14 Best Pizza Box Designs With Visuals Enough To Satisfy Your Cravings

14 Best Pizza Box Designs With Visuals Enough To Satisfy Your Cravings
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: June 09, 2023

Marvel at our collection of some of the best pizza box designs by top-notch packaging designers worldwide.

Get ready to feast on the most mouthwatering pizza box designs ever crafted. From sizzling visuals to innovative packaging designs, we present the pinnacle of pizza box artistry.

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1. Salt Bistro & Café by Notionhive

[Source: Notionhive]

Standout Features:

  • Central logo placement
  • Illustrated pizza box design
  • Simple color story

Salt Bistro & Café's pizza box design by Notionhive stands out with eye-popping illustrations all over the pizza box.

The illustrations are like the pages of a coloring book, showing people enjoying slices of pizza from the brand. The black-and-white color scheme with touches of light blue on some images is a brilliant nod to the brand identity. The agency also placed the logo at the right-center of the box, making this pizza box design even more captivating.

2. Nude Pizza by Culture Fox

[Source: Culture Fox]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist
  • Grecian-inspired colors
  • Excellent logo placement

Despite the name, the Nude Pizza's box design is very wholesome. Design agency Culture Fox created a stunning pizza box that strengthened brand recall through clever logo placement.

The logo is placed at the center of the box, with turquoise and pale nude colors dominating the logo design. The colors are perfect as it channels the Greek islands with crystal-clear waters and the alluring seashore. The minimalist design is flattering, allowing people to remember the brand name more than anything else.

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3. Big Jim Pizza by Urahara Studio

[Source: Urahara Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Retro-inspired design
  • Bold typography
  • Stimulating color palette

Big Jim Pizza's box design by Urahara Studio taps into the people's love for vintage. It features a retro-inspired design that takes customers to the old 50s American diner mood.

The agency creates an undeniable visual impact and an emphasis on the brand identity by using bold, uppercase letters for the brand name "BIG JIM" and the tagline "PIZZA." The red-orange, white, and black palette builds a striking contrast, making the design stand out and easily recognizable.

4. Pizza Man by Ugly Wolf

[Source: Ugly Wolf]

Standout Features:

  • Catchy quotes
  • Turquoise and white colors
  • Paintbrush typeface

What makes Pizza Man's pizza box design by Ugly Wolf stand out are the catchy quotes printed on both sides of the box.

The use of catchy phrases like "In Crust We Trust" adds a fun and playful touch to the design, making it memorable and engaging for customers. The agency combines calm blue, turquoise, white, and mustard yellow to create a refreshing and visually appealing color splash that satisfies any onlookers.

With a vibrant color scheme and catchy quotes, the paintbrush font adds a unique, modern, and fun touch that appeals to a broad audience.

5. Currizza by Obvious Brand Partners

[Source: Obvious Brand Partners]

Standout Features:

  • Flaming pizza slice
  • Warm and vibrant colors
  • Rounded font

Currizza's pizza box design by Obvious Brand Partners makes it to our list of best pizza box designs. As part of a rebranding strategy, the design immediately conveys fun and friendliness through the flaming pizza slice printed on the front of the box.

The agency used yellow, red, and orange to stimulate happy feelings from the customers. The rounded edge typeface also strengthens the friendliness the brand wants to convey through the rebranding, and it all worked amazingly.

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6. Siprego: Pizza E Pasta by lkdasofficial

[Source: lkdasofficial]

Standout Features:

  • Handwritten font
  • Red and white color scheme
  • Doodle art

Design agency lkdasofficial takes us on a fun and incredible gastronomical journey with Siprego's pizza box design.

There are a lot of doodles of pizza slices, peppers, and other ingredients, making Siprego a fun and delicious place to get a pizza slice. Adding the red and white color story with the handwritten font creates a delightful and homey experience.

7. Napoleon Pizzeria by Rafael Alejandro

[Source: Rafael Alejandro]

Standout Features:

  • Napoleon wearing a pizza hat
  • Radiant color story
  • Witty catchphrases

Designer Rafael Alejandro unleashed his inner comic when he designed Napoleon Pizzeria's box design, with the creative Napoleon drawing wearing a half-circle pizza instead of his famous naval hat.

The pizza box design is a testament to the brand's fun character. The designer combined the witty Napoleon illustration with a radiant blend of orange, yellow, and red to add that friendly feel.

Brilliant catchphrases such as "dominating the pizza empire" are printed all over the box, making this creation one of the best pizza box designs today.

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8. Messie Pizza by Corentin Caton

[Source: Corentin Caton]

Standout Features:

  • Strikethrough text
  • Checkboard pattern
  • Refreshing colors

Messie Pizza's box design by Corentin Caton reinforces that their pizzas are made for people with a gluten-free diet. The agency emphasized this by striking the word "GLUTEN" thrice with a yellow line.

This highlights that their pizzas are perfect for all, even those who cannot enjoy gluten. The agency added a checkboard pattern, a typical design element used by pizzerias, and colored it green to match the design's refreshing atmosphere.

9. Red Pizza by Danilo Akan

[Source: Danilo Akan]

Standout Features:

  • Passionate red
  • Bold typography
  • Expressive design

Red Pizza's box design by Danilo Akan brims with passion as bright red dominates the pizza box design. The designer creates contrast by adding white to the design, referencing it to the dough, while the red is for the pizza sauce.

The bold typography used in the brand name makes a statement, and the expressive design is youthful and energetic, reflecting the roots of this Brazilian-owned pizzeria.

10. Pizza Heber by Colourstreak

[Source: Colourstreak]

Standout Features:

  • Pizza illustration
  • Orange and black color scheme
  • Bold letters

Pizza Heber's pizza box design by Colourstreak states the obvious without being too cringy by including a pizza illustration in front of the pizza box.

The orange and black color scheme is reminiscent of the brick ovens used in making the pizza, and the bold letters do a great job of establishing brand recall.

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11. Big Jim Neapolitan Pizza by amelie.cool

[Source: amelie.cool]

Standout Features:

  • Swirly typeface
  • The pink and red palette
  • Simple and clean

Big Jim Neapolitan Pizza's box design by amelie.cool shows how a simple and clean design can make a significant impact on the brand.

The pizza box design features a pink and red palette, with the brand's swirly typeface occupying the center part of the box. It looks clean and straightforward without distracting customers from what they can offer. It's clear, compelling, and looks incredibly delicious!

12. MRRR! PIZZA by Nana Kwandoh

[Source: Nana Kwandoh]

Standout Features:

  • Graffiti-inspired
  • Bold typography
  • Expressive color story

MRRR! PIZZA's energetic pizza box design takes you to New York City, where the finest Italian-style pizzas are made for the New World.

Designer Nana Kwandoh infused the bustling city's colorful graffiti walls into the pizza box design. They used bold typefaces and expressive colors, such as yellow, black, mauve, and white.

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[Source: FREND.]

Standout Features:

  • Comic book-inspired fonts
  • Vibrant pastel colors
  • White backdrop

Channeling its inner pop artist, design agency FREND. came up with the pizza box design for PIZZA PLANET with its fun comic book-inspired fonts and layout.

The agency used thick fonts reminiscent of the comic books people know and love, with pastel colors giving life and personality to the pizza box design. Tying it all together is the white backdrop, which is also a clever nod to the comic books which the inspiration is from.

14. Ginos pizza by Adele Visuals

[Source: Adele Visuals]

Standout Features:

  • Evocative imagery
  • Mouth-watering color scheme
  • Original typography

Now, you might think that there's just so much you can do with a pizza box, but as you've witnessed there are infinite design possibilities and infinity is what Ginos Pizza is all about.

Designed by Adele Visuals, this packaging showcases the brand's culinary masterclass by "seasoning" the box with smartly laid out ingredients, but what instantly grabs attention is the logo, especially the illustration. Showing a signature pizza dough spinning in the air, it smartly forms an infinity symbol that conveys just how much potential Ginos chefs hold in their skillful hands.

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