10 Best Frozen Product Packaging Designs That Deliver Cool Layouts

10 Best Frozen Product Packaging Designs That Deliver Cool Layouts
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: December 15, 2023

Chill out and dive into our best-frozen product packaging designs collection that preserves the freshness of your favorite items while showcasing the epitome of packaging aesthetics.

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1. Blaus Ice Cream by Berna Magalhaes

[Source: Berna Magalhaes]

Standout Features:

  • Framed label
  • Color-coded containers
  • Flavor-inspired illustrations

Berna Magalhaes developed Blaus Ice Cream's packaging design with a product-centric approach.

The ice cream containers come in colorful varieties: brown, red, maroon, teal, orange, black, purple, and so on. Each color represents a particular ice cream flavor, easing product recognition.

The brand name sits at the top center of the container's lid, commanding attention. Below it lies the ice cream flavor written in all capital letters. These textual content are enclosed in an elegant rhombus frame.

The beauty of this packaging design doesn't end there. Surrounding the brand label frame are flavor-inspired illustrations that look straight from a Ghibli movie. Considering all these attractive visuals, Blaus' packaging design is a great scene-stealer! Discover other deliciously made ice cream packaging designs here!

2. CFruit by Creative Lemon

[Source: Creative Lemon]

Standout Features:

  • Standup pouches
  • Funky typography
  • Realistic images

CFruit is a Cape Town-based brand that prides itself on sustainably grown and locally made products. This healthy brand collaborated with Creative Lemon to create a modern packaging design communicating its vision for delivering frozen yet fresh fruits.

The agency opted for resealable standup pouches, conveniently displaying them on grocery shelves or pantries. The design features a clean white background decorated with realistic images of either mixed berries or blueberries (depending on the product variation).

Moreover, this visual atmosphere is elevated with the funky typography that spells the product type in a laid-back arch style with brushstroke detail.

3. The Almond by Valerie Giffin RGD

[Source: Valerie Giffin RGD]

Standout Features:

  • Free-fall almond silhouettes
  • Prominent monoline logo
  • Heavy white typeface

Healthy, simple, and delicious: these are the characteristics of The Almond brand, a creamery that provides dairy-free frozen yogurt. Valerie Giffin RGD created a playful packaging design sprinkled with almond-shaped figures in the background to perfectly embody the brand.

One of the most impactful traits of this packaging design is a prominent monoline symbol on top of the container. The brand name circles this symbol with a minimalist line border.

While the container stands out with its matte black background, product differentiation is still convenient. Aside from the eye-catching heavy white typeface that details the product name, the container lids and monoline logos vary depending on the yogurt's flavor.

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4. Neptune Fish by 3rd Floor

[Source: 3rd Floor]

Standout Features:

  • Stylized illustrations
  • Modern, minimal patterns
  • Wavy line

Neptune Fish is a fictional brand conceptualized by 3rd Floor. The designer created several customized packaging designs, changing packaging formats but preserving the same elements.

The star element of these designs is the stylized illustrations of the product, with all the fish portrayed horizontally (as if they’re swimming) with open mouths and artistically striped gills. The vibrant illustrations are balanced by two-toned backgrounds of the same shade and modern, minimal patterns that complement the fish illustration.

An additional final touch includes a long, wavy line that playfully symbolizes sea life.

5. Gino Gelato by Alex Deamon

[Source: Alex Deamon]

Standout Features:

  • Dripping visuals
  • Italian culture references
  • Clean, consistent design

As Gino Gelato expanded from wholesale to retail, they needed a new packaging design. So, Alex Deamon created a premium-looking packaging design for the brand, with visuals communicating its affordability, especially for casual consumers.

The clean, consistent design features a beige background with the product flavor illustrated at the container's front center. The brand name is printed in a heavy font style with a stylized “I” containing a dripping ice cream visual.

Moreover, these dripping visuals extend to the back panel. They are utilized in two rounded frames: one lists the product ingredients, and the other contains information about the brand.

Another standout feature of this packaging design is its homage to Italian culture, featuring Italian references like famous artwork or iconic landmarks.

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6. CASCINE ORSINE by Irene Fioretti

[Source: Irene Fioretti]

Standout Features:

  • Muted background colors
  • Inspired by aquarelle painting
  • Multiple typography styles

Irene Fioretti created a lovely packaging design for a long-lasting company producing delicious frozen yogurt called CASCINE ORSINE.

The packaging design beautifully presents ingredients in an aquarelle painting style or artistic transparent brushstrokes that look visually pleasing. These ingredients complement the muted background in shades of yellow, pink, and periwinkle (varies depending on product flavor).

Lastly, the agency's typography design is a work of art. Despite using multiple font styles (cursive, thin, and handwritten), the final layout looks coherent, playful, and stunning!

7. Al Safa Foods by Wozcreative

[Source: Wozcreative]

Standout Features:

  • Excellent color design
  • Embraces the Muslim community
  • Product-focused

As a Muslim-motivated brand, Al Safa Foods wanted its packaging design to resonate with its target audience. To achieve that and more, Wozcreative designed its packaging to highlight the brand's aspiration of delivering halal and guilt-free food.

The design is product-focused. An enticing, high-resolution product image tempts the buyers to grab a bite of Al Safa Food's offerings, ranging from hand-stretched pizza to different types of bread. (Check out these attention-grabbing pizza box packaging designs.)

Finally, the agency's color design is an excellent play on consumer psychology. The packages include red or a blend of red and yellow, a combination known to initiate hunger, triggering a customer's buying instinct.

8. HEART & SOUL by Willoughby Design

[Source: Willoughby Design]

Standout Features:

  • Fresh-looking, realistic vegetables
  • Dark wood visual texture
  • Unintrusive product label

HEART & SOUL’s packaging design by Willoughby Design emphasizes superb frozen veggie quality by displaying fresh-looking, realistic images of vegetables.

Said images are laid beautifully on a dark wood visual texture as the background. This excellently communicates the product's farm-fresh quality.

Beside the veggie images is the elegant logo design with the tagline: Many are picked, few are chosen. On the upper left corner of the packaging design, you'll see an unobtrusive product label in bold typography.

9. National Ice Cream by Sam Tessendorf

[Source: Sam Tessendorf]

Standout Features:

  • Pastel color
  • Cute and fun illustration
  • Stripes

Sam Tessendorf developed an endlessly cute and imaginative packaging design for National Ice Cream.

The agency uses a pastel pink shade to convey the sweet flavor of strawberry and almond ice cream.

While the upper and bottom layers of the design are entirely coated in a pink hue, the front center of the container features horizontal stripes that build a dome-like outline for the central figure.

The focal point of the design is a lovely illustration of a happy clown riding a rocket while holding a wand up.

10. Scoop Creamery by Design By Gunjan

[Source: Design By Gunjan]

Standout Features:

  • Funky typography
  • Main ingredient silhouette
  • Product color as panel background

Scoop Creamery’s new packaging, crafted by Design By Gunjan, entails a modern solution that’ll help you cool down on a hot summer day.

The panel is dominated by a clean pastel shade for a background that alludes to the ice cream color inside the box on the left and a large main ingredient silhouette on the right, making up for an eye-candy combo.

The typography is funky and playful, asserting the brand name as a dominant element with a bold black typeface and the flavor type printed below in capitalized letters that do not obstruct the flow.

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