be easily selected with radio buttons. Once an order is placed, there’s a tracking feature (represented by a clock icon in the top right corner) that allows users to track the progress of their order.

The design of the Postmates app feels fresh and modern. The app incorporates common gestures to simplify and improve the experience, such as pulling downwards to close a restaurant overview and return to the category list. Large, high quality imagery is put to good use throughout the app. Typography is kept lightweight and whitespace is employed liberally, giving the app an uncluttered, airy vibe.  

Postmates is a modern app design in the e-commerce & retail, food & beverage and hospitality industries.