8 Best Food Commercial Video Designs That Help Viewers Savor the Flavor

8 Best Food Commercial Video Designs That Help Viewers Savor the Flavor
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: October 23, 2023

Embark on a delectable journey through advertising as we explore the best food commercial video designs that will make your mouth water. These commercials are not just about selling a product; they are a feast for the eyes and a celebration of culinary artistry through the lens of the best video production companies.

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1. Mittekind by John Richter

Standout Features:

  • Slow-motion cooking
  • Delicious close-ups
  • Dramatic background music

Foodies enjoy preparing a lovely meal as much as eating it. That said, John Richter captured that feeling of joy through this amazing commercial for Mittekind, a Berlin-based catering service.

The ad combines slow-motion cooking close-up shots with dramatic instrumental music to deliver a wordless atmosphere that efficiently communicates with your eyes.

A mouthwatering ASMR makes viewers feel as if they’re in the kitchen themselves, listening to the ingredients being cut, the eggs being broken, and the meat being prepared. These sound effects help further elevate the cooking experience.

2. Moc Polskich Warzyw by PRINSTI

Standout Features:

  • Highly legible white typography
  • Horizontal ingredients shots
  • Lively music

Moc Polskich Warzyv is a campaign that promotes Poland-grown vegetables. To help educate consumers about the diversity, health, and nutritional characteristics of Poland’s vegetables, PRINSTI designed a beautiful commercial video.

The video features delicious produce like tomatoes, carrots, peppers, and cucumbers. The type of shots varies, but they all highlight the cleanliness and freshness of the products. These aspects are conveyed through the presence of water dripping from them, and there are also multiple scenes in which the products are rinsed.

Lastly, the large, bold white typeface throughout the ad is easy to read, helping the viewers follow along.

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3. Paleo Robbie - Eat Real Food by Nik Shpata

Standout Features:

  • Final product as a starting point
  • Breakdown of ingredients
  • Well-branded

Paleo Robbie – Eat Real Food's cute and short commercial video designed by Nik Shpata helps portray the simplicity of eating healthy.

The video starts with a static shot of a premade meal, swiftly showing fresh ingredients on the table. Since there are various ingredients, we see heavy white typography and red pointers indicating the ingredients needed for the previously shown dish. This sequence is repeated once more with another meal, offering a variety of choices.

Aside from the meal and ingredients, each frame features a large or small wooden piece featuring the brand’s logo. The logo also transitions between shots, providing an incredible branding tool throughout the video.

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4. Neeji by MavONE Studios

Standout Features:

  • Swift transitions
  • Dramatic opening scene
  • Images of tasty meals

MavONE Studios’ short video for Neeji is a breath of fresh air in commercial design, bringing humor to the screens in a genius twist.

The video begins with an opera singer in the background while a tailor uses his tools to measure and prepare a perfect dish. As he’s about to cut a vegetable with his big rusty scissors, a swift transition dramatically shifts the tides.

The tune switches to a funky and relaxing beat as the narrator enters the scene with a tagline. It states that although the ordered food will not be made by a tailor, it will certainly be tailored to the viewers’ needs!

Then, we get a teaser of the options through several images of tasty meals that can be ordered via Neeji. The commercial then concludes with a browsing session of the app on a bright red screen.

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5. La Real Hamburguesería by Neat Production

Standout Features:

  • Energetic music
  • Narrowing close-ups
  • Real-life menu

If you’re a burger lover in Barcelona, add La Real Hamburguesería to your bucket list. Why? Watch the Neat Production’s commercial video design for the burger joint, and you’ll understand.

This ad doesn’t have a voiceover, but the appealing and mouthwatering imagery makes up for it. It showcases the tender meat, delicious cheese, delectable side dishes, and everything else you’ll love about the restaurant.

These are all portrayed through a series of wide, blurry shots narrowing into clear close-ups of the food items. It’s also a great way to show the variety of food offered at the burger joint and is bound to make you hungry!

6. FOOD HWY by Nyssa Glück

Standout Features:

  • Plot-driven
  • Multiple actors
  • Unusual twist

Nyssa Glück took the chance for wordplay with the brand name when developing the delivery app FOOD HWY's commercial.

The ad begins with a frame that shows a well-dressed man in a parking alley on a phone call with a lady in a red dress in a high-end apartment. He explains he’ll take a while until he arrives there, and as they hang up, we see another man in the apartment inquiring about how far the man is. She tells him they’ve got plenty of time, hinting at a love affair.

The video shifts between a fast-paced sports car driving on a highway and the couple dancing. The man arrives faster than anticipated, and the viewers are tense for what’s about to unfold.

However, as she opens the door, the man in the white suit delivers her food, also delivering a funny twist to the story! This unusual twist makes it a funny yet memorable commercial.

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7. BIG BOY "SEA FOOD" by Jeff Barklage

Standout Features:

  • Simple background
  • Promoting new products
  • Playful sea life references

The commercial design for BIG BOY “SEA FOOD,” created by Jeff Barklage, represents a well-branded short promo for the latest products.

The video begins and ends with the iconic BIG BOY on a ship riding big waves in the open sea. We hear the ship’s horn in the background, followed by the shouting pirates.

With a giant wave, the video smoothly transitions to a wide shot of delicious items on the menu. They’re set on a simple background that helps the products stand out, and the viewers get a close-up of each food item.

8. C Pro Food by BAC Agency

Standout Features:

  • 360-degree rotating views
  • Close-up product shots
  • Animated website preview

Unlike typical pet food commercials featuring warm and gentle storytelling, BAC Agency's 60-second commercial for C Pro Food takes an edgier approach.

The video uses extreme close-up shots and a rotating effect for each product. It offers a comprehensive 360-degree view displaying the food's premium quality. The products are set against a stark pitch-black background, commanding complete attention and unobscured by distractions!

Minimal text ensures the focus remains on the products. Key value propositions like "100% natural" and "premium quality" reinforce brand messaging.

An upbeat electric soundtrack pulses through the commercial, giving it a modern and dynamic vibe. This contemporary approach extends to an animated preview of the company's website, where customers witness the ease of online ordering.

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