15 Best Drink Packaging Designs in 2023

15 Best Drink Packaging Designs in 2023
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Drink packaging design is more than your ordinary branding. It’s the art of connection, the connection of form, structure, material, color, imagery, logo, typography (as well as the necessary regulatory info), and tons of details that make any drink suitable for transport, storage, marketing, and appeal to your typical buyer.

Nowadays, standing out on retail shelves is more challenging than ever before, but there are always shining examples that achieve originality and practicality all in one seamless package. Created by some of the best experts in the industry, these are the best drink packaging designs in 2023 that will make you thirst for more!

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1. MURGO by AD Positive

drink packaging design

[Source: Murgo]

Standout features:

  • Heraldry-inspired logo
  • Minimalism
  • Gold accents

Based on the fruitful slopes of Etna on Sicily and the city of Aprilia in the Lazio region, Scammanca del Murgo family winery has been producing quality wines for more than a century (since 1860). Tasked to enrich their latest cuvée, AD Positive turned to the brand’s rich history to assemble a pristine visual experience for any aesthetically-oriented sommelier.

The wine’s origin story is pivotal to understanding this incredibly minimalistic, yet fantastically eye-pleasing design. Each one flaunts a unique, albeit clean representation of their place of origin. The first one, is the product of the Sicilian Caffarelli vineyard, located just above the ancient tuff quarry, and the second, the pride and joy of La Francescana vineyard, both use their distinct landscape as the main design inspiration for the creation of the labels.

The idiosyncratic packaging tells a rich tale with uncomplicated linework adorned by gold accents. The visual merger of contrasting austerity and opulence, North and South, mirrors Murgo’s blend of traditional viticulture and modern production techniques.


best drink packaging design


Standout features:

  • Color-coded brews
  • Distinct typography
  • The design reflects premium quality

Hungarian Viharsarok microbrewery produces premium quality, award-winning beer since 2020. Their dizzying break into the bold and trendy craft beer business, growing popularity and demand, required a dynamic, recognizable, and nationwide branding presence.

Enter Studio Nabi! Besides the ambitious marketing and innovative branding concept, the studio crafted drink packaging design, worthy of competing with and dominating the ever-growing artisanal craft beer brands in the already saturated market.

Every brew and its flavor has its own color-coded packaging so you can easily distinguish between them. The special edition packaging (white and black with gold accents) displays special attention to detail as it was released right before Christmas in two festive flavors – apple pie and gingerbread.

The two packaging complement each other with their monochromatic look and are quite visible, especially when paired together. The combination of black, white, and gold reflects their premium quality and gives them a holiday feel that is irresistible to pass unnoticed.

3. Pleyad by Yael Mendez

drink packaging designs

[Source: Pleyad]

Standout features:

  • Symbolism
  • Modern, “out of this world” design
  • Prominent QR code complementing the packaging

Pleyad is a craft beer born in Morelia, Mexico made with a blend of both local and international highest-quality ingredients, resulting in a taste and aroma that is quite literally, out of this world, which is why the brand is based on the Pleiades star cluster.

Yael Mendez, the designer behind Pleyad packaging, drew heavily from the brand’s namesake and constellations’ meaning: The Pleiades (aka the Seven Sisters) is an open star cluster located in the zodiac sign of Taurus (Toros – bull, the unofficial symbol of Mexico). This group of stars holds a prominent place in ancient mythology and diversity of meanings in many cultures. Also known as the Halloween Cluster because it’s almost overhead in the sky at midnight between Halloween (October 31st) and locally significant Día de Los Muertos (November 1st) the Pleyad brand means so much more to your typical beer enthusiast than a “regular” pint ever could.

Each of the main stars of The Pleiades is represented by a different style of beer. Although the brew’s origin story is rooted in a somewhat mystical and traditional understanding of the universe, the packaging’s minimalistic design is used as a more contemporary vehicle – a ship ready to shoot for the stars!

4. Sibirskie Korni by Wellhead

drink packaging

[Source: Sibirskie Korni]

Standout features:

  • Nature-inspired design
  • Blurred bottle
  • Calming color scheme

The Russian Pyaterochka federal retail chain released a new exclusive vodka brand aimed at customers accustomed to pricy, high-quality products.

Tasked to create brand positioning, brand name, as well as the design of the new spirit’s bottle, Wellhead agency analyzed the values of the modern consumer and considered vodka as a product that’s just about specifically associated with Russia.

Rather than connecting it with more traditional, cultural depictions, Wellhead opted to connect the packaging with the essence of the country’s nature, vast open spaces, diversity of the climate, and ultimately, their own roots.

The name “Sibirskie Korni” (Siberian Roots) is reflected in the totality of the packaging. It bottles the spirit (pun intended) of Siberian huge untouched territories, pure artesian water, and lux organic alcohol.

The printing on the reverse side of the counter-label (the depiction of the taiga) creates the feeling of the infinite power of nature. This lyrical and soft visual image emphasizes the brand's positioning, purity, and environmental friendliness, which is exactly what is valued in vodka: the softness and generosity of the Russian folk drink.

5. S.E.Callahan's Flavored Whiskey by Widakk Design

drink packaging

[Source: S.E.Callahan's]

Standout features:

  • Custom lettering
  • Woodcut style illustrations
  • Color-coded flavors

Widakk Design created the sophisticated drink packaging design for a new batch of flavored whiskey by Tennessee Hills Distillery’s S.E.Callahan's brand.

S.E.Callahan’s flavored "water of life" stands out with the fresh choice of colors. Each one, be it Blood Orange & Honey, Ginger, Pear or Oatmeal Spice uses a different hue highlight to capture consumers’ attention.

It’s not just the color and adorned framing that contributes to the luxury this bottle exudes. In fact, it’s the overall material choice (white matte finishing), woodcut-style illustrations, and classy typography that combined add another layer of class to this particular brand of whiskey.

The label uses several distinctive fonts that, although mutually different, go well together. The whiskey’s name/logo, centered in big lettering, sits proudly at the heart of the design, surrounded by the vintage serif font that makes the whole design radiate timeless quality, both in the aesthetics department and the flavor within.

6. Hiding Spot Brewery by Karolina Król Studio

drink packaging ideas

[Source: Hiding Spot Brewery]

Standout features:

  • Clean, minimalist form
  • Wordplay
  • Witty visuals/illustrations

Hiding Spot Brewery began as a conceptual design project at the Karolina Król Studio, aiming to develop a simple, minimalist creative direction for a new craft beer brand. The main goal was to avoid the customarily busy, conspicuous imagery used by most competitors in the industry.

This unique creative direction caught the eye of a forward-thinking craft beer duo from Cologne in Germany, who saw the potential of the concept and decided to bring it to life. The minimalist premise of the brand is ideally suited to the sustainable, environmentally-friendly vision said duo had for the brand.

Rather than attempting to capture the shoppers’ attention with sheer visual lavishness, Hiding Spot Brewery makes use of minimalist forms, bold contrasts, and a black and white color combination with wittily “hidden” red accents.

In lieu of differentiating individual brews with colors, Hiding Spot Brewer develops a profound identity based on a humorous play on the brand’s name, revolving around the idea of forest animals playing hide-and-seek. A matching minimalist illustration complements each beer name for an elevated experience. The minimalist but bold color palette conveys a clean and simple concept with a fresh, cool flair.

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7. Petr Hloušek by Cocoon

best drink packaging ideas

[Source: Petr Hloušek]

Standout features:

  • Illustration implies a rich story
  • Modesty/Premium quality contrast
  • Cursive typography

A renowned Chezch vintner, Petr Hloušek, approached Cocoon to aid him in a mission to visually capture his unique style of winemaking on a label - a style with a highly personal, honest, and original approach.

The label is akin to the first page of a novel about a man from the picturesque Moravian village of Čejč where wine runs in people’s veins, trudging down his path and shaping his vision of how wine should taste like.

This journey of “small boy meets the big wine world” (Petr’s own words) is perfectly captured in the main illustration (singular grape depicted as a globe). Its unique charm resembles the endearing sketches from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “Little Prince”. While not the direct inspiration, they definitely share the attitude, style, and magic.

The winery’s name was also open for creative suggestions. Based on the backstory, Cocoon stayed true to the winemaker's signature and kept a simple name "According to Hloušek". The logo is clean and unpretentious, using stylish typography with only a single line connecting it with the type of wine. The colors are elegant, wine-relevant, and tempting.

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8. Balaklava Reserve by Dochery

innovative drink packaging

[Source: Balaklava Reserve]

Standout features:

  • Illustrated vineyard location
  • Gold accents
  • Black and white label

Zolotaya Balka is one of the rare Russian wine producers with its own vineyards in Balaklava, Crimea peninsula. Balaklava has been a wine-growing region since before the ancient Greeks settled it and made it famous throughout the Black Sea and beyond.

When designing the new reserve’s packaging, Dochery, suggested taking this geographic location as the main focus point. “4.14” being the number of the sector where grapes are grown and selected, became the basis of the label design.

The stylized picture shown on it is, in fact, a cartographically accurate image of the Zolotaya Balka vineyards. The numbers written along the bottom edge of the label are its exact coordinates. This is how the agency conceptualized the idea of terroir wine, simultaneously infusing it with contemporary visual appeal and quite literally pointing to the place of origin.

Restrained colors and a detailed drawing map form the image of a noble, high-quality wine with a rich history behind its production. The opportunity to see a specific place where the grapes are grown creates a feeling of greater trust in the brand for the consumer.

9. Belovodye by ARMBRAND°

drink bottle packaging

[Source: Belovodye]

Standout features:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Turquoise-white color scheme
  • Folklore-inspired design elements

ARMBRAND° studio has chiseled the design for the small batch of ultra-premium single malt vodka “Belovodye” (White Water), inspired by a sincere love for Altai, a vast, pollution-free region with a dozen national parks known for their autochthonous nature: high mountains, alpine meadows and clear glacial rivers.

The packaging’s primary color is inspired by the Altai rivers flowing from the glaciers of Mount Belukha that flaunt white and turquoise hues as a result of their unique mineral composition. The color scheme is ideal for drinks such as vodka that’s usually perceived as a cold and clear spirit.

With tinted glass with a thick bottom and a glass closure, the bottle itself seems as if it was peeled out of Belukha mountain’s icy peak. Engraving-style illustrations and location-specific motifs on the label create a rich image that attracts special attention. The more you look at it, the more details you will find, making you derive your own story based on the mountain top’s local legends.

The whole design not only strongly supports the brand’s name and its natural and traditional roots but also draws on-lookers' eyes to the emphasized sustainability effort (Saving Altai) that perfectly complements the whole “natural” image, making customers feel better about purchasing.

10. Disco Energy by Cuba Branding

can drink packaging

[Source: Disco Energy]

Standout features:

  • Colorful
  • Original typography
  • Disco ball-inspired imagery

Once the Dream Drink company decided to bring their special brand of non-alcoholic energy drinks DISCO ENERGY to the Russian market, the only question that remained was how to brand it?

The development of the new brand and accompanying drink packaging was entrusted to the local Cuba Branding team.

To create a key packaging design solution, the studio team went back to basics, or rather its namesake. Inspired by the image of a disco ball, a permanent symbol of all dance floors in the world, they managed to create bright, attractive packaging that fits perfectly into the category and is easily noticeable. Why? It’s simple really, it practically dances on the shelves.

After that, incorporating the appropriate tagline (“all the energy of the night”) was easy. They just followed the visual rhythm.

11. Licores & Co. by Villae Creative Studio

beverage packing

[Source: Licores & Co.]

Standout features:

  • Label shape
  • Gradient colors
  • Stylish, leaf-inspired typography

Licores & Co. is a Spanish company that produces and sells artisanal liquors of various flavors across the globe. With a goal of elevating their branding and matching the quality of their liquors with luxurious packaging, the company asked Villae Creative Studio to guide the new visual strategy and add a fresh new look to the brand.

Right off the bat, with a renovated look in mind, the studio replaced the serif typography on the label with a trendy, minimal, and curvy font that reflects the subtle, sweet nature of the drink and makes a fine-drawn leaf icon integrated with the letter C.

They also reworked the labels, “cutting” them in the shape of a leaf with different colors and icons representing individual flavors. Their shapes masterfully complement and emphasize the slim, tall, and sophisticated shape of Licores & Co.’s bottles.

12. N45 by REBU

packaging for beverages

[Source: N45]

Standout features:

  • Bold in every way
  • Sleek wrapper paper
  • Striking color palette

As one of the most sought-after cocktail drinks in recent times, Negroni is bound to turn some heads. Brazilian brand, N45 is, as its creators would put it, “the Negroni every Negroni wants to be."

With this bold attitude also comes an equally daring look, courtesy of the REBU agency. The packaging redefines the classic liquor bottle, infusing it with the power the popular (pre-made) drink deserves.

It goes above and beyond in differentiating itself from the rest of the bottles on the shelf, with a striking color palette of red, black, and white. The purposefully mismatched typography on the label easily makes a statement while evoking curiosity and a sense of devilish playfulness.

As N45 ideators intended, it is more than a drink, it’s a lifestyle.

13. Tandem by 43oz

packaging for wine

[Source: Tandem]

Standout features:

  • Two distinct sections
  • Line forming faces
  • Prominent logos

When two renowned wineries with an extensive wine portfolio and a multitude of awards combine their efforts, there’s little doubt that the result will be special and unique. When it comes to creating a design for the label of this particular union, a unique series of blended wines from the Romanian Lilac winery and the Moldovan Castel Mimi, 43oz focused on creating a label that would reflect both the product’s dual origin and contemporary character.

The main idea of Tandem packaging design is the concept of terroir and topology. The white field of the label combines two different regions - Romanian Transylvania and Moldavian Codru into a general topological map, indicating the grapes’ place(s) of origin.

At the same time, these sections are organically separated by the symbol of a winding river, symbolizing the border river Prut, which in turn forms the silhouette of two human profiles. As a result, all graphic elements are combined into a single picture, telling a story of two unique visions, combined with the scope of creating a singular extraordinary experience.

14. La Confesión by Shift

drink packaging

[Source: La Confesión]

Standout features:

  • Custom bottle
  • A visual mix of eras
  • Drinking recipient at the bottom

La Confesión is a premium Sotol from Coahuila, a distilled spirit made from the Desert Spoon (plant) through a process similar to the artisanal production of tequila and mezcal. Unlike Agave, this plant requires 15 years to mature so that it can yield only one bottle of Sotol.

Sotol holds a special meaning in Mexican culture, its origin dates back to the Aztec civilization where it was believed to have magical and curative properties. It later became a symbol to northern Mexican states in times of the Mexican Revolution. In the early 20th century, Sotol production was prohibited and has since become a mystical secret of these desert states that kept producing Sotol despite the law and persecution.

Why is this rather abbreviated history important? It is, in fact, the main focus of La Confesion’s name and packaging. It takes its title from the era of consecration and secrecy it had to endure. The packaging solution, designed by Shift, is a nod to the drink’s unique properties, mystical history, and local heritage, mixing both the pre-Hispanic (the relief pattern at the bottom) and colonial visual elements.

15. Lost Farmer by Logo Design NYC

Lost Farmer Drink Design

[Source: Lost Farmer]

Standout features:

  • '80 aesthetics vibe
  • Vibrant colors
  • Logo design

Lost Farmer Brewing Co. is New York's premier retro craft brewery located in the heart of Mineola, Long Island. Logo Design NYC agency translated their unique evocative style into a cool, hip packaging that is impossible to ignore.

With the overall concept established early on, Logo Design NYC followed it up by fine-tuning the details, adding various vibrant colors to the container, and infusing it with a clearly ‘80-inspired vibe.

While it is important, Lost Farmer packaging doesn’t entirely rely on the nostalgia factor. It’s complemented with a fair amount of “edgy” attitude, which makes the final product seem as if it chooses its consumers and not the other way around. While it can be a risky marketing maneuver, Lost Farmer passes that course with flying colors like a true maverick.

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