8 Best Farm Logos That Yield Positive Brand Images

8 Best Farm Logos That Yield Positive Brand Images
Last Updated: March 01, 2024

The best farm logos combine the timeless nature of agriculture with modern design elements. These logos represent the heart of the establishment, showcasing what it offers to new and existing customers.

Created by the top minds in logo design, this list of best farm logos successfully embodies the spirit of the countryside and resonates deeply with consumers.

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1. Vitality Farm by Farm Food Drink

Vitality Farm logo-design
[Source: Farm Food Drink]

Standout Features:

  • Sophisticated, flowing script
  • Earthy color palette
  • Farmer silhouettes

Designed by Farm Food Drink, the Vitality Farm logo captures the essence of organic farming through its elegant typeface and earthy tones. The colors immediately give away the nature of its industry, fostering a strong brand presence.

The "V" in Vitality spreads at the top and across the brand name, acting as a grass floor for the visual graphics of farmers above. The silhouette and nature-inspired elements, like a bird and a dog, highlight the farm's connection to traditional farming and its harmonious relationship with the environment.

2. Urban Farmhouse by IGUANA media

Urban Farmhouse logo-design
[Source: IGUANA media]

Standout Features:

  • Circular design
  • Bold typeface
  • Green accent color

IGUANA media's branding for Urban Farmhouse features a logo that blends urban sophistication with the heartiness of farm-grown produce.

The bold typeface within the circular logo design gives a robust impression, while the green accent colors provide a nice pop of color to the monochromatic theme. Surrounding the brand name are farm-inspired elements, such as a leaf at the top of "Urban" and a farm field under "Farmhouse."

This design effectively embodies Urban Farmhouse's commitment to providing quality produce in the bustling cityscape of East London.

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3. Truest Farms by Derek Nicol

Truest Farms logo-design
[Source: Derek Nicol]

Standout Features:

  • Symbolic illustration
  • Nature-inspired colors
  • Bold and clean typography

The logo for Truest Farms, designed by Derek Nicol, features a sprouting plant set against the backdrop of a sun, representing growth and vitality. The earth from which the plant emerges is depicted in a rich brown soil, completing the nature-inspired logo.

The name "TRUEST FARMS" is written in a bold, clean font that reinforces the brand's focus on organic and natural farming practices.

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4. Spey River Farm by Ima Studio design

Spey River Farm logo-design
[Source: Ima Studio design]

Standout Features:

  • Intricate logomark
  • Logo variations
  • Delicate look

Spey River Farm's logo design by Ima Studio design is an intricately beautiful creation. The design features two salmon fishes in a yin-yang position, reflecting the brand's deep connection to salmon fishing and whiskey heritage. This detailed linework logomark captures the essence of the farm and gives the logo a charming rustic look.

In addition, its logo variations include a short tagline, "Heart of the Highlands." This version blends different sans-serif fonts, adding a polished yet delicate look to the logo. The logo variations come in dark green and white versions, staying true to its brand colors.

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5. Rip Van Winkle Farm by Nick Merrill Design

Rip Van Winkle Farm logo-design
[Source: Nick Merrill Design]

Standout Features:

  • Lamb illustration
  • Strong serif typography
  • Green and white colors

With its creative design, the Rip Van Winkle Organic Farm logo by Nick Merrill Design reflects the farm's playful yet earnest approach to agriculture. The "LIVE LONG AND PASTURE" tagline adds spirit to the logo, alluding to the health benefits of the farm's products.

The lamb illustration is simplified yet distinctive, representing the farm's livestock and organic ethos. The robust serif typography anchors the logo, imparting a lasting impression of the farm's proud identity and tradition.

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6. Weathertop Farm by L. Naylor Design

Weathertop Farm logo-design
[Source: L. Naylor Design ]

Standout Features:

  • Hand-drawn logo design
  • Elegant, curved typography
  • Mushroom and flower illustration

L. Naylor Design crafted the Weathertop Farm logo with a Middle Earth-inspired aesthetic, suitable for the Oregon-based farm focusing on mushroom cultivation.

The logo exudes a rustic charm through its hand-drawn elements, particularly the mushroom and flower illustration. The elegant typography adds a layer of a magical feel to it, giving it a welcoming yet enchanting impression.

7. Shrimp Farm by TART

Shrimp Farm logo-design
[Source: TART]

Standout Features:

  • Cool blue colors
  • Shrimp icon in a circle
  • Minimalist design

TART created a visually striking logo for Shrimp Farm, using cool blue hues to echo the aquatic nature of shrimp farming. The design centers around a stylized shrimp within a circular outline, representing the farm's focus in a clean and minimalist style.

This logo communicates the essence of the farm with a modern and professional look that is as clear and direct as the waters from which the shrimp are harvested.

8. Primitive Farms by Brad Booth Media

Primitive Farms logo-design
[Source: Brad Booth Media]

Standout Features:

  • Monochromatic colors
  • Bold, serif typeface
  • Abstract mountain shapes

The logo design for Primitive Farms by Brad Booth Media captures a timeless aesthetic through a simple yet meaningful emblem. The abstract mountain shapes symbolize nature and the outdoors, resonating with the farm's name.

PRIMITIVE FARMS is written in bold, uppercase letters beneath the emblem, conveying strength and stability. The monochromatic color scheme enhances the logo's versatility, ensuring it can be used across various mediums while maintaining its classic appeal.

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