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MindSpace’s Whimsical Logo Takes Center Stage In These Print Designs

MindSpace is an organization that deals with mental health issues — working with young adults and families to teach them powerful techniques for positive thinking.

It’s a brand that cares about the well-being of its patrons — and one that knows intimately how to connect with its audience.

And you can see that in these intuitive print designs that captivate, inspire and enlighten. But one of the first things that stand out in this design is the clever logo design that sits at the center of many of the materials.

The M of the MindSpace logo is written in a bubbly, almost cloud-like font. And it immediately takes on the shape of a thought bubble, with an additional little bubble at the bottom right of the design.

This is an extremely engaging and eye-catching image. For one, it takes up most of the design in a visually-appealing and creative way. It adds a softness to the design overall that lulls you in and pacifies. But there is also a deeper meaning to the M than meets the eye.

This thought bubble shape exists to give off the persona of positive thinking, which is exactly what the organization is trying to promote and teach its patrons.

If you control your thoughts and take care of your mind it will be light and clear of any negativity that can bring you down.

And there’s no denying this thought bubble, cloud-like logo design promotes positivity and an exciting energy.

The soft edges, flowing shape and three-dimensional aspect of this design make it shine in an aesthetic aspect, but the deeper meaning behind the image is equally impactful, making you really think long after it’s left your view.

Mindspace Gif Logo Print Design

These Print Materials Use Color To Evoke Emotion From Their Young Audience

When you’re creating a design or an organization as a whole that’s catered to a younger audience, you need to infuse a variety of design elements that hit home for millennials and Gen Z. And one way to do that is with color.

While minimalism and monochromatic color schemes give off a sleek and modern edge, skilled print designers use bright and bombastic colors to breath life into a design that young people find refreshing and compelling.

And in these designs, there isn’t just one color that steals the show. Instead, a wide variety of bright, vibrant and joyful colors are used to make up business cards, posters, signs and more.

And these bubbly and creative colors really adds a lightness and a happiness to the topic of mental health that often gets lost.

These colors are full of depth and possibilities, opening the door for young people to feel comfortable with the organization and talk to professionals about problems plaguing their mental health.

This brand wants to erase stigmas, and what better way to do that than with a happy-go-lucky and upbeat design that promotes positivity and optimism through color in such a fun and interactive way?

And they are very smart about their color choice, matching the text to the backgrounds beautifully and playing with weird and fluid shapes to add playfulness and an open atmosphere for dialogue.

The colors pop as well, catching eyes and drawing attention almost instantly. Color is a great way for brands to appeal to consumers on a subconscious, immediate level.

And these designs prove that with color, print designs especially can make a major impact on their intended audience.

Mindspace Posters Print Design

The Clean Prints Emphasizes The Brand’s Message Of Proper Mental Health Care

From the business cards to the tote bags and everything in between — these designs are simple, clean and effective. They emulate the importance of a clean and clear mind, shying away from the cluttered and disorganized in favor of the simple, bright and enticing.

These designs are made up of colors, logos and text. And the text is aligned to the left in a bold, eye-catching and almost educational way — it reminds you of reading the material you’d get for class.

But this isn’t boring reading material — this is cool, clever and intuitive messaging that pulls readers in and fosters an atmosphere of understanding and openness. Branding experts understand that effective communication goes beyond simply conveying information. It must invite readers to explore the content and actively participate in the brand experience, and MindSpace succeeded at that.

It instills a feeling within viewers that with MindSpace, you have a safe place to talk, open up and share your feelings and fears without judgment and without stigma.

MindSpace really wants to drive home the importance of mental health and the normality of talking about your problems and feelings.

They emphasize clearing your mind and only filling it with positivity and lightness— and the clean, informative nature of these designs lets the brand tell its story and its message in a peaceful and tranquil way.

It also directly impacts young adults who are in school and used to these materials and designs that look similar to this left-aligned text.

Clean, simple and straightforward designs are a powerful, modern trend and these prints show their strength — and the strength of the brand — in their ability to apply this same technique and branding across mediums in a way that feels both cohesive and different.

All of these designs are tied in by their many elements — the logo, the alignment and the color, but there are just enough subtle differences in orientation and layout that really make them stand out.

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Poignant Text Makes The Brand Authoritative And Approachable

The MindSpace organization is all about being real and talking about real issues — their biggest task is to normalize discussions on mental health and to try to get people to open up more and learn new techniques for dealing with these issues.

And their print designs are equally straight to the point, making it clear what their message is and how they want to impact readers.

Each print medium has a different purpose — to enlighten readers about a certain mental health issue or to inform them about the organization at large. But all of these designs are aligned in the same way, with the bold, straightforward text aligned to the left and accented by a bright pop of color that demands to be seen.

The messages are poignant and clear. They want to educate and eradicate negativity. They want to create an atmosphere that fosters productive dialogue between young people and the counselors this organization has working for it.

And the text in these prints really does a good job at balancing an informational tone in a compelling and engaging way.

The messages are clear-cut, free of fanciful language and fluff. They have a purpose and they stick to it with resilience and integrity. And that’s what really makes these prints so powerful.

They know what they are and they know what they’re doing. And they do it with finesse and style.

Mindspace Poster Print Design

MindSpace: A Quick Biography

MindSpace is an organization based in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom. It’s a resource for families and young adults to talk about and find solutions to mental health issues.

They have a team of dedicated counselors on hand to help facilitate these discussions and eliminate stigmas.

Promoting positive thought, encouraging creative avenues and techniques for conflict resolution and doing away with the negativity surrounding the topic of mental health are all of the main aims of this UK-based charity service.

And in 2018, the brand decided to give itself a redesign to align itself better in the industry and make its impact felt in a more tangible way.

According to the creative agency behind these prints:

MindSpace is an organisation that helps young people and families in the South Yorkshire area with mental health issues through dedicated carers. It is a free service, funded by the Wellspring Trust and the NHS. We created a vibrant brand identity that speaks to young people in many different tones.

And the team worked its magic, creating a colorful and passionate brand identity that matched the brand’s altruistic aims. Here is a peek into the design agency’s thought process behind these dazzling prints:

The logo is a focal point of the brand, combining an ‘M’ with a thought bubble, enforced by repetition and given life in campaign work when ‘thoughts’ are applied.Colour is incredibly emotive. It quickly became apparent that there was not one single colour palette that could summise all of the thoughts and feelings of a generation of young people. A palette of 28 colours split between pastels, brights and darks underpin the identity. When combined there are nearly 400 combinations, spanning a massive spectrum of moods.

There was a lot of thought and dedication infused into these print designs from all angles, and that passion exists today in the brand and its fight to end mental health hate in the UK.

Mindspace Bags Print Design

What Makes These MindSpace Designs Stand Out?

These designs immediately caught our eye due to their colorful nature and fluid shaping. But digging deeper, everything about this design really was stellar — from the typography to the messaging and even the mediums used.

The MindSpace logo embodies the brand and its goals beautifully, while the messaging around it gives readers a straightforward and blunt picture of the brand.

These prints read like informative brochures, but they’re interesting and intriguing thanks to their colorful and creative nature.

This is a brand that obviously cares and is obviously passionate about the services they provide. It wants to help and it wants to make people’s lives better.

And we love them, and these designs, for it.

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