13 Best Jar Label Designs That Elevate Everyday Products

13 Best Jar Label Designs That Elevate Everyday Products
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Last Updated: December 08, 2023

Jar labels serve as a canvas for creativity where design and practicality intersect, transforming simple containers into memorable art pieces. These labels are also a storytelling tool that captures the essence of the product and the brand's identity.

From simple designs to intricate details, the best jar label designs demonstrate how thoughtful packaging can enhance the consumer experience.

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1. Rebentos by Mariana Seridónio

[Source: Mariana Seridónio]

Standout Features:

  • Green apple illustration
  • Simple label design
  • Thin, sans-serif typography

Packaging and label designer Mariana Seridónio's Rebentos baby food label design is a prime example of simplicity and charm.

The label features a green apple illustration, giving it a friendly and approachable look that is perfect for a baby food brand.

Its simple design and thin, sans-serif typography create a clean and modern aesthetic. This label appeals visually and aligns well with the wholesome, nurturing values essential to baby food products, making it a standout in the industry.

2. Nans' Hot Sauce by Nandini Desai

[Source: Nandini Desai]

Standout Features:

  • Funny illustration
  • Warm color story
  • Hand-drawn logo

For Nans' Hot Sauce, label designer Nandini Desai created a whimsical and engaging design. Her label design features funny illustrations (a self-portrait depicting a reaction to spicy food) and a punchy "That's Hot" tagline. The warm and bold color story enhances the playful vibe, making it appealing to younger consumers.

By combining hand-drawn elements with a fun and animated theme, the designer perfectly captures the essence of the brand's unique hot sauce flavors. This makes the label as distinctive and memorable as the product itself.

3. All Natural Artisan Honey by Alma Munoz

[Source: Alma Munoz]

Standout Features:

  • Colors for product variation
  • Hexagon-shaped front label
  • Simple and minimalist

For the All Natural Artisan Honey jar label design, packaging designer Alma Munoz’s use of varied colors for product variations is aesthetically pleasing and practical. Different colors facilitate easy identification of each unique honey flavor, catering to sophisticated consumers.

This and the distinctive hexagon-shaped label and minimalist design harmonize with the clear glass jar, elevating the product's natural and artisanal appeal. So many honey brands are in the market today; this is an example of less being more.

4. Cultured Club Ferments by Helen Nolan

[Source: Helen Nolan]

Standout Features:

  • Black and white colors
  • Cursive and sans serif fonts
  • Intricate illustrations

Cultured Club Ferments is a small business in Northern Ontario specializing in healthy fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi. For their products, packaging designer Helen Nolan created a distinctive design with intricate illustrations and a combination of cursive and sans serif fonts. This gives off a rustic yet modern aesthetic that’s simple but still eye-catching.

This design choice reflects the brand's commitment to using local produce. It also adheres to Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulations and standards, which are crucial for expanding its business into local grocery stores.

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5. Goa Trading Company by Anna Kay Miller

[Source: Anna Kay Miller]

Standout Features:

  • Lively color story
  • Mandala print
  • Sleek, serif typography

Packaging designer Anna Kay Miller created a stunning label for Goa Trading Company, a fictional Indian spice and oil provider. The design features a lively color story and mandala print, reflecting India's rich heritage.

Sleek, serif typography adds a contemporary touch, beautifully representing the vibrancy and diversity of Indian spices and cultural motifs. With India famed for its spices and cuisine, this jar-label design highlighted all the country's cultural flavors.

6. Да­ро­вое by Supremum Design

[Source: Supremum Design]

Standout Features:

  • Realistic photos
  • Bright colors on a light background
  • Product variation by color

Supremum Design's jar label design for Да­ро­вое, a Russian food brand, combines an elegant pattern with realistic photos, with each product variation distinguished by a unique color.

Reflective of Russian traditions and the warmth of home-cooked meals, the jar label design uses bright colors on a light background to create a positive and distinctive image. Fragmentary photos related to the label's color scheme further differentiate the flavors, adding coherence and allure to the packaging.

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7. Lady Marmalade by Daisy Wilkinson

[Source: Daisy Wilkinson]

Standout Features:

  • Retro design
  • Orange fruit accent
  • Fun and vibrant colors

Designer Daisy Wilkinson's jar label design for Lady Marmalade is a vibrant homage to retro logos. The label features a whimsical orange perched on the upper corner of the logo, set against a backdrop of fun and vibrant colors.

This playful execution and bold, rounded typography give the label a distinctive vintage feel. The design's standout features capture the product's essence and infuse a sense of nostalgia and joy, making it stand out on any shelf.

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8. Camille Basoko Eztia by Maider Leturiaga

[Source: Maider Leturiaga]

Standout Features:

  • Hand-drawn illustration
  • Simple label design
  • Nature-inspired color story

Maider Leturiaga's jar label design for Camille Basoko Eztia skillfully features a nature-inspired color story, evoking a sense of wholesomeness. This palette complements the hand-drawn illustration of plants and animals.

Its simple color story also adds a warm and inviting visual experience to the overall label design. This design choice makes the label feel like a joyful escape to nature, similar to a page from a coloring book, inviting customers to experience both fun and a connection to the natural world.

9. Adonis Spices by Brand in a Box

[Source: Brand in a Box]

Standout Features:

  • Black label background
  • Product serving suggestion
  • Color-coded labels

For Adonis Spices, packaging design agency Brand in a Box created a label design that blends functionality with cultural flair. The black label background provides an elegant canvas highlighting the product serving suggestion image, allowing the colors and textures of the spices to stand out.

Incorporating Arabic and Roman alphabets in the design caters to a diverse audience and adds an element of global appeal, reflecting the rich heritage associated with spices.

10. The Nuttie Co. by Jenny Tod Creative

[Source: Jenny Tod Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Playful typography
  • Minimal label design
  • Color-coded variations

In Jenny Tod Creative's jar label design for The Nuttie Co., the playful typography and nut illustration create a vibrant and engaging visual identity. The central seed illustration and abstract shapes on the label have different colors, with each variant having a distinct color combination. This makes it easier for consumers to distinguish each flavor.

This strategy highlights the natural essence of the nut butter products and infuses a sense of fun and creativity into the packaging.

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11. Pizca Verde by Trama Studio

[Source: Trama Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Pastel colors
  • Nature illustrations
  • Combination of different fonts

Trama Studio's jar label design for Pizca Verde reflects the essence of its natural, vegan, and sugar-free spreads through a blend of design elements. The pastel color palette gives a pleasing impression, while simple leaf illustrations underscore the brand's commitment to natural ingredients.

Combining different fonts, including handwritten-like fonts, adds a personal touch, reinforcing the artisanal and authentic nature of the products. This thoughtful design approach makes the packaging not just a container but a visual representation of Pizca Verde's values and dedication to health and wellness.

12. FOLLAIN PRESERVES by Dave Fitz Design

[Source: Dave Fitz Design]

Standout Features:

  • Straightforward details
  • Watercolor illustration
  • Bold typography

Dave Fitz Design's work for Follain Preserves is a straightforward label, combining aesthetics with practicality. A watercolor illustration highlights the specific variety of each preserve, while bold typography ensures clarity and impact.

The distinct lid designs for each jar enhance visual variety and aid in quickly distinguishing between different flavors. This attention to detail in the packaging reflects the quality and uniqueness of the preserves, making them stand out on the shelves.

13. Organic Jam by Tasha's Design

[Source: Tasha's Design]

Standout Features:

  • Custom typography
  • Watercolor pattern label
  • Emphasis on 'organic'

'Organic' is continuing to be a booming trend, especially with younger customers, and Organic Jam packaging, courtesy of Tasha's Design, is proud to show it. With flying colors! Literally! Using a bold, watercolor palette alongside fruit illustrations that seem as if they leaped straight out of the children's book makes these unique containers jump with joy, straight into your shopping carts.

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