5 Best Educational Print Designs That Enrich The Learning Experience

5 Best Educational Print Designs That Enrich The Learning Experience
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: August 25, 2023

This article explores the most innovative educational print designs created by the best print designers today.

Print materials play a pivotal role in engaging and motivating students. They do more than inform; they inspire action and ignite a passion for learning. That’s why brands working with academic institutions craft equally informative and creative print designs.

Dive into these examples and discover how effective design can transform the educational experience for learners everywhere!

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1. Jugamos en la misma cancha | Colombianitos by C Mas D Comunicacion Y Desarrollo

[Source: C Mas D Comunicacion Y Desarrollo]

Standout Features:

  • Illustrated visuals
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Refreshing color story

The Jugamos en la misma cancha | Colombianitos’ print design by C Mas D Comunicacion Y Desarrollo masterfully illustrates the transformative power of words and visuals working in harmony.

Positioned prominently, the carefully chosen quotes resonate on a profound level. Functionally, they effectively guide the viewers through the narrative.

The illustrated components are meticulously crafted, featuring icons of change and uplifting vignettes of young individuals. These illustrations do more than decorate. They contextualize the powerful quotes, rendering them tangible and relatable to young minds.

Finally, the color palette features calming blues and clean whites. These hues establish a soothing, inviting space that allows the poignant messages to be absorbed deeply and thoughtfully.

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2. Bridge English Academy by Design by NAR.

[Source: Design by NAR.]

Standout Features:

  • Engaging 2D illustrations
  • Youthful and bold typography
  • Multicolored visuals

The Bridge English Academy in Perugia, Italy, is founded on a two-fold mission: to educate and inspire. To align with this goal, Design by NAR. crafted a series of inspirational and promotional posters highlighting the value of studying English.

The vibrant 2D illustrations are instant attention-grabbers, infusing playful and engaging energy into each piece. They serve as dynamic focal points, drawing students' eyes and inviting them to absorb the accompanying messages effortlessly.

The youthful and bold typography perfectly complements the lively illustrations. They are notably characterized by a brush-like quality, adding a layer of whimsy and approachability. (Check out other print designs with bold fonts.)

The dynamic color story further refines the design, featuring primary colors that delight the eyes without overwhelming them. This thoughtful palette ensures that the course specifics remain legible to every student encountering the poster.

3. Revista Segue os Profs | Instituto Singularidades by Thayran Studio

[Source: Thayran Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Vibrant color palette
  • Fun and unconventional layout
  • Creative photo cutouts

In this striking print design project for Revista Segue os Profs | Instituto Singularidades, Thayran Studio masterfully employs a palette of playful and vibrant visuals.

The color scheme features a mix of yellow, blue, and pink. These hues reflect the youthful energy of the student audience. They set an inviting and upbeat tone while ensuring the primary focus remains on the content.

One unique aspect? The design breaks from convention by adopting a magazine-style presentation. This choice feels nostalgic and fresh, with elements organized to encourage the reader to explore the page rather than scan it.

The layout also features impactful portraits surrounded by various cutout letters and icons. It's a modern and creative touch that adds depth and character to the prints!

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4. Century College Student Life by Michael Esguerra

[Source: Michael Esguerra]

Standout Features:

  • Extensive school imagery
  • Professional layout
  • Comprehensive brochure content

The Century College Student Life brochure by Michael Esguerra strikes a commendable balance between youthful exuberance and institutional professionalism.

This dual approach provides a vibrant yet informative snapshot of life at Century College. It appeals to prospective students eager to glimpse campus life and guardians looking for a respectable academic institution.

The imagery portrays a stunning visual narrative of student life at Century College. The images feature students in diverse extracurricular activities like sports and volunteer work. It communicates the variety of opportunities available and conveys the community-focused campus environment.

The layout is notably professional and polished – a visual choice that subtly underscores the college's commitment to academic excellence. The use of color blocks adds a modern aesthetic touch. It is a visually engaging way to separate content, too!

5. MSU Office of Undergraduate Education by Redhead

[Source: Redhead]

Standout Features:

  • Full-page photo spreads
  • Concise content strips
  • Effective use of negative space

Design agency Redhead skillfully crafted a print design encapsulating the essence of the undergraduate experience at the prestigious Big Ten university.

The resulting piece is more than just a promotional tool. It unfolds like an inviting magazine that informs and intrigues readers.

One striking element is the full-page photo spreads that provide an engaging visual experience. These images beautifully narrate stories of academic excellence at MSU. This visual approach makes the design more compelling than simply stringing blocks of text together.

The organized content strips are another intelligent style choice. They impart essential information in a clean, discreet manner. The layout ensures the reader can quickly grasp the key messages without confusion.

Lastly, the ample negative space gives the content enough room to breathe and directs the reader’s focus where it's most needed.

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