Schoold Gorgeous App Design

Schoold is an app designed to help students and parents make informed decisions about which colleges they should apply to. Students can find their best fit by searching the colleges on the Schoold platform and browsing by major, specialty, career, location, and interest.

The Schoold app is packed with content. Students have access to over 3000 college profiles. Each college profile includes at-a-glance statistics like student to faculty ratio, most popular major, diversity, graduation rate, and more. Users can browse majors and scroll through estimated costs for different degrees as well as the estimated starting salaries associated with a degree from that school. Helpful links are also included so users can follow the college’s social profiles, access their website, and see the school’s location on a map.

Users can also explore schools by selecting a major. The app will then generate a list of the top schools offering that specific major. There’s also a coach feature that allows users to connect with a college coach who can answer specific questions and give them one-on-one guidance.

The app has a gorgeous design with high quality imagery for every school listed on the platform. College pages are impeccably designed to present information in a way that is at once aesthetically-appealing, and easily interpreted. The iconography navigation menu that runs along the bottom of the screen quickly funnels users where they need to go, while a “For Me” section customizes content to the user’s browsing behavior and interests.

Schoold is a gorgeous app design in the education industry.