8 Best Tea Packaging Designs That Are Steeped in Creativity

8 Best Tea Packaging Designs That Are Steeped in Creativity
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Tea is a delightful drink favorite by many worldwide for its unique flavors. Whether for breakfast or a relaxing afternoon drink, a cup of tea is a tasteful treat!

We've compiled a list of the best tea packaging designs that command attention. Created by the top packaging designers, these designs exemplify a blend of creativity and functionality. Aside from storing tea, they tell a story, invite exploration, and elevate drinking into a sensory journey.

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1. Camelia Sinensis by mariancreations

[Source: mariancreations]

Standout Features:

  • Premium-looking canister packaging
  • Chinese-inspired patterns
  • Earthy color story

mariancreations' packaging design for Camelia Sinensis features premium-looking canister packaging that combines functionality with aesthetics. The packaging is divided into a solid color on top and a Chinese-inspired pattern at the bottom using earthy colors.

This choice of color story is on-brand and emphasizes the tea's premium nature and cultural roots, making it visually appealing and distinct.

2. A.C. Perchs Tea Shop by Struckmann Studio

[Source: Struckmann Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Tin packaging
  • Marbling effect
  • Resealable lid

Packaging design agency Struckmann Studio exhibited a keen eye for elegance and functionality for tea brand A.C. Perchs Tea Shop. They chose gold tin packaging with soft colors in a marbled effect, giving a luxurious impression with a delicate, refined aesthetic.

The tins include resealable lids for practicality, ensuring the tea's freshness while making a visually appealing statement. Gold immediately evokes feelings of luxury to the buyers, and being resealable allows them to repurpose the packaging in other ways possible, thus adding a sustainable element to the design.

3. Trader Joe's Tea by Roana Art and Design

[Source: Roana Art and Design]

Standout Features:

  • Colorful illustrations
  • Simple and stackable box packaging
  • Lively color story

Staying true to Trader Joe's identity of offering visually appealing and practical products, Roana Art and Design crafted an aesthetically pleasing and functional packaging design for their tea line. The design features simple and stackable box packaging, making it convenient for storage.

The lively color story of oranges, yellows, and greens on a white background creates a lovely and inviting look. It also blends well with the other offerings from Trader Joe’s, adding another layer of brand identity and strengthening brand recall.

4. Blue Willow Tea by Lex Bianchi

[Source: Lex Bianchi]

Standout Features:

  • Elegant color story
  • Nature-inspired label design
  • Easy to stack tins

Packaging designer Lex Bianchi's design for Blue Willow Tea features bold and elegant purple packaging, evoking a sense of luxury and artistic flair. The vibrant and nature-inspired label design adds an element of playfulness and visual interest and makes the product stand out on shelves.

Its easy-to-stack size combines practicality with aesthetic appeal, making it a convenient and attractive choice for tea enthusiasts.

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5. Solace by Charlie Stopford Design

[Source: Charlie Stopford Design]

Standout Features:

  • Standard box packaging
  • Bold colors
  • Prominent product image

Charlie Stopford Design's tea packaging for Solace uses a standard box design, ensuring familiarity and ease of use. Its minimal yet elegant design, bold colors, and simple composition set it apart from other tea packaging designs.

The modern and geometric font gives it a sleek look, while the bold color choices give it a lively appearance. High-quality product images on the packaging showcase the flavor of the tea and aid in easy identification, enhancing the design's aesthetic appeal.

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6. Land by Lasola Studio

[Source: Lasola Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Tin can packaging
  • Different colors for each variant
  • RisographArt Deco-inspired illustrations

Lasola Studio's tea packaging design for Land's tea collection features recyclable tin can packaging with a resealable lid, promoting sustainable use.

The RisographArt Deco-inspired illustrations on the tins boast vibrant colors depicting each variant. This design choice adds a touch of artistic flair and aligns with the brand's commitment to eco-friendliness and quality.

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7. Lipton Iced Tea by Mary Joe Silva

[Source: Mary Joe Silva]

Standout Features:

  • Canned packaging
  • Light and playful illustrations
  • Prominent logo placement

Packaging designer Mary Joe Silva's take on Lipton Iced Tea is a sleek canned drink with a vibrant color story that immediately stands out on the shelves. Its simple but playful illustrations and colors indicate the flavor, making it easy for consumers to distinguish between them.

The prominent placement of the Lipton logo reinforces brand recognition and makes it instantly identifiable to consumers. This packaging design balances visual appeal with the practicality of a refreshing on-the-go beverage.

8. Peterston Tea by Kutchibok

[Source: Kutchibok]

Standout Features:

  • Dark-tinted bottles
  • Sleek label placement
  • Two-tone colors on the label

Kutchibok's packaging design for Peterston Tea elegantly showcases the product's premium quality and heritage. The use of dark-tinted bottles exudes sophistication, while the sleek label placement and two-tone color scheme enhance the packaging's modern appeal.

The two-tone print labels vary per product. Pink and white is black tea, green and white is green tea, and yellow and white is green tea and honey.

Through this design, the agency excellently reflected the brand's commitment to single-estate, richly diverse teas. They capture the artisanal farm-to-table story of the Welsh tea company with their craftsmanship and innovative perspective.

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