5 Best Print Designs for Nonprofit Organizations With Lasting Impact

5 Best Print Designs for Nonprofit Organizations With Lasting Impact
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: September 05, 2023

Nonprofit organizations strengthen our community by providing support to those who need them. To increase awareness of their mission, they rely on various forms of media, including print collaterals with impactful messaging like those listed in DesignRush's print design catalog. They amplify their voices and showcase their positive impact through visually pleasing and thought-provoking designs.

This article explores some of the best nonprofit organization print designs created by the best print designers in the industry today.

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1. UNSC/R - UN Security Council Resolutions by Piero Zagami

[Source: Piero Zagami]

Standout Features:

  • Informative
  • Circle chart
  • Legible typography

Print designer Piero Zagami's take on the UNSC/R - UN Security Council Resolutions is informative without being too formal. It has an aesthetically appealing chart that illustrates the underlying role of the UN Security Council during and after the Cold War.

The print design summarizes thousands of documents on resolving inter-country conflicts and peacekeeping efforts. Given the nature of the information, the clear fonts and color-coded graphs made the print design easy to read and understand.

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2. United Nations COVID-19 Brief by Carol Iplinsky

[Source: Carol Iplinsky]

Standout Features:

  • Keyboard-inspired font
  • Bright colors
  • Simple yet meaningful

The United Nations made an open call to artists worldwide to create inspiring art about the COVID-19 pandemic. Print designer Carol Iplinsky was one of the creators who contributed to this project, showing how art helps in conveying crucial public health messages during critical times.

The print design uses a keyboard-inspired font, spelling out "GIVE yourself SOME SPACE" with a smaller font for "yourself." This alludes to the importance of mental health and taking care of oneself during the uncertain and stressful times. The bright colors are eye-catching, adding a touch of positivity to an otherwise gloomy and serious topic.

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3. Climate of Change by Justina Leston

[Source: Justina Leston]

Standout Features:

  • Colorful print designs
  • Bold typography
  • Black and white photos

Justina Leston collaborated with David Labi from Good Point to design the "Climate of Change (CofC)" campaign guide. This guide features storytelling tips and helpful examples to navigate the climate crisis.

This project highlights the importance of design in conveying messages on critical topics like the climate crisis without being too somber about it. The colorful print designs, playful graphics, and bold typography catch the reader's attention. Then, black and white photos are included to prevent the colors from clashing against one another. This also offsets the colors from the background, creating a well-balanced and thoughtful guide.

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4. Springboard by TC Design

[Source: TC Design]

Standout Features:

  • Realistic images
  • Vibrant color story
  • Simple yet modern design

In March 2020, TC Design undertook the task of a complete rebranding for Springboard, updating a brand identity that had been in place since 1999. To reflect Springboard's overall mission, the new branding features bright colors and consistent visuals for all its assets, including print designs.

The designer expresses pride in delivering a brand that represents the charity organization. This print design perfectly encapsulated Springboard's mission with its friendly color story, realistic photos, and straightforward typography.

5. UNICEF Poland - Schools Club Brochure by Przemek Wilk

[Source: Przemek Wilk]

Standout Features:

  • Large images
  • Consistent use of colors
  • Legible typography

The UNICEF Poland - schools club brochure's print design by Przemek Wilk is another entry to this list of the best nonprofit organization print designs. It captures the vibrancy of youth while being informative, using large photos spread across the brochure.

The images connect emotionally with readers, underscoring the organization's real-world impact. The print design also uses UNICEF's signature cyan color, making the content stand out and be consistent with the overall branding. Meanwhile, straightforward typography ensures easy readability, conveying UNICEF's professionalism and credibility.

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