5 Best Video Companies Logo Designs With Authentic Visual Features

5 Best Video Companies Logo Designs With Authentic Visual Features
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: May 15, 2023

This article explores some of the best video companies' logo designs and their compelling, distinctive features.

A logo for a video production company is more than a symbol representing a brand. It's a visual representation of their identity and work style that needs to impact the audience significantly. That’s why professional logo designers craft memorable artwork that illustrates the most crucial features associated with video companies. And these creations exemplify such artistic value.

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[Source: Yamuve]

Standout Features:

  • Bolded typeface
  • Elongated "E"
  • A sharp font style

We're opening our list of the best logo designs among video companies with YAMUVE's emblem.

The monochrome design entails a logotype with sharp edges that conveys the precision and seriousness of the agency's work ethic. This strong font style, combined with increased spacing, makes every glyph easy to read and presents itself as a retro-modern evergreen logo design.

The bolded typeface contributes to the overall confidence drastically, and there's a stylish addition to the composition that showcases an elongated "E." The letter features its horizontal line as slightly shorter than the one above it.

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2. The Storyteller Studios

[Source: The Storytellers Studios

Standout Features:

  • Mixed typography styles
  • Inclined to leave its signature
  • Easily applicable

The next choice on our best video companies' logo designs list comes from The Storyteller Studios.

This emblem gives you a glimpse of the variety of styles and the unique ways of blending them. The typeface-only logo design features two font sizes and, as well as two writing styles: script and bold regular.

The logo is white, making it easily usable across different colors and backgrounds. Its staple feature is the studio's intention to leave its signature on everything in its portfolio, which is showcased through the italic letters in the word "Storyteller."

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3. One Productions

[Source: One Productions]

Standout Features:

  • Resembles a red domino piece
  • A monogram logo
  • Red-and-white combination

Next up among the best video companies' logos is One Productions, with a unique design that balances two styles of representation.

The logo resembles a domino piece, with two red squares next to one another with a thick white divider in the middle. Each square is decorated, the left with white letters and the right with a monogram emblem. The symbol combines the number "1" with a large "O" integrated into the middle of the number's root.

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While the red color grabs your attention instantaneously, the domino composition keeps you engaged through a balanced mixture of typographical and emblematic features stapled on the squares.

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[Source: SODIG

Standout Features:

  • Abstract design
  • Playing around with positive and negative space
  • Interconnected lettering

Our best video companies' logo designs list continues with SODIG, one more red-and-white emblem.

This is an abstract design that gives off intriguing rebus vibes. By leveraging the positive and negative space, this playful design provides several interesting visual features.

The vowels in the brand's name are presented through the negative space used to separate the other letters, showcased in white.

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The lettering is interconnected. The "O" is enlarged, and the "I" is slightly smaller than other letters, which further helps the composition translate its authentic appeal.

5. Video City Productions

[Source: Video City Productions]

Standout Features:

  • A two-toned color palette
  • A monogram in a circle
  • Brand-name initials integrated

Video City Productions' logo is a sleek, modern design among our list of the best video companies' logo designs.

This emblem encompasses a monogram hovering inside a thick-lined circle. The initials, like the circle surrounding it, are portrayed through a two-toned color palette. The white and blue combination builds a contrasting balance.

The circle is half blue-half white, and the monogram envisions the left leg of the letter "V" in blue and the lower half of the letter "C," leaving the middle part connecting the letters white.

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