10 Best Hair Salon Logo Designs That Are Cut Above the Rest

10 Best Hair Salon Logo Designs That Are Cut Above the Rest
Last Updated: March 08, 2024

Done by the top logo designers, we've gathered the best hair salon logo designs that look as polished as the brands they represent! Aside from capturing the brand's essence and stylish flair, they also resonate with clients, making them great visual assets.

Dive into this list and see how each logo snips through the ordinary to bring out the brand's extraordinary appeal! You may also visit our best logo designs catalog for more standout symbols.

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1. Breathe Beauty Studio by Paper Heart Design

Breathe Beauty Studio logo design

Standout Features:

  • Window with pampas grass
  • Thin, signature-like typography
  • Earthy color story

Paper Heart Design created a logo for Breathe, a Beauty Studio based in The Ashman Plaza in Midtown Midland, Michigan.

The logo design features an arched window with pampas grass blowing in the wind, giving a relaxing impression. This aligns with the studio’s goal of establishing a salon where clients can escape daily stresses.

The neutral and earthy color story emphasizes this, with the taupe logo giving it an approachable and inviting feel. Furthermore, the script-like font adds a feminine and luxurious touch that ties everything together.

2. LaRose Hair by Joanne Tapodi Creative

LaRose Hair logo design
[Source: Joanne Tapodi Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Mix of serif and cursive fonts
  • Blush pink color
  • Simple yet elegant

Joanne Tapodi Creative crafted a luxurious and sophisticated brand identity for LaRose Hair, incorporating a combination of serif and cursive fonts. The light pink gives it a classic and feminine look that’s perfect for a high-end hair studio.

This design choice reflects LaRose Hair's commitment to offering a nurturing and pampered experience, emphasizing femininity and strength. The complete branding, including logo, business cards, and website, positions LaRose Hair as a leading studio in Myaree, dedicated to making every woman feel beautiful and pampered.

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3. Albert Fields by Butterscotch Design

[Source: Butterscotch Design]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and minimalist
  • Thin, serif typography
  • White color for flexibility

Butterscotch Design created a simple and minimalist logo for Albert Fields, featuring thin, serif typography and a white color scheme for versatility. This design choice reflects the salon's vision of a naturally welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in Goring-on-Thames.

This simple yet elegant logo goes well with the salon’s aesthetic, centered around a soft and feminine color palette with hints of flowers and nature.

4. Cabello Hair Design by Linda Poulsen

Cabello Hair Design logo design
[Source: Linda Poulsen]

Standout Features:

  • Overlapping scissors
  • Sans-serif typography
  • Bright colors

Linda Poulsen designed the logo for Cabello Hair Design, featuring two overlapping scissors with a small heart in the center. A 70’s inspired color palette and sans-serif typography perfectly represent the stylist and what she does.

The design is part of a broader branding effort, including website and point-of-sale (POS) materials, highlighting the collaborative and creative relationship between the designer and client. Now, this is what we call a dream team!

5. Belles & Beaus Beauty Salon by DADI Design House

Belles & Beaus Beauty Salon logo design
[Source: DADI Design House]

Standout Features:

  • Bold typography
  • Black and white
  • Square frame

DADI Design House's logo design for Belles & Beaus Beauty Salon boasts a simple yet elegant design. It features a sans-serif and cursive font enclosed in a square frame. The black and white colors add a mysterious yet inviting look.

Meanwhile, the cursive font adds a unique, tailored feel, appealing to clients seeking a bespoke beauty experience. Its simplicity ensures the brand remains memorable, while the square form conveys a sense of order and sophistication, aligning with the salon's reputation for high-quality, comprehensive beauty services. Read our article on best beauty product logo designs.

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6. Sirène Salon by Lindsay Ware Studio

Sirène Salon logo design
[Source: Lindsay Ware Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Uppercase letters
  • Bold, serif typography
  • Monochromatic colors

The Sirène Salon logo, designed by Lindsay Ware Studio, features uppercase letters, bold serif typography, and monochromatic colors. An all-uppercase logo gives the brand an authoritative and prominent look, making it stand out.

The bold serif font adds a classic yet sophisticated look, paired with the monochromatic colors that give the logo a timeless appeal. The uppercase letters enhance the overall design by making it more visible and impactful, establishing a strong, memorable brand identity.

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7. MON French Hair Salon by iwera

MON French Hair Salon logo design
[Source: iwera]

Standout Features:

  • Stylized M
  • Bold, sans-serif typeface
  • Light blue color

Designed by iwera, MON French Hair Salon's logo features a stylized lowercase 'm’ that reflects the salon's French elegance and modernity. It also adds a playful yet sophisticated touch, resonating with the diverse nature of French style.

The bold, sans-serif typeface underscores the salon's contemporary approach, and the light blue color gives it a laid-back and calming feel.

Overall, this logo design captures French beauty and style's effortless and elegant allure.

8. Cult Salon by I Am Sam Creative

Cult Salon logo design
[Source: I Am Sam Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Custom Gothic logotype
  • Vibrant colors
  • Iconic and impactful

For Cult Salon, I Am Sam Creative took a path less traveled in salon branding. While most salons have minimalist and sophisticated typefaces, Cult Salon uses a custom-cut Gothic logotype and a bold font. This contrast reflects the salon's alternative and gender-neutral brand identity.

The Gothic logotype suggests uniqueness and creativity, while the sans-serif ensures clarity and modernity. Its unique font paired with a vibrant color story makes this logo design eye-catching, attracting a diverse clientele seeking a salon that breaks the traditional mold.

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9. REVIVE SALON by Venture Designs

REVIVE SALON logo design
[Source: Venture Designs]

Standout Features:

  • Cursive font
  • Monochromatic design
  • Leaf motif

Venture Designs created an elegant logo for REVIVE SALON, featuring the initials in a soft, cursive font adorned with leaves.

This design encapsulates the salon's essence of renewal and vitality, symbolized by the leaf motif. The monochromatic scheme adds sophistication, aligning with the salon's aim to refresh and glamorize their clients' appearances.

10. La Camelia Hair Studio by City & Sea Creative

La Camelia Hair Studio logo design
[Source: City & Sea Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Stylized C with camellia flower
  • Clean, sans-serif font
  • Feminine looking

City & Sea Creative crafted an emblem for La Camelia Hair Studio that exudes femininity and sophistication. The logo is distinguished by a stylized 'C' that artfully incorporates a camellia flower, a nod to the salon's name and its delicate attention to detail.

The clean, sans-serif font used for the studio's name adds a contemporary touch to the classic imagery, making the overall design modern and timeless. This elegant logo perfectly represents the salon's commitment to beauty and style.

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