8 Best Condiment Packaging Designs in 2023

8 Best Condiment Packaging Designs in 2023
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Last Updated: March 22, 2023

Condiments are like a cherry on the cake. They can make an average meal tastier and transform a good dish into a delicious one! Whether you put them on French fries, sandwiches or hot dogs, they help you hit that savory spot on your taste buds.

If you’re selling condiments, it’s not enough to make them tasty. They have to look appetizing, too, through their packaging designs!

It’s necessary to give your product a design to help it outshine the competition. While your product remains in the package, its qualities remain unknown to the general public. So, add some spice to your packaging design that speaks about your brand, and let consumers know they’re in for a treat by tickling their imaginations.

Not sure how to do it? We’ve prepared a list of the best condiment packaging designs in 2023 to help you come up with your ideas.

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1. Nature and co by Amanda Dias

condiment packaging
[Source: Amanda Dias]

Standout Features:

  • Pastel color palette
  • Natural green
  • Calming and soothing design

Amanda Dias did a wonderful job of showing off the love for nature behind Nature and co. The condiment packaging is simple and in line with the products’ moral purpose.

The jars are decorated with pastel colors and painted with natural shades of green, giving the design a calming and soothing vibe. The text is short, easy to read and provides just enough details to entice customers into purchasing.

Nature and co insists on their all-natural, no preservatives quality products. This relaxing design reminiscent of the Amazon rainforest is perfect for earning the attention of their target market: people who share the same love for organic and nature-inspired brands.

2. Era by AGrafix Design

condiments packaging
[Source: AGrafix Design]

Standout Features:

  • Elegant black label
  • Minimalistic drawings
  • Transparent for showcasing the product

What sets Era apart from regular tomato sauces is its condiment packaging design. Fully aware that the sauce market is crowded, AGrafix Design ensured that their exquisite design for Era makes the brand stand out with its premium look.

Each jar has a circled-out window showcasing the product inside. The elegant black background is painted with fashionable minimalist one-line drawings. The drawings are cleverly placed around the part of the package that shows what's inside the jar. What an excellent way to bring focus to the products!

Also, the black background creates a beautiful contrast with the white and gold product description, letting the customer pay attention to the powerful message: this is “the new era of tomato sauce.”

3. Spicemode by Christian Bjurinder

Best Condiment Packaging Designs
[Source: Christian Bjurinder]

Standout Features:

  • Simplistic patterns
  • Minimalist design
  • The Description on the back

Spicemode takes pride in combining artisan tradition with design. The brand aims to communicate that the complexity of global flavors should be simple enough for anyone to discover. Following that notion, Christian Bjurinder encapsulated this in the brand’s condiment packaging design.

The jars are ornamented with geometrical patterns in different colors, each representing a single spice from the Spicemode brand. The crafty designer wanted to stay in touch with the previous versions but also make these jars seen as a separate product segment.

The jars' wrap-around labels leave enough space to see the products inside. While on the back, you'll see the product description about the spice's use and how it was made.

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4. Forces Sauces by bluemarlin

Best Condiment Packaging Design
[Source: bluemarlin]

Standout Features:

  • Crown and army symbolism
  • A dark, intense color palette
  • Unique shape

Created by a veteran of the UK’s Queen’s Life Guards, Forces Sauces were meant to serve a specific purpose from the beginning. Bob Barret created this brand to help veterans improve their lives and meet their needs. Bluemarlin helped the brand’s noble goal by developing a unique and praiseworthy brand identity.

This design aims to convey the brand's support to the Royal British Legion.

The unique shape resembles a trophy, possibly indicating an award for the veterans’ service and suffering for the British community. The strong, aggressive colors enhance the imagery of pride and gratitude. It’s a sauce for them.

5. Fadwalia by Farhat Design

Condiment Packaging Designs
[Source: Farhat Design]

Standout Features:

  • Pastel color story
  • Cute illustrations
  • Minimalistic logo design

Fadwalia is a small producer that enjoys making food. Whether homemade jam, pickles, or delicious spices, this local food marketer pours a lot of love and passion into making incredible natural products. Farhat Design ensured that its brand identity and jar labels portray the creative work behind the kitchen doors.

The design team aimed for a warm, homey vibe for the brand. And to do this, they used pastel shades of purple, pink and green, depending on the product. The designs feature miniature illustrations of everything kitchen-related, including baking gloves, utensils, cups and herbs.

This cute design helped the brand position itself as a sincere and playful small company. Looking at these condiments packaging designs will remind their consumers of the warm and cozy feeling they had when their mom would make similar products.

6. Gold's Pure Foods by Seedhouse

condiment packaging design
[Source: Seedhouse]

Standout Features:

  • Traditional rebrand
  • Well-chosen typography
  • Striking color accents

Gold's Pure Foods has a long and colorful history, or rather, presence on American dinner tables. And rightfully so; they do turn every meal into a culinary work of art.

With such a tradition, one would think of its packaging design as a major part of that history, which is exactly why Seedhouse opted for a subtle, but effective retouch.

The agency elevated the packaging and identity while still preserving its regional devotion and cultural significance. This set of evolutionary designs also provided a new opportunity for the brand to grow and expand beyond its initial geographic strongholds.

7. Hawks by Stefanie Cobb

best condiment packaging
[Source: Stefanie Cobb]

Standout Features:

  • Red, hot, chili red color
  • Prominent logo
  • An array of different packaging options

Hawks Hot Sauce is a product-based company that, surprise, surprise, produces and sells small batches of delicious hot sauce to enthusiasts who enjoy hot, yet flavorful, foods and sauces. "Some like it hot" if you will.

The packaging, courtesy of Stefanie Cobb sets itself apart from the sea of novelty hot sauce brands that flood the market with a nice visual blend of tradition and efficiency. It emphasizes the brand's focus on quality and flavor.

What makes it stand out, however, is the sheer packaging variety. Besides your typical, slap-it-on-the-bottom hot sauce bottle and eye-pleasing label, Stefanie introduces an interesting take on the tactical container. used by professional hikers and service members. This solution helps Hawks position itself not simply as a scorching addition to your meal, but as its bare necessity.

Alas, we all need sauce keychains and sauce packs (designed as business cards) for those emergency hot sauce situations.

8. Gourmet by Grupo Oxigeno

Gourmet condiment packaging design
[Source: Grupo Oxigeno]

Standout Features:

  • Color-coded
  • Distinct bottle shape
  • Mouth-watering visuals

When creating Gourmet's packaging, Grupo Oxigeno merged the brand's identity with the agency's own credo - packaging is an advertisement.

Gourmet has been present in the Chilean community for more than seven decades and the packaging aims to reflect that tradition while staying in line with concurrent design trends.

Everything, from the uniform, albeit color-coded labels to a distinct bottle shape, contributed to the brand's repositioning on Chilean shelves thanks to the power of modern, recognizable and seductive packaging.


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