10 Best Singles’ Cover Designs That Perfectly Illustrate the Songs’ Atmosphere

10 Best Singles’ Cover Designs That Perfectly Illustrate the Songs’ Atmosphere
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: June 09, 2023

Here’s a treat for all the music lovers who appreciate the art behind a fantastic cover design!

From our finest print designs collection created by exceptional print designers, we've gathered a list of the best singles’ cover designs. Join us as we explore various styles and visual devices used to accompany and promote songs.

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1. De Ne-am Iubi by Maks Graur

[Source: Maks Graur]

Standout Features:

  • Powerful and symbolic
  • Butterflies on fire
  • Humanistic features

The first pick on our best singles’ cover designs list is created by Maks Graur, an exceptional artwork that encapsulates the idea of the song. De Ne-am Iubi’s cover strengthens the song's message through powerful visual symbolism.

As the song tackles the issue of love in wartime and its necessity, the cover design entails two butterflies on fire on a blank background. The butterflies symbolize freedom, but the fire rising from their wings hints at the shortening of an already short life – hinting at the harsh effects of war and the dangers for people’s lives.

The often-colorful butterfly wings are presented colorless to reinforce the deep meaning, filled with old cut-out face photos of youths with dire looks.

2. Halko - Yanıla Yanıla by Bertug Bilgin

[Source: Bertug Bilgin]

Standout Features:

  • Funky, “gummy” typeface
  • Sparks
  • The duotone effect

Our next choice for the list of the most intriguing cover designs is Halko – Yanila Yanila, designed by Bertug Bilgin.

The cover employs soft cool colors that provide a fashionable, modern look describing the song. The blue background complements the large funky typeface that resembles modern urban culture. The text resembles graffiti-style tagging, and the violet shade provides a gummy, rebellious, youthful feel.

The cool colors are decorated with several white sparks contrasting the design. The artist’s profile is printed below the text, taking up the artwork's center. It's presented with a duotone effect that helps the design get a more holistic glow.

3. Artem Pivovarov by Fomin Igor

[Source: Fomin Igor]

Standout Features:

  • Shadows
  • An intimate artist portrait
  • A customized font style

Fomin Igor created a stellar cover design for Artem Pivarov’s hit single, setting a perfect stage for the modern song.

The artwork places shadows as the prominent figure accompanying the artist on the cover image. One right behind him and another one lurking near the right end. The singer’s intimate portrait depicts his pensive look toward the other shadow, giving a peculiar, almost mystical vibe.

The white typeface is centered on the singer's body, and the typography combines the blue hue found on the background with the white text that spells the song title and artist's name in a customized font style.

4. Fresh Wind by Kyle Barrett Co.

[Source: Kyle Barrett Co.]

Standout Features:

  • A soothing warm color gradient
  • Circular typography
  • Increased letter spacing

Kyle Barrett Co.’s cover design for the City Church Worship’s single entitled Fresh Wind is another exceptional artwork. Simple and direct, the cover presents a playful design that’s easy on the eyes.

The image is coated in a soothing, warm color gradient that ranges from a bright yellow hue to a tranquilizing green shade that takes the lower third of the frame. The clean canvas is unobstructed by any visual elements and decorated with black circular typography in the middle.

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The band name is in capitalized letters with additional spacing, further contributing to the natural and light atmosphere of the design.

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5. Tipau Tavares by KAPUZE

[Source: KAPUZE]

Standout Features:

  • Monochromatic artist portrait
  • Pastel color palette
  • Abstract and geometric shapes

The next artwork we’ll discuss is Tipau Tavares’ cover for his EP 7 Músicas. The colorful and soulful design, crafted by KAPUZE, deserved its spot on our best single's cover designs list.

With a monochromatic artist portrait with his headphones on and a creative facial expression, the cover uses a prominent pastel color palette to express the wide variety of sounds in the song.

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The colors are divided by shapes that resemble the font style used for the artist's and project's names. Additionally, these colorful shapes provide a delightful, tropical feel.

6. Linde — "Mi Última Noche" by cosmos

[Source: cosmos]

Standout Features:

  • Hand-made collage artwork
  • Old typewriter font style
  • Bleak, worn-off colors

Next on our ultimate cover designs list is the piece made by cosmos. The agency’s work for Linde - "Mi Última Noche" reflects the abstract, ambient sound of the album perfectly.

The cover encompasses several pieces of paper ripped apart and put together into an entirely hand-made collage artwork. The images overlap, and apart from the wavy sea, the dominant visual element is the mesmerizing eye with a laser-focused look at the viewer.

The collage uses muted colors to build a rusty monochromatic aesthetic supplemented by an old typewriter font style.

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[Source: PARADI]

Standout Features:

  • Transparent robe
  • Multiple interpretations
  • A stylistic blend

We continue our best singles’ cover design list with LO SHELI's print design by PARADI.

The cover uses a stylistic blend of a real-life photo of the artist in a digital world of cool, feminine shades. The artist is lying upside down on the stairs, coated in a transparent robe or raincoat.

The stairs are cleverly designed using two shades of blue and occupy most of the background. The square frame develops into a more expansive purple night sky full of stars shining brightly.

What makes this artwork stand out is its multifaceted personality. The cover can represent a woman leaving her life after she hit her head falling from the stairs. Or it can present a girl daydreaming, lost deep in her mind and thoughts. The interpretation is up to you!

8. Pitty – Contramao by Juarez Tanure

[Source: Juarez Tanure]

Standout Features:

  • A vibrant collage
  • Representing three as one
  • Simple yet striking

Another gorgeous single's cover design is Pitty – Contramao by Juarez Tanure. The designer worked closely with the artist to ensure that her comeback after a four-year-long hiatus didn't go unnoticed.

The leading visual element is a vibrant collage encompassing all three singers on the track, each characterized by a particular color. The collage combines blue, green, and purple to create a holistic visual composition that depicts the track’s sound.

Simple yet striking, the cover embraces the rough sound of the track through a gritty textured fabric spread across the design.

9. Make It Easy by Nuria Vega Bariani

[Source: Nuria Vega Bariani]

Standout Features:

  • Abstract and surreal
  • Gritty, vibrant colors
  • Macabre and unapologetic

Nuria Vega Bariani used her skills to deliver cover art for the Cult Called Man’s single Make It Easy.

The image features a young blonde boy with a wide grin on his face staring at the viewer. He’s holding a regular ice cream cone, sporting a look ready to lick the dead pigeon on the top of the cone. Abstract and surreal, this artwork uses gritty, vibrant colors to confuse the audience with their expectations.

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This unapologetic design contrasts itself. It uses an optimistic, laid-back scenario and adds a macabre twist that’s explored even further through a spoon dug into the pigeon.

10. Esse Verao by Rafa Dardengo

[Source: Rafa Dardengo]

Standout Features:

  • A cool color gradient
  • Retro, 80s aesthetics
  • Vintage visual elements

Esse Verao's cover design by Rafa Dardengo represents a mellow, nostalgic appeal.

The background features a cool color gradient that ranges from light blue to light violet. The top right side of the design entails a rusty image of a tropical urban area witnessing the sunrise. The retro, 80s aesthetics are supported through a funky font style used for the typography. It’s reinforced through a set of vintage visual elements like the old-school “PLAY” and the classy play button next to the word.

A huge pink font spells out the band’s name, while a purple shade is used for the details below the picture of the city.

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