15 Best Dairy Product Packaging Designs

15 Best Dairy Product Packaging Designs
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Last Updated: May 05, 2023

The dairy product market is one of the most saturated markets globally. Since the products are almost similar, it's challenging to make your brand stand out amidst the fierce competition. That's where the expert packaging designers come to the stage, or cowshed if you will.

But there's one aspect of your product placement that can make your brand shine – the packaging design. Whether modern and simplistic, retro and nostalgic, evocative or promotional, your packaging design is your golden ticket in the dairy market.

Here are some of the most spectacular and unique dairy products' packaging designs, curated by a renowned branding agency, to help inspire you in your packaging design endeavors.

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1. Gardlyoo Shakes by Eslam Essam Designs

Best Dairy Product Packaging Designs
[Source: Eslam Essam Design]

Standout Features:

  • Warm cow illustrations
  • Round logo design
  • Witty tagline

Gardlyoo Shakes is a brand specializing in making all types of milkshakes. The Egypt-based company’s simple yet lovely packaging design was created by Eslam Essam Designs.

Each order comes with three elements that complement each other into a gentle and playful whole. The star of each cup is a cow illustration with a friendly and smiling expression. The cow is placed inside a bucket and has its front legs leaning on it. The figure is enclosed within a circular logotype and a witty tagline.

The cute logo is the only visual feature that decorates Gardlyoo cups, which are either transparent or warm and relaxing label colors such as apricot or cyan.

2. Jean by Ferma Branding Agency

Best Dairy Product Packaging Design
[Source: Ferma Branding Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Depicts the European lifestyle
  • Casual
  • Minimalistic yet artsy

Le Fort is a cheese producer known for its premium products. However, as the demand in the market shifted, the company introduced a new brand of cheese behind the name “Jean.”

Jean is meant to address a new demographic of cheese lovers – young people who cherish the European lifestyle and culture.

Ferma Branding Agency designed the packaging with these metrics in mind. The packages are in soft, pastel colors and are decorated with an imaginative illustration of a laid-back person enjoying the cheese. This design gives of a tone of kindness and a sense of relaxation after a long busy day.

One look is enough to urge you to take your shoes off, play some music, and enjoy a glass of wine as the cheese melts in your mouth. It takes you to a small European city by the sea and experience the culture like you're there.

3. Blackburn by Alizes

Dairy Product Packaging Designs
[Source: Alizes]

Standout Features:

  • Sober colors
  • Leverages positive space for branding
  • Emphasizes the product's characteristics

Blackburn surprised cheese lovers with their new Tré Carré packaging that speaks volumes of the products’ charm even before you taste it. Alizes designed the square packages that emanate the cheeses’ savor and premium quality.

The packaging acts like a complementing coat for the cheese, starting with sober colors like beige and black that reflect the unique taste of the caramel and balsamic, giving this product its unique appeal.

To further emphasize the product, there's a cutout window showing the texture and inviting the customer to imagine the taste. Next to it is a gold seal indicating the high quality of this black garlic-aged cheddar.

4. Schonfeld by id Brand

Dairy Product Packaging Design
[Source: id Brand]

Standout Features:

  • Product-centered, transparent packaging
  • Rule of thirds
  • Serif typography

Schonfeld is a brand with a top-quality product – their Swiss cheese. As such, they needed a packaging design that reflected confidence in the quality. And id Brand had just the right approach.

The plastic, transparent packaging is a pillow bag that puts the product in central focus.

Aside from the delicious cheese, you can see a simple black-and-red label that follows the rule of thirds. The label features the brand logo in the upper third colored red and the lower third with limited serif-style typography, providing the basic info on the product.

The black-and-white illustrations depicting the land and mountains of the cheese's origin are placed at the cross-section of the label, connecting the top and bottom parts into a meaningful whole.

5. Molokiya by Molto Bureau

milk packaging design
[Source: Molto Bureau]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalistic
  • Blobby, relaxing illustrations
  • A lovely mix of sans serif and cursive typography

Molokiya is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian dairy market, with over 20 years of providing healthy dairy products. Physical health is one thing, but the brand also wanted to show its awareness of the importance of mental health. Understanding that modern life is chaotic and fast, they asked Molto Bureau to help them create a packaging design for white yogurts without fillings.

The idea was to remind people that they should take their time to enjoy a healthy meal and slow down for a moment. The design brings it to life by omitting unnecessary elements that usually take place on a similar package.

This minimalistic design features a simple blobby illustration at the center of the cup. Above it, you'll find the relaxing Molokiya logo written in a custom font resembling a cursive-type style. You'll see the product name in sans-serif on the blobs below the logo. As sans serif is capitalized, the ratio is balanced by a cursive one-word description of the product variant.

6. Milgrad by Depot branding agency

best milk packaging design
[Source: Depot branding agency]

Standout Features:

  • Unique feline protagonist
  • Emotional connection
  • Clever logo redesign

Milgrad is a dairy product producer who wanted to step out from the all-too-common brand representation with its packaging design. So, the Depot branding agency offered them three different approaches to assist them in making something unique and recognizable. The winning idea was to create an emotional connection with the target market.

Each container depicts the story of a big blue curious cat that takes up most of the space on the white package. The feline brand ambassador is incredibly successful in evoking positive feelings and making customers smile as they look at it.

The designers wanted to keep the focus on the cute cat, but the design was used for three different products. So, the minimalistic solution was to use distinct font colors to indicate variety.

The packaging design was so thorough that it included a logo rebrand. Now, even the blue "M” depicts the outlined image of the furry brand ambassador.

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7. Cheesevill by CUBA Branding

best milk packaging designs
[Source: CUBA Branding]

Standout Features:

  • Product-centric design
  • Quality assurance seals
  • Black-and-white photos and illustrations

Cheesevill is a certified dairy product owned by the Uniline company. The packaging for this product, designed by CUBA Branding, emphasized the connections to the Dutch-based traditional cheese-making recipes.

The cheese wheels have a broad, textured color code – black, red, and white, each representing a particular product type. The center of the wheels features information about the cheese and motifs that showcase the geographical history of the original recipes.

Most of the left side represents the product – a yellow triangle with the brand logo printed in white sans serif typography. It's decorated with a simple illustration of a Dutch farm positioned above it.

The rest of the print includes a classy black-and-white photo of the natural scenery and several quality assurance seals positioned near the bottom edge of the print.

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8. Calpis by Smile Creativeness CO.

Calpis by Smile Creativeness CO.
[Source: Smile Creativeness CO.]

Standout Features:

  • An abundance of visual elements
  • An original take on a classic container shape
  • Prominent label

Calpis is a century-old lactic acid drink brand. To celebrate and perpetuate this long-lasting brand, they collaborated with Smile Creativeness CO. for a modern package design of their "Taste Moment” products.

The design is built on an abundance of eye-catching visual elements with a loose hexagon shape in the center of the layout. Other stimulating visuals are also present: the crown represents a rich taste, and the vermillion sealing wax symbolizes dedication and hard work. The packaging presents a unique take on the classic container shape with the lengthened "roof” of the carton. Since the designers wanted to step away from the all-to-common minimalistic designs, this packaging design shows admiration for the effort put into creating this beverage.

9. Schroeder Milk by Capsule

milkshake packaging ideas
[Source: Capsule]

Standout Features:

  • A modern, simplistic design
  • Distinctive representation of the product's features
  • Esoteric phrases

Schroeder is a dairy brand aiming to break the status quo of milk packaging designs. Design agency Capsule came through with a creative way of making this a reality by creating a modern, minimalistic package design for Schroeder.

The milk-white bottle features distinctive ways of addressing common traits found on the label. The clean, minimal white opaque package helps convey European sophistication. But what makes it one-of-a-kind is the ingenuine idea to use the words "one," "two," "whole” and "skim” vertically across the bottle, each scaled to reflect the fat levels. The words and the caps are also color-coded to determine the products.

The final touch is the quirky esoteric phrases that invite the customer to rotate the bottle and get a feel for the design.

10. Multipro by Style You

dairy product packaging
[Source: Style You]

Standout Features:

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Pac-Man inspired
  • Playful fruit representation

Style You had the opportunity to create a packaging design for the vegan-friendly Multipro soft cheeses. To address vegans of choice and the unfortunate lactose-intolerant cheese lovers, they stepped away from the usual representation of Russian vegan-friendly products. They ensured a clear and definite picture of these plant-based cheese products.

The square packaging features pastel colors with the product in the form of a pixelated bellowed gaming hero – Pac-Man! We see the arcade character seemingly trying to get a bite of the smaller cheese triangle. It's brought to life through the creative use of various berries placed on it, looking like the cheese Pac-man's eye.

The upper left corner of the main panel features a message explaining that this is a gluten and lactose-free product. The side panels include several cutout windows that help the cheese breathe and entice customers to buy it.

11. LÄTTA by HAJOK Design

dairy design ideas
[Source: HAJOK Design]

Standout Features:

  • Colorful design
  • Kitchen and nature symbolism
  • Hand-written typography

LÄTTA is a strong and familiar dairy brand that wanted to launch a new product inviting the customers to experiment and explore their creativity in the kitchen. The Whipped and Cooking Crème package was designed by HAJOK Design, which brought that idea to life through several visual tools.

The lively design features bright colors and chaotic yet orderly small illustrations. Each of the tiny graphics symbolizes either natural or kitchen-related motifs. These elements are positioned in a circular motion around a single swoop of the cream.

Some of the typography is hand-written, further promoting the playful potential and the unlimited potential of the masterpieces that can stem from the LÄTTA Whipped and Cooking Crème.

12. Dalia Sabor da Fazenda by frente.design

dairy packaging
[Source: frente.design]

Standout Features:

  • Modern yet traditional
  • Collaged texture
  • Decorated bottle

Sabor da Fazenda is the latest line of dairy products from the Dalia Alimentos brand. The innovative packaging for this line was designed by frente.design, which combined many seemingly unrelated elements into a unique whole.

The milk carton features two main elements: an illustration of a white milk bottle in the center and a colorful pattern in the background.

The bottle is drawn in a minimalistic, modern style. Two wonderful dahlia flowers are prominent in this design: a smaller red flower right below the product name and a more oversized beige one under.

The bottle also conveys all the vital product information, letting the creative collage shine bright.

The colorful background depicts calming silhouettes of cows, cups, birds, and milk pots in a soothing color scheme.

Overall, the packaging design pays homage to the traditional way of selling milk while decorating it with a fresh and modern approach.

13. Queijaria Licinia by Rui Verissimo Design

Best Dairy Product Packaging
[Source: Rui Verissimo Design]

Standout Features:

  • Product-focused
  • A minimalistic design
  • Soothing and relaxing imagery

Queijaria Licínia is a traditional cheese factory based in the village of Cotas, in Rabaçal. Their products are developed through two notions: love for cheesemaking art and great attention to detail. Rui Verissimo Design took these principles and crafted the packaging design by portraying them.

The brand takes pride in the quality of its all-natural cheese, so the packaging design lets the product get under the limelight. The wheel of cheese features a relatively small circular print. The minimalistic design consists of soothing and relaxing illustrations depicting the joint lives of the cows and the farmers. The pastel colors are a fine addition to the calming imagery, too.

Each print design features the logo centered on the positive space that can be found in the bottom half of all illustrations.

14. MONKI by Brantt

milk packaging designs
[Source: Brantt]

Standout Features:

  • Folk motifs
  • Clean and minimal
  • Color-coded taste variations

MONKI is not just a brand. It's also a small town. While life runs slowly, time is used to perfect the traditional cheesemaking art. Brantt aided in translating these ways of honoring tradition through a lovely modern packaging design.

The partially transparent peel-off packaging design was developed in a way that reinforces the quality of the cheese. While most of the label is white or black, this minimalistic design is remarkable in its homage to traditional small-town life. On either side of the cutout windows, folk motifs depict the legacy of the embroidery art familiar to the locality of Monki.

The redesigned logo is at the top of the package, above the cheese then the capitalized product name is below it. Both the logo and the typography are color-coded to reflect the variations in tastes.

15. Quinta de Arufe by Framework Lab

dairy products packaging design
[Source: Framework Lab]

Standout Features:

  • Stamp(s) of authenticity
  • Meaningful logo design
  • Distinct color palette

Quinta de Arufe offers the best flavors of Trás-os-Montes. With a keen appetite, Framework Lab distilled the striking visual identity of this project, deploying it in extensive packaging work.

There are several distinctive elements associated with the visual identity of Quinta de Arufe, which also proudly aims to “sell” its origin: Trás-os-Montes. Primarily, the chestnut tree stands tall from the logo, but also the shapes of the hills and fields are reflected in the adopted color palette.

Knowing in advance that these products compete for attention in large commercial areas, the packaging design highlights not only the type of product (cheese) but also the Quinta de Arufe brand and its origins.

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