14 Best Oil Packaging Designs

14 Best Oil Packaging Designs
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Last Updated: February 10, 2023

Oil transcends the status of an essential condiment for your kitchen maneuvers. It’s no longer solely about the taste; oil is now considered a symbol of physical health. Check out our article onthe best condiment packaging.

But with health consciousness on the rise, the competition became even more fierce in this highly saturated market. It is where the appearance of your bottle dictates your success.

One of the best ways to combat the competition is to develop a distinctive, high-quality packaging design for your oil brand. Not only will it help you form a connection with your customers and help convert them into regular ones, but it will also help you boost your brand’s image.

Created by some of the best packaging design companies on the market, these are the finest innovative and creative oil packaging designs to help you reimagine your own:

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1. Azeite de Abacate – Origen by Jose Luis Tenorio

essential oil packaging
[Source: Jose Luis Tenorio]

Standout Features:

  • Hand-drawn olives
  • Script-style product name
  • A well-contrasted color palette

Origen is an olive oil produced by Azeite de Abacate. Jose Luis Tenorio developed the product’s packaging design.

The packaging complements the green bottle with a black-and-green label, making up a well-contrasted color palette. The star element is the hand-drawn olives hanging from a branch, forming a soothing, holistic atmosphere in combination with the color scheme. The olives are large yet subtle.

The black label is decorated with diagonal white stripes, and the brand name is presented on a green background near the bottle’s neck. Across the drawn olives, you’ll find the golden script-style product name with an extended “O.” Check out more fantastic olive oil packaging designs.

2. Lady Olive Oil by Reboot Creative Agency

oil packaging
[Source: Reboot Creative Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Cut-out brand name
  • Minimalistic depiction of Demeter
  • Olive symbolism in the logotype

Lady Olive Oil is a brand based in Messinia, Greece. The name comes from the ancient, mythical Greek Goddess, Demeter. The Reboot Creative Agency used this tribute and enhanced it with their simple, modern packaging design.

The packaging comprises two main elements: a minimalistic depiction of the Goddess Demeter at the top and the bottle’s white label at the bottom half.

The white Demeter illustration portrays the right half of the Goddess’ face smiling. Check out these illustration-laden website designs if you like artsy solutions like this.

Demeter’s head is decorated with a garland full of trees and branches (symbolizing her power to influence agriculture).

The white label and the cut-out handwritten logotype put the olive-green product in the spotlight. The customized glyph “d” also contains a dot, making it seem like an olive fruit.

3. Olivo by Denny di Pasquantonio

best oil packaging
[Source: Denny di Pasquantonio]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalistic
  • Glossy elements
  • A unique cork bottom

Denny di Pasquantonio developed this extra virgin olive oil packaging, which gave Olivo that elevated Italian elegance through modern simplicity.

Olivo’s packaging design depicts a 360-view of Italian landscapes on a beige background. The neutral background is brought to life with the contrasting glossy colors representing the minimalistic iterations of the fields, hills, and the sun on the packaging. And if you are a fan of minimalism, you might enjoy these cool minimal logo designs!

Three color variations (blue, brown, and red) help differentiate between the types while offering the same imagery with a drastically different appearance. The color code is also visible via a thick line on the bottle’s neck.

Another distinctive feature of this packaging design is the cork bottom. It is decorated with a rusty, imperfect typographic blend that gives off a classy vibe.

4. Terre di Capitanata by Meti Comunicazione

oil packaging design
[Source: Meti Comunicazione]

Standout Features:

  • Clean, modern & premium design
  • Sans serif typography
  • A free-flow droplet as a central element

Terre di Capitanata is an extra virgin olive oil made in Manfredonia, Puglia, from olives harvested on various lands located in the Gargano area, in Italy. Meti Comunicazione developed the brand's chic packaging design solution.

An all-white coat encloses the rounded bottles with only a free-flow droplet-like shape breaking the clean design. This central element is either black or yellow. It entails limited sans-serif typography and some modern, digital art visuals.

The increased typeface spacing improves the legibility of this design. The visuals on the blob include the brand logo in the center of the yellow one and a rocky, barren terrain at the bottom of the darker one.

5. AOVE 1490 by Suzumes Studio

best oil packaging design
[Source: Suzumes Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Good use of positive space
  • Hand-drawn elements
  • An outstanding font style pairing

AOVE 1490 is an olive oil brand that makes and sells various types of this healthy product. Suzumes Studio took care of the packaging design, giving it a colorful look contrary to the standard solutions.

The design makes terrific use of positive space that takes up approximately half of the printed label. The positive area provides a stimulating background for the golden "1940," accompanied by the typographic blend of standard and italic sans serif typography combined with the script signature below.

The upper half of the label is the defining one – it's painted in one of three main colors, each presenting an appealing gradient with multiple hand-drawn olive-tree elements. These colors can also be found on the bottle cap and the sans-serif typography, providing balance and an exquisite appeal to the design.

6. L'uliveto delle ore felici by Mia Dellore

oil packaging design ideas
[Source: Mia Dellore]

Standout Features:

  • Dreamy storytelling font choice
  • Sunny vibes
  • Promoting physical and mental health

L’uliveto delle ore felici or “The olive tree grove of happy moments,” is a family-owned business that doubles down on the Latin proverb: Carpe Diem! Mia Dellore captured the tone of the brand through a delightful packaging design.

This clean, modern design encapsulates an olive oil bottle’s joy and precious moments. With a decluttered label consisting solely of two elements, the design shows us how less is sometimes more.

The central element is the bright yellow dot in the center, which symbolizes the sun and its rays. The light shines upon the extensive typographic background story of the oil, helping us envision the precious time devoted to its production.

The outlined headline font style suits the sunny vibes of the design and elevates it as a whole by providing a distinctive, romantic fairy-tale appeal.

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7. Almador by Getbrand

olive oil packaging
[Source: Getbrand]

Standout Features:

  • Energetic and discernable
  • A dark color scheme
  • Realistic ingredient imagery

Almador is a Russian vegetable oil brand that aims to have an unconventional shelf positioning. Unlike most of its competitors, Getbrand ensured that its packaging design refrains from the shy and blend appearances frequently found in the Russian oil market.

The plastic bottles feature a prominent label on the front panel with three color variations – blue for basil, green for olive and purple for garlic type. Each background color complements the color of the ingredient depicted in the center.

The heavy-headline font style logotype is at the very top of the label. A drop-shadow effect gives it a 3D look, emphasizing it further. The “O” appears dripping, with a white drop falling onto the depiction of the oil's main ingredient.

The bold design encourages the customers to experiment in the kitchen and create unique recipes.

8. Fritz by Moises Monsalve

olive oil packaging design
[Source: Moises Monsalve]

Standout Features:

  • Real-life stock photography
  • Natural colors
  • An assertive red logo

Fritz is a brand that produces various oil products, including edible sunflower and extra virgin olive oil types. Moises Monsalve has crafted the packaging design solution for these two.

The design implements natural colors that help the consumer perceive the product's organic origin. This aspect is further emphasized through real-life stock photography of the main ingredients at both the label's top and bottom.

The Abril Fatface font helps the design maintain a certain elegance and visual appeal to the packaging, staying in line with the prominent visuals.

Finally, the brand's red logo brings the needed aggressiveness and balances out the somewhat dull colors, making this packaging design feel complete.

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9. Asopia by Athena Angelopoulou

top oil packaging design
[Source: Athena Angelopoulou]

Standout Features:

  • Combining real and abstract
  • Soothing complementary colors
  • A premium design

Asopia is a Greek olive oil brand with a wide array of unique tastes. The packaging design developed by Athena Angelopoulou adapts the solution according to the main ingredients.

This premium design combines real-life star ingredient photography with digitally crafted outlines and other visual elements to decorate the label that takes up most of the bottle.

While the upper part retains its sleek dark shade, the lower part of the label is color-coded, complimenting the central component. However, the top half also features a large outlined oil drop that contains a photo of the flavor inside it.

10. Monakrivo Olive Oil by Molivi Design Studio

Monakrivo Olive Oil by Molivi Design Studio
[Source: Molivi Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Elegant
  • Witty and motivational
  • Monochromatic design

Monakrivo Olive Oil is one of the latest products of MONOPATI, an olive producer based in the Peloponnese, Greece. Molivi Design Studio developed a unique packaging solution for the new product.

Elegant and simple, the packaging design embraces a single color that symbolizes the type of olive oil it represents. A matte burgundy or olive-green finish fully embraces the bottles. The organic variety is cleverly a transparent bottle, letting the product speak for itself.

The monochromatic design is decorated with an all-white logo and limited typography. The logo encapsulates a modern, minimal portrayal of an olive hovering above two intersected leaves. The side of the bottle features a gauge indicator with positive, encouraging short messaging that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

11. Quinta do Nobre by Wild Passion

Quinta do Nobre by Wild Passion
[Source: Wild Passion]

Standout Features:

  • Modern and minimalistic
  • Medieval landscape symbolism
  • Olive tree motifs

Quinta do Nobre is another distinctive olive oil brand with a beautiful modern packaging design created by Wild Passion. The agency helped provide a modern, ultra-minimalistic product-focused solution.

It encompasses a simple white-label logo design and a minimalistic medieval village landscape symbolism. Below it, various hand-drawn illustrations depict multiple star ingredient aspects, including a close-up of an olive branch full of ripe fruit and the whole olive tree.

The packaging design omits excessive color choices, retaining its contemporary look while paying tribute to its origin. The foil complements the label’s color and simplicity. The typography is limited and positioned between and below the visuals.

12. Olivas da Lua by StudioBah

Olivas da Lua by StudioBah
[Source: StudioBah]

Standout Features:

  • Starry night sky visuals
  • Colorful, holographic typography
  • Dark, elegant aesthetics

Olivas da Lua translates to Moon’s Olives. StudioBah took the brand’s name and developed a suitable packaging design for this olive oil.

A black bottle with a black label is usually a recipe for disaster. However, this packaging manages to do the opposite with minute details that provide contrast resulting in a sensational design.

These details include the colorful holographic typography that brings the much-needed light to the predominantly dark visuals. The design stays loyal to the brand’s name through many star-like white spots on the label.

Overall, this elegant design piques the imagination of the potential consumers through its sleek, stary night appeal, prompting them to see the product as much more than regular olive oil.

13. Dzafaran by Kursat Unsal

Dzafaran by Kursat Unsal
[Source: Kursat Unsal]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and modest
  • Focuses on the cultural heritage
  • Traditional script typography

Deyrulzafaran Monastery is one of the most significant representatives of Assyrian culture. As such, it decided to provide tourists with organic products grown in its gardens. The result? Dzafaran oil.

This product’s packaging design was developed by Kursat Unsal, with the agency aiming to preserve the modest and organic culture that produces the oil.

The rectangular label in the front panel combines yellow and white with many doodles representing the product's organic and cultural background. The smaller yellow rectangle inside the white one looks

clean. The inner corners of the yellow one are decorated with circular lines and olive tree leaves. There’s a minimalistic illustration of an olive branch in the center of the label.

The design flaunts ancient culture through other details found on or inside the yellow rectangle – primarily representing the Assyrian architectural blocks on either side of the olive and the colorless sun above it.

14. EYZA by Ester Bianchi

EYZA by Ester Bianchi
[Source: Ester Bianchi]

Standout Features:

  • A premium design
  • A customized “O”
  • An emphasis on the brand name

EYZA is an extra virgin olive oil made from Memecik olive trees in Milas, Turkey. Ester Bianchi helped encapsulate the brand's idea of promoting extra virgin olive oil as a vital component of a healthy lifestyle with a beautiful packaging design.

The large white label surrounds the majority of the bottle. The brand name sits in the middle of the label. The nametag is glossy and embossed, helping it grab the customer's attention. It's also in the center of a customized "O" created with the help of various elements of an olive tree, earth, and oil.

The design is built through the digital collage technique, nurturing a premium feel that breathes a sensory and holistic feeling.

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