12 Best Restaurant Logo Designs That Are Feasts for the Eyes

12 Best Restaurant Logo Designs That Are Feasts for the Eyes
Last Updated: March 01, 2024

The best restaurant logo designs embody the establishment's identity while offering a glimpse of their offerings. These logos combine innovation, strong visual appeal, and contemporary style.

This collection of the best restaurant logo designs dishes out a feast of creativity, each crafted by top-tier logo designers.

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1. ACEQ Restaurant by Stellen Design

ACEQ Restaurant logo-design
[Source: Stellen Design]

Standout Features:

  • Uppercase serif typography
  • Gold letter outline
  • Owl icons

Stellen Design crafted a sophisticated logo design for ACEQ Restaurant featuring bold, serif typography with an elegant gold outline. This rebranded logo embodies the restaurant's contemporary and refined vibe perfectly.

To pay homage to the original logo, the agency created three variations of the brand's owl symbol. These owl icons stand out in gold outlines and minimalist designs. The owner then decided to use the different variations in different departments of his business: restaurant, catering, and for himself.

The logo's adaptability for various business segments and its waterway inspiration enrich the brand's story and visual impact.

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2. Nick Pizzeria by Joanne Sunde

Nick Pizzeria logo-design
[Source: Joanne Sunde]

Standout Features:

  • Bold, sans-serif typography
  • Simple and friendly
  • Minimalist and modern

Joanne Sunde's Nick Pizzeria logo refresh cleverly utilizes a green and red color scheme, instantly resonating with its target market. Combining bold, sans-serif typography featuring a thinner, rounded typeface balances modernity and approachability.

This minimalist and modern take on the 1970s logo reflects the restaurant's commitment to staying relevant while honoring its heritage. The redesign is a welcomed improvement appreciated by loyal patrons and is poised to attract new customers, helping to ensure Nick Pizzeria's continued success for years to come.

3. Askim Restaurant by Nihad Nadam

Askim Restaurant logo-design
[Source: Nihad Nadam]

Standout Features:

  • Calligraphy-inspired script
  • Flowy typography
  • Minimalist

Nihad Nadam brought the essence of artistic tradition to the Askim Restaurant logo with an elegant and fluid calligraphy-inspired script.

Featuring a script reminiscent of Arabic calligraphy above a sans-serif font, this combination of classical artistry with contemporary design gives the brand a sophisticated identity. The striking contrast of light typography against a dark backdrop ensures that the logo captures attention.

4. Enza's Italian Restaurant by 63 Visual Design Company

Enza's Italian Restaurant logo-design
[Source: 63 Visual Design Company]

Standout Features:

  • Flowing, cursive script
  • Muted colors
  • Circular logo

For Enza's Italian Restaurant, 63 Visual Design Company designed this gorgeous logo with different font styles and muted colors, exuding a warm and welcoming image. The agency used red, white, and olive green, synonymous with the Italian flag, a nod to their Italian heritage.

The circular emblem anchors the restaurant's origin and the year of its establishment, infusing a sense of tradition and authority. This logo represents the restaurant's commitment to Italian culinary excellence and its rich history since 2004.

Additionally, the agency developed another logotype version for the restaurant. This logotype features the brand name "Enza's" in cursive with a circular stamp on its tail.

5. Porta Pacecibu by Jemmarie Bocalbos

Porta Pacecibu logo-design
[Source: Jemmarie Bocalbos]

Standout Features:

  • Homey and heartwarming
  • Earthy colors
  • Olive leaves illustrations

Jemmarie Bocalbos created a logo for Porta Pacecibu that radiates a homey and heartwarming aesthetic, featuring earthy colors and eye-catching bold texts.

The green olive branches and spiral illustrations decorate the logo, suggesting the brand's commitment to peace and freshness. This design is a nod to the brand's vision. In fact, the restaurant's name translates to "bring," "peace," and "food."

Overall, the designer's work balances sophistication and warmth, inviting customers to savor and experience Italian hospitality.

6. Random Sandwich Bistro by Tomáš Hustoles

Random Sandwich Bistro logo-design
[Source: Tomáš Hustoles]

Standout Features:

  • Skewed font style
  • Simple yet striking
  • Monochromatic colors

Tomáš Hustoles brought a refreshing spontaneity to the Random Sandwich Bistro logo using a skewed alignment of letters that somehow feels perfect.

The skewed font style used in "Sandwich" blends well with the modern sans-serif typography used in "Random" and "Bistro." The placement ingeniously communicates the randomness yet delicious flavors offered by the restaurant.

Lastly, the monochromatic colors tie the whole look, creating a unique and striking restaurant logo design.

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7. N'atastoria by Aurora Design Studio

N'atastoria logo-design
[Source: Aurora Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Sophisticated serif font
  • Subdued color palette
  • Emphasized apostrophe

Aurora Design Studio showcased their creative skills for the N'atastoria restaurant logo design, integrating Italian sophistication with Egyptian character.

The logo's serif font and subtle color scheme exude elegance. The designer colored the apostrophe in subdued red, allowing it to stand out. On some marketing materials, the small letter "n" accompanies the eye-catching apostrophe to double as a standalone logo, strengthening brand recall.

8. South Swell by QALA Creative

South Swell logo-design
[Source: QALA Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Different color variations
  • Playful and dynamic script
  • Surfboard integrated into the logo

QALA Creative brought a wave of coastal charm to South Swell with a logo that channels the essence of a California-inspired restaurant. The logo features a fluid, cursive script, underscored by a flat surfboard that adds a touch of playfulness.

The dynamic typeface captures the establishment's lively atmosphere, while color variations keep the brand fresh and adaptive. The subtle nod to its sister restaurant, Swell Taco, and the waterfront location of Bergen Bay Docks in West Babylon, New York, ties the identity to its roots and story.

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9. MUMU Sushi Bar by Alma Balo Topalović

MUMU Sushi Bar logo-design
[Source: Alma Balo Topalović]

Standout Features:

  • Monochromatic color story
  • Brand name in Japanese
  • Clean, bold typography

Alma Balo Topalović designed the MUMU Sushi Bar logo, focusing on fun, minimalism, and warmth. The monochromatic color scheme and clean, bold typography give it a modern and inviting presence.

Meanwhile, including Japanese characters in the logo adds an authentic touch and connects the brand to its culinary roots. With its stark contrast and simplicity, the overall design creates a stylish identity for the sushi bar.

10. Del Sol Bistro by Roberto Perez

Del Sol Bistro logo-design
[Source: Roberto Perez]

Standout Features:

  • Sun-inspired logo
  • Warm color story
  • Uppercase serif typography

Roberto Perez draws inspiration from the brand name's meaning in developing the Del Sol Bistro logo. With this, the designer created an artistic layout that resembles the sun. Its rays are creatively interpreted by the tribal pattern surrounding the "Del Sol" brand name.

The warm color palette of rich reds and terracotta tones complements the theme and offers an inviting ambiance.

Uppercase serif typography adds a classic touch to the modern design. This logo reflects the bistro's sunny disposition and dedication to a hearty and welcoming dining experience.

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11. Tea & Toast by Rule Design

Tea & Toast logo-design
[Source: Rule Design]

Standout Features:

  • Coral shade
  • Casual typography
  • Straightforward design

Rule Design's approach for the Tea & Toast café logo centers on a minimalist and straightforward design. It features a casual script in a warm coral hue, reflecting the cozy ambiance of a local cafe.

The logo's simple and friendly typeface communicates a homey and welcoming impression, inviting patrons to a space that promises simple, comforting fare in the heart of Setagaya, Tokyo.

12. Bar Qi Cafe & Restaurant by Johnnie's Life

Bar Qi Cafe & Restaurant logo-design
[Source: Johnnie's Life]

Standout Features:

  • Rich, golden-red gradient
  • Decorative 3D effect
  • Bold typography

The Bar Qi Cafe & Restaurant logo, designed by Johnnie's Life, stands out with its luxurious golden-red gradient and a striking three-dimensional (3D) effect that brings the bold typography to life.

The design conveys a sense of modern elegance and sophistication, promising a high-quality dining experience. The dark background contrasts with the bright lettering, making the name stand out.

13. Yellow Rice by Jack Harper Design

Yellow Rice logo-design
[Source: Jack Harper Design]

Standout Features:

  • Thai script
  • Wheat visuals
  • Half-filled bowl icon

The Yellow Rice logo, crafted by Jack Harper Design, encapsulates a modernist aesthetic that is both bold and indicative of the brand's specialty: saffron rice dishes.

The design is characterized by its clean, graphic representation of a half-filled rice bowl, accompanied by Thai script and wheat visuals.

Overall, the simplicity of the design ensures that the logo is easily recognizable and memorable, aligning with the client's vision and the core product offering. Make sure to check out our article on best food restaurant logo designs.

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