Mini Cooper Makes Maximum Impact With New Minimal Logo Design

Hot on the heels of Mastercard and Juventus F.C., yet another well-known company marched their way on over to the Team Trendy Minimalism: Mini. The automotive company, known for the pint-sized but highly prized Mini Cooper, giveth us a new logo by taketh away quite a few design elements.  

This new, stripped-down version of the iconic luxury car logo was designed by KKLD, a Berlin-based agency. See the original (top) and the new logo (bottom) here: 

Mini Logo Design Old New

Its previous logo design had been used since 2001, when BMW re-launched Mini. While much simpler, the new logo maintains the iconic wing structure and sans serif capitalized font that is associated with the cars -- something the brand wanted to keep in tact. After all, strength in strong letters and freedom in flying is ever-desirable, particularly when choosing a high-end vehicle. But the blunt, flat black-and-white outline of the new logo is very intentional indeed. 

"The deliberate avoidance of shading and grey tones creates a starkly contrasting black-and-white effect that conveys the authenticity and clarity of the new brand identity, its two-dimensional character also allowing universal application," Mini said in a statement this week. 

However, there's no word yet on how this two-dimensional logo will translate to the literal car's branding via emblem -- or if it will even alter at all. 

Do you like Mini's minimalistic logo? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. 

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