18 Best App Designs: Android and iOS

18 Best App Designs: Android and iOS
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: May 06, 2022

Chargers vs. Broncos, Coca-cola vs. Pepsi, Mac vs. PC... and the list is endless. These epic rivalries have been the talk of the town for decades now — and for good reason.

In the case of tech preferences, fans or users elevate such feuds to mythical proportions.

The fairly new addition to this fine list of discords is iOS vs. Android — and by extension – Best iOS apps vs. Best Android apps.

Trust us, we’ve heard it all. And sorry to disappoint, but we’re not going to add fuel to the fire as we’re proud members of both “clubs.”

Read on as we showcase the best apps the market has to offer on both sides of the fence. Without further ado, these are the best app designs out there (in no particular order).

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7 Best Android Apps

Let’s see what the Bugdroid app developers have in store for us:

1. Raccoon Delivery by ITProfit

[Source: Racoon Delivery]

Standout features:

  • Cute illustration
  • Masterful UI/UX
  • Quick and easy to use

Racoon Delivery is an online food ordering service in Belarus that elevates the experience beyond its basic functionality.

Developed by ITProfit, it sports all the features usually associated with online delivery applications including: the ability to order food at home and takeaway, online payment by bank card, determining the geolocation of users, integration of the loyalty program — with the bonus of ironing out all the kinks that usually plague this type of apps.

Zany illustrations paired with the integration of the loyalty program and push notification to dynamically display the status of the order in real-time, makes the wait for your order almost look like a game.

2. RVA311 by ClearSummit

[Source: RVA311]

Standout features:

  • Mission-focused
  • Streamlined UI/UX
  • Makes public services more efficient

Helping the AvePoint Public Sector which had previously developed a custom backend system and web portal that enables municipalities to manage the city of Richmond’s services for its citizens, ClearSummit followed up with a mobile app redesign (built in React Native) and incorporated additional features including account creation, push notifications, geolocation and third-party login.

Putting citizens' needs first, RVA311 provides an easy-to-use service for citizens of Richmond and streamlines administrative issues flawlessly. The expansive QA process included testing in real-world scenarios, including areas of the city with reduced cell coverage and places that required the city GIS to match user location with proper addresses to guarantee efficient usability.

Users can easily find the service types they are looking for and complete the request submission process in as few steps as possible without sacrificing completeness. The city wanted to encourage account creation but also allows users to also submit anonymously so that they felt comfortable making requests their neighbors might see.

3. Wapanda Find Your Way by Daffodil Software

[Source: Wapanda]

Standout features:

  • Bidding system
  • Operates in one area
  • Easy to use

As Uber opened the gates and revolutionized the taxi industry with a convenient mobile app, so did consumer needs and habits change as well.

Wapanda is a New Jersey taxi aggregator platform that provides a mobile-based taxi booking, with a distinct bidding system that can make rides affordable for users but still stay profitable for drivers. At the moment, Wapanda operates only in the JC. However, their growth plans involve expanding their services across the US.

Their app, courtesy of Daffodil Software aims to mainstream on-demand transportation. But what makes it stand out from other taxi booking models is the fare bidding system. Wapanda gives riders the freedom to negotiate with the taxi drivers and at the same time, provides drivers to counter bid which ensures both parties' satisfaction.

4. DiaHero by Software Development Hub

[Source: DiaHero]

Standout features:

  • Makes patients’ lives easier
  • Clean UI
  • Convenient reminders

Simply put, the Ukrainian DiaHero app is a handy medical “journal” for people with diabetes that aims to improve management and treatment. The allows patients to keep records of their blood sugar level, note the contents of every meal with automated calculation of its Bread Units and estimate the required dose of insulin.

Basically, the Software Development Hub team has crafted an app that simplifies the lifestyle of people living with diabetes through improved control of blood glucose. The mobile app reminds its users when they’re required to measure their glucose level, when to eat according to the diabetes meal plan and schedule, as well as when to take a dose of insulin (calculated based on the consumed carbohydrates).

Depending on the regularly filled-in food and blood sugar data, DiaHero shows stats to analyze the dynamics of changes according to a user's treatment plan.

5. Burger Collective by Product Hive

[Source: Burger Collective]

Standout features:

  • Tailored to burger lovers
  • Palatable burger reviews
  • Niche-focused network

Four guys from Sydney, Australia decided to build the first burger-only community app in the world. The buzz about it was so loud that Product Hive had to pick it up and make it an app specially created for burger lovers.

Basically, this niche-focused network lets users scroll through juicy reviews of burgers that are just right around the corner, uncover spots you never knew existed and receive exclusive deals from more than 100 partnered restaurants. What more could burger fans possibly want from an app?

6. Juwenalia UEK by Softnauts

Source: Juwenalia UEK

Standout features:

  • Unique visual language
  • Convenient UI/UX
  • Event calendar/timetable

Juwenalia, inspired by the ancient Roman holiday, is an annual higher education students' holiday in Poland, customarily celebrated in May, right before the summer exams.

UEK Juwenalia is one of the most anticipated events in Krakow, where more than 10,000 students attend every year.

The accompanying mobile app, developed by Softnauts, brings all important information about the holiday itself, including individual event schedules, maps and the newest updates. The main idea behind its creation was to update thousands of people and help them find places to party during the event.

Besides acting as a convenient digital guide, Juwenalia UEK introduced bright and vivid aesthetics that make prospective event-goers excited even before they step onto "the grounds."

Geometric Gilroy font paired with asymmetrical shapes helped create a unique and recognizable visual language for the app.

7. Ribbet

[Source: Ribbet]

Standout Features:

  • Focused on photography enthusiasts
  • Expansive editing toolkit
  • Monetization opportunity

Ribbet is a powerful, yet easy-to-use photo editing tool for every occasion. Created with people who love great photography in mind, the app is packed with an absolutely unprecedented array of tools. This minimal and uncluttered editor is able to handle everything from simple edits to professional touch-ups.

Users can start from scratch or pick a template, after which they can add effects, text or stickers that best suit their personal style and tastes.

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11 Best iOS Apps

After a hearty meal and heavy partying, it’s time to see what’s waiting for us from the iOS app developers. You know what they say – “An apple a day...”

1. Hudson's Bay by Digilite Web Solutions

[Source: Hudson's Bay]

Standout features:

  • Streamlined navigation
  • "Shop Your Way”
  • Optimized for tablet devices

Hudson’s Bay (or The Bay) is an iconic Canadian retail/department store that offers a large selection of luxury goods and products for the entire family. Digilite Web Solutions created an app that is specially designed for iPad users to help them “Shop Their Way."

Besides being a registration portal that allows users to create an account or login into an existing one, it offers browsing goods, buying and shipping to their homes. Additionally, the experience is elevated with a rewards system, where shoppers collect points with every purchase.

The app is perfectly optimized for tablet devices to heighten the UX and make navigation easier for users. DWS also integrated an offline data collector feature that allows data to be analyzed by administrators.

2. Door Knocking App by NewAgeSMB

[Source: Door Knocking App]

Standout features:

  • Boosts door-to-door sales
  • Different modes for different users
  • Customer locator

The Door Knocking app is a native iOS and web application that focuses on enhancing the door-to-door sales of the client while delivering complete customer relationship management on mobile phones.

Basically, NewAgeSMB developed a platform that enables the sales managers to streamline their jobs and assign each region to the respective sales executive. The sales executives, on the other hand, can also use it to locate the mapped regions and find the houses in their assigned regions.

Without going to the technical aspects behind the curtain, such as collecting customer data, the Door Knocking app aims to boost sales figures but also provides customers with a way to raise their queries and get solutions in a stipulated time, which is a basis for an excellent client-customer relationship.

3. Haircut Now by Konstant Infosolutions

[Source: Haircut Now]

Standout features:

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • “Uber” for haircut
  • Free to use

The days of walking into a random barbershop and asking “who’s the best barber” are long gone. Haircut Now, created by Konstant Infosolutions, is a native platform for users who want to book a barber in their general area for a particular service.

Users’ requests are sent to all of the nearby barbers until one of them accepts. So, basically an Uber for hairdressers. There is also a time slot selection for the users so they can request the service as per their availability.

The app also lets users view the barber's portfolio and even chat about haircut appointments, directions, and even hairstyle preferences before they arrive at the location.

So, if you are looking to find a barber appointment application and looking for a trusted app to book your last-minute haircut appointment, you’ve come (or at least you’re going to) to the right place.

4. Paidback by Designli

[Source: Paidback]

Standout features:

  • Streamlines debt management
  • “Debt” community
  • Free to use

If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of being completely buried under overwhelming heaps of debt, you know that it’s a sensation you’d rather avoid reliving. Luckily, the solution is just around the corner.

The Paidback app, created by Designli, is a debt management tool that helps you track and pay back debt fast and easily. It allows you to track everything in one convenient place. You simply need to enter each of your debt accounts or you can let the app do that for you automatically.

Essentially, Paidback motivates you to pay off your debt faster with debt payoff calculators and exclusive partnerships. Building on motivation even further, the app connects you to friends and other people who are going through the same experience so you can gather advice and similar insights.

5. VideoBomb by Mobcoder

[Source: VideoBomb]

Standout features:

  • Fun and interactive
  • Provides excellent marketing opportunity
  • Power of AR in the palm of your hand

VideoBomb, created by Mobcoder, is an app that lets you experience the thrilling world of augmented reality through realistically animated and 3D objects in the real world. Combining the concepts of AR and machine learning, it enables users to scan tangible objects from innovative organizations and brands and play with them both in real time or by pairing them with a personal gallery. The platform also allows users to share their augmented reality experiences by sharing their location.

The digitally immersive experience is awesome for regular users and brands alike. By crafting “realities” and sharing them via social media platforms, you’re bound to turn some heads.

As the ideators behind the app say: “The world exists for you; therefore, build your own world.

6. Service Finance Dealer App by Concepta

[Source: Service Finance Dealer App]

Standout features:

  • Fast and efficient
  • Streamlines complicated processes
  • Easy to use

The Service Finance app, developed by Concepta, provides registered dealers as well as their authorized agents with the ability to securely apply for customer financing while on-site 24/7. The secure mobile application can be filled out quickly by leveraging some exclusive add-ons that allow it to capture demographic information by simply scanning the customer's driver's license.

By leveraging the device's native push notification system, agents will be notified in real-time of underwriting decisions. Agents can also take a photo and upload work orders and other stipulations by using the device’s existing camera.

The app also allows the agent to provide a touch interface for customers to easily sign their loan documents digitally. This function grants the ability to successfully and efficiently complete all the required tasks before ever leaving the property, thus greatly reducing the processing time.

7. MiCambio by LoopStudio

[Source: MiCambio]

Standout features:

  • Fast and efficient
  • Streamlines exchange rulesets
  • Easy to use

When Uruguay's top exchange houses came together to build an app that grants its
users access to preferential currency exchange rates, MiCambio was born. And what a delivery it was!

MiCambio is an application where users can secure a preferential exchange rate whenever is convenient and then choose to either perform the transaction physically (at any of the 25 associated branches) or online using their MiDinero MasterCard.

Since currency exchange operations demand tons of different rulesets, LoopStudio created an app that would apply all these rules in the backend, so to speak.

8. Bar London by ItFox

[Source: Bar London]

Standout features:

  • Beautiful UI
  • Multi-faceted functions
  • Easy to use

ItFox has been working with the chain of bars and restaurants, “London Group,” for years now. The new mobile app project, which aims to improve their loyalty program, was just the icing on the cake. And what a cake it is! 

The app is anything you're used to at this time. It offers guest registration via SMS, individual accounts (guest and waiter accounts), custom users' preferences (food and drinks), etc.

However, aside from these functions, the Bar London app offers a pristine, beautiful and intuitive UI while being able to save information about the guests’ preferences and habits via the data server the agency created.

9. Fitsentive

[Source: Fitsentive]

Standout features:

  • Rewards system
  • Streamlined UI
  • Well-produced video content

Fitsentive is an expansive fitness platform that delivers on-demand workout sessions to users. It encompasses an admin panel, a creator web app, and a Fitsentive mobile app. To differentiate the brand in the ever-deeper sea of fitness apps on the market, developers included a gratifying rewards system for every workout video the user completes. 

In fact, the video library is one of its key selling points. The incredibly extensive library with awesome content spanning every fitness category imaginable — from Dance Cardio all the way to Pilates offers varying difficulty levels from Beginner to Expert.

All videos are professional-guided, full length, and real-time in order to provide users with the best possible workout experience. 

Additionally, Fitsentive utilizes the built-in Apple Health Kit in order to help track & display daily user activity.

Want to find out more about Fitsentive? Try our Best Designs Awards section!

10. Carbon by Livitis

[Source: Livitis]

Standout Features:

  • Clear UI
  • Monochrome filters
  • "Black and white" philosophy elevated

Simply put, Carbon is a black & white photo editing application for iPhone and an ultimate addition to your photography arsenal. The stunning monochrome filters are bound to take your work to the next level and transform it into a piece of art.

There's a reason why Carbon is one of the most sought-after photo applications on the App Store - Livitis made sure to make it as accessible and simple to use as humanly possible. We'd say with flying colors, but that would miss the mark in this case.

With more than 50 ready-available monochrome filters and professional brushes, the agency had to balance the general UI making it minimal and uncluttered, but beautiful.

11. Pango by UXpert


Standout Features:

  • Easy parking activation and payment
  • Useful space locator
  • Accessible feature gallery

What used to be a parking-only app has been supercharged with handy features that make mobility extraordinarily convenient and hassle-free. Introducing Pango, the new and improved app for mobility payments!

Designed by UXpert, the app offers a fun, attractive, user-friendly interface to improve your outside experience. Upon launching the app, users can swipe left and right through the cards gallery to pick a service – from finding a parking spot to paying for fuel.

Of course, accessible parking is still at the heart of this app. The parking activation card lets users start/stop parking at the click of a button. They can scan the code to park when entering a parking lot. The gate will automatically open when they leave!

The Pango map is particularly impressive. Not only does it help users find the closest and cheapest parking space. It also helps them find the nearest gas station, car wash, convenience store, and more!

The cherry on top? All these features are packed in a clean and streamlined UI, with fun characters and illustrations that bring them to life!

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