zzzleepandgo Logo Design

Standout Features:

  • Simple and modern
  • Lowercase letters
  • Zs in negative space

Luca Forlani's logo design for zzzleepandgo captures the essence of the brand's innovative approach to providing travelers with a restful stay.

The logo's simplicity aligns with the company's vision of offering straightforward relaxation solutions. By utilizing lowercase letters, the design feels welcoming, suggesting the accessibility of these smart lounge capsules.

The 'ZZZ' pattern within the icon represents sleep while also cleverly fitting into the design's negative space, a thoughtful nod to the compact efficiency of the sleeping capsules.

Moreover, the blue palette resonates with the themes of calmness, reliability, and tranquility, crucial for a service catering to rest and stress reduction.

Lastly, the variety in font color in the wordmark is a clever design move. It easily makes a statement that resonates well with the brand: sleep and go. 

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