23 Best Video Designs That Engage, Entertain and Educate

23 Best Video Designs That Engage, Entertain and Educate
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: May 29, 2023

Video is becoming the content format of the future. The demand for professional video production companies has been steeply increasing, as more and more businesses use video content for every facet of their day-to-day operations

With internet speeds increasing globally and users continuously connected to it via smartphones, the brands can showcase their videos and engage their audience whenever and wherever.

From edutainment to short movies, the wide range of video types can boost organic traffic by 160% and boost conversion rates by 80%. This makes videos ideal content for reaching your target ROI.

In this article, we list some of the finest, most creative and technically advanced video designs that excel in messaging and artistic value.

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1. Koishii by Dot Films

[Source: Dot Films]

Standout Features:

  • Short frames
  • Energy build-up
  • Thrilling atmosphere

We start our best video designs list with Dot Films’ take on Koishii. While the mysterious trap beat slowly unravels, we get acquainted with the brand through sweet transitions.

The promo video is centered around short frames, filled with interchanging points of view of the restaurant’s elegant interior.

While the tune aids the video's speed, there’s a burst of energy that emphasizes an impeccable ambiance with people enjoying themselves. The video showcases a few delicious meals while capturing the glamorous atmosphere.

2. CASETiFY - Protective Cases by ThinkRaven

Standout Features:

  • Emphasis on problem-solving
  • Careless couple
  • Product-focused

ThinkRaven is behind our next best video design choice. Their short and sweet video promoting CASETiFY – Protective Cases showcases the power of directness and subtlety.

We all love our phones and fun dates with our significant other, but our clumsiness can quickly turn our day upside down. That’s why the promo video showcases a careless, laid-back couple going on a field trip by the beach, creating memories with their phone.

The video casts would occasionally drop their phones only to find out they’ve got nothing to worry about, as the phone is protected by the product. Through this approach, we see a more subtle focus on the product and feel that the ad is more about capturing the day instead of an aggressive ad video.

3. Commit Action by Watchpost

Standout Features:

  • Directly narrated
  • Amusing and confident
  • Educational

Next on our list of the finest video designs, we’ll talk about Commit Action. Crafted by Watchpost, this video successfully mimics a modern-day US work-and-life environment, presenting it in a playful view.

We follow a prosperous protagonist who takes us through his path by narrating the most common misconceptions about becoming successful. The actor, supported by a funky, get-going tune, goes over these issues confidently as he moves through a series of amusingly illustrated situations.

The video design follows a soft-sell approach that educates and presents a comprehensive solution for productivity issues.

4. Romance Yourself by Triple Zero Films

Standout Features:

  • A date with yourself
  • Slow and intimate
  • Tasty pasta shots

Triple Zero Films' ad for Romance Yourself is an astute 30-second-long branding weapon that made its way onto our best video designs list.

With only two interchangeable frames, the short ad illustrates a pleasant one-person date you owe to yourself. The video bathes in everything you need to Romance Yourself: a lit candle, delicious pasta on a plate, and a tune that resembles Marvin Gaye’s top hits.

But what elevates the ad's slow and intimate atmosphere is the addition of a deep male voice. As it steadily narrates the video, the voice prompts you to completely unwind and grab another bite.

5. The Craftsman - Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association by Zest Media Productions

Standout Features:

  • Craftsman's daily routine
  • Personal story
  • Meeting the protagonist

The next video on our ultimate video designs list is Zest Media Productions’ work for The Craftsman – Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association.

The short ad portrays a day in the life of a passionate craftsman. As he tells his personal tale about his motivation and shares his perspective on boatmaking, the shots take us over soothing woodwork.

The initial frame depicts an aerial view of Nova Scotia, and then we see our hero working and strolling around his workshop and other boatyard buildings. The video ends with us meeting the protagonist, putting a delightful end to his personal story.

As the exit music gets louder and his voice fades away, we see a tagline centered on the screen in a bold blue typeface.

6. Epson Printer by Blackbird Productions

[Source: Blackbird Productions]

Standout Features:

  • Quirky effects
  • Addressing social issues
  • Funky background music

Epson Printer’s simple and effective ad is another excellent pick for our best video designs list. Produced by Blackbird Productions, this ad combines creative props and motion graphics to deliver an entertaining composition.

The video follows a man who addresses the sustainability issues with printing paper. By relying on quirky visuals and cartoony sound effects, the protagonist turns complex and often tedious problems into an incredible show.

Accompanied by funky background music and supported by direct white typography, the man elaborates on the brand’s new problem-solving approach that embraces the eco-friendly way of doing business.

7. Casamia Dubai | Advertisement | Dubai Ads | Panda Creations by Panda Creations Production

Standout Features:

  • Mischievous and curious
  • Offers a unique perspective on kitchen
  • Cozy, peaceful atmosphere

The following entry comes from Panda Creations Productions. Their take on Casamia Dubai embodies a cozy, peaceful atmosphere and a safe space for creativity and learning.

It follows a mother making dough and her daughter roaming around with a curious look. As we only see the mother’s torso and her arms, the child’s mischievous nature is in focus, showcasing her attempts to mimic her mom’s moves.

The critical part of the video is a soothing voice that narrates and showcases the video’s unique perspective on the kitchen: A good kitchen is tailored to its user’s needs.

8. Beautiful Skin Day - Parasol Factor Advertisement

Standout Features:

  • Distinctive issue addressing
  • Bright and positive
  • Step-by-step tutorial

We move on to our next entry on the best video designs list. Beautiful Skin Day - Parasol Factor Advertisement created by Collabarts captures the feminine approach to skincare perfectly.

The video is set in a bright atmosphere with emphasized lighting as it follows a young woman applying facecare products. As she puts the lotion on, her hands leave a common issue spelled out on her face that immediately dissipates, subtly showing the product’s effectiveness.

The shots are supported by the brand owner narrating the video. Once we meet her through a short frame, she proceeds to explain how easy it is to make your face shine bright through a step-by-step tutorial.

9. Falstaff - Greek National Opera by Studio River

Standout Features:

  • Dramatic and poetic
  • From rags to riches
  • Chaotic ballet dancing

Studio River’s approach to promoting Falstaff from the Greek National Opera is another piece of art that must be on our list of best video designs. This dramatic and poetic video urges the modern crowd to get their tickets.

The opening frame shows the character’s name slowly appearing in a liquid gold typeface. Then, we see the man entering the stage from the left, drunkenly stomping to the ground, making empty bottles shake.

With nothing but a robe on and an empty glass in his hand, Fallstaff starts to ballet chaotically, orchestrating bottles and cards into a unified choreography as they follow his every move.

The wordless story showcases his rags-to-riches storyline with the help of a contemporary trap iteration of a classical tune.

10. SWORD Product Video by Brandefy

Standout Features:

  • Portrays the product’s efficiency
  • Mix of live footage and computer animation
  • Relies on a sense of urgency

Next on our list is Brandefy’s video ad for SWORD, a product that revolutionizes modern living and keeps you safe.

The video compiles several instances of live footage of places that used to be safe but are now often dangerous, with unexpected firearm carriers. As we see images of airports, music festivals and political rallies, the narrator helps build a sense of urgency for a solution to be found.

The design then introduces the product through computer animation, delving into its architecture and efficiency. The animation showcases the product’s ability to create 3D scans of people nearby, instantly highlighting a hidden firearm and keeping you safe and aware of your environment.

11. Like A River By Bedrock Film Works

Like a River Video Design

Standout features:

  • Great sound design
  • Closeups and slow-motion effects
  • Well-scripted narrative

“Like a River” is a short movie directed by Jim Aikman, courtesy of Bedrock Film Works studio. It tells the story of artist and climber Jeremy Collins, who finds the inspiration for his art in the vast and foreboding canyons of the Southwestern United States.

Clocking at almost 4 minutes, the video is an evocative homage to both his artworks and the splendors of nature that nurture the artist’s creative spark. Collins is narrating the video himself, speaking – in very stimulating words – about his fate being intertwined with how the rivers shape the canyons.

The video shifts from majestic, sweeping overviews of some of the most well-known canyons in the US such as the Black Canyon, Grand Canyon and Zion Canyon, to Collins in his workshop in the midst of his creative process or climbing the steep, rocky walls of the great outdoors.

Closeups, slow-motion shots and very delicate post-production work are the defining traits of the video which is complemented by the crystal-clear narration. The sound design makes the voiceover follow the visuals perfectly while being front and center as a part of this video experience.

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12. Broadmoor Baptist Church By May Marketing Group

Standout features:

  • Graphic elements that provide visual aid
  • Concise and optimal video duration
  • Bright, vibrant colors

The marketing video for Broadmoor Baptist Church, created by May Marketing Group, ticks at only 30 seconds and is an example of how efficient and engaging short commercial videos can be.

The video begins with a brief view of planet Earth, quickly zooming in to the location of the church and the main point is narrated by a female voice opening with: “Imagine a world with more ways to connect and more times for worship.”

The camera then pans to the church's interior to reveal a packed hall during the gospel band performance and numerous other amenities within the establishment.

The narration, accompanied by the uplifting piano music, reassures the viewer that the main pain points from the opening line are solved by this institution – and provides details on how they’re able to do so. Visual annotations and graphical elements pop up occasionally to provide more context to images on the screen.

13. Vitapod By Paper Crowns

Standout features:

  • Fast-paced rhythm
  • Benefit-driven messaging
  • Striking visuals for a new technology

Vitapod is a “revolutionary high-performance drink machine” that makes drinks with a series of health benefits. The high-tech product required a striking video design, provided by Paper Crowns agency.

The video is a continuation of sorts of the original Vitapod ad that was half the length of the new one. Exactly 60 seconds long, the Vitapod TV commercial connects the brand’s mission statement of health and wellness with an explosive visual journey.

The video commercial begins with the machine emerging from the dark, with the “Vitapod” name across the screen in a custom, modern font. The font’s color transfers to the surroundings more than once during the video, creating an interesting visual theme that shifts whenever there is a change on the screen.

A series of claps and percussions make up the soundtrack for the video. They’re synchronized to the swaps of messaging and imagery which list all the health benefits that the machine provides to the user.

14. Trackivity By First Launch

Standout features:

  • Persistent electronic beat
  • No narration
  • All the messaging is done via on-screen text

Trackivity is a time-tracking and productivity tool used by companies for managing the workload and measuring the performance of their employees. Their 49-second-long promo video is a product of First Launch marketing agency.

The video has no narration – all the messaging is done via on-screen text, video footage and graphics. It opens with a dictionary definition of time and proceeds to discuss its intangible qualities and how it cannot be controlled. It ends with “What if you can...?” before segueing into the tool’s logo, name and website URL.

The lack of a narrator is compensated with a persistent, electronic music beat. While it doesn’t introduce any melodic qualities into the video, it keeps the pace going. Snapping of fingers, the sound of cymbals and other subtle effects roundup its sound design.

The video’s visuals rely on the Trackivity brand color, lime green, which makes several appearances in the material. Behind the messaging are video footages of people in various situations that underline the main point the brand is getting across.

15. Discovery Channel Shark Week By Dixon

Shark Week Video Design

Standout features:

  • Double messaging (for the show and the sponsor)
  • Well-incorporated branded color palette
  • Action movie-style soundtrack

The TV commercial ad for Discovery Channel’s show “Shark Week” by Dixon delivers two messages: about the show’s main characters, the sharks, and a custom vignette about the show’s sponsor, Sherwin Williams.

The latter advertises the color palettes the viewers can “sink their teeth into” — the company’s Color ID service that invites the audience to take a quiz on their own website.

This aquatic affair of a video is naturally dominated by the blue hues, as underwater, animation-aided footage present sharks as creatures with their own “colorful personality”, from the trendsetting hammerhead to the great white’s free spirit.

Each shark is given a swash of colorful brushstrokes once they freeze on the screen, to make the connection with the sponsor’s portion of the story.

The sound is a dramatic, bombastic, action movie-like bonanza of loud effects and symphonic crescendos. The entire video lasts only 31 seconds and impressively manages to communicate both the show and the Color ID initiative in this short amount of time.

16. Dooney & Bourke - Midnight Sun By FRNDS

Standout features:

  • Atonal, experimental music
  • Dream-like scenery
  • Imagery reminiscent of fashion editorials

Dooney & Bourke is a company that produces leather goods such as handbags, wallets, backpacks and other accessories. The brief, 30-second promo video for their brand is a work of FRNDS creative agency.

The bright, airy video showcases two young women in white linen dresses walking and posing along a beautiful, pastoral scenery on hilly terrain. They both wear or carry, quite discretely, Dooney & Bourke products that are made more apparent towards the end of the video.

The video opens with the brand’s name in classy serif fonts and white cloth flapping in the wind. The palette of green, blue and white is enhanced with meticulous post-production work and quality lighting. The entire scene is quite exuberant, vibrant and worthy of a fashion magazine editorial.

Surely the most unusual part of this video is its soundtrack. Instead of the typical somber, accessible tones that accompany these types of videos, the music here is experimental, atonal and at certain transitions, even jarring.

This contributes to the dream-like quality of the video, as the music becomes more conventional in the latter half. The video ends with the same imagery and brand name with which it started.

17. Beame Recovery Simply Sorted By Stratitude

Standout features:

  • Carefree atmosphere
  • Confident, benefit-driven messaging
  • Easy-to-follow visuals

Beame is the smart tracking and stolen vehicle recovery service in South Africa. Their tagline, “Recovery. Simply Restored.” is featured at the very start of the almost 2-minutes long promo video produced by Stratitude.

The length of the video is justified by the level and depth of messaging that goes the extra mile in explaining all the benefits of this service. Both its visual and auditive aspects are very simplistic: there is no narration — instead, all the messaging is conducted via on-screen texts and bits of copy in a readable sans-serif font.

The texts are mostly white to stand out against the multicolored backgrounds. With each new message on the screen, the color of the background changes: from orange and blue, to green and red. The only visual elements besides the color and the copy are the photos and icon-style images related to each on-screen messaging.

The video’s soundtrack is also an exercise in simplicity: nothing but a strumming of an acoustic guitar alongside a man whistling a cheerful melody.

The music conveys the carefree, confident atmosphere, much desired by potential users who are looking for a worry-free car ownership experience — from the roadside and other types of driver assistance to, of course, vehicle recovery.

18. Own Your New Home By Techxide

Standout features:

  • A familiar, user-friendly animation style
  • Very clear narration
  • No on-screen copy to distract from the message

The Own Your New Home video designed by Techxide is an informative and educational video for an organization of the same name that helps people acquire and own a property instead of renting it.

An elaborate animation follows the narrator explaining the US housing and homeownership crisis — the history, origins and causes of the issue — all while offering a solution. A familiar cartoon-style animation details every bit of information and communicates emotions.

The story is professionally narrated by a voice talent with excellent enunciation. It is easy to understand in terms of terminology and sound production. Deliberately muted, almost inaudible music provides some background ambiance that doesn't distract from the video's important message.

The video has very little written copy (except for some that explain the charts and graphs), uses bright, solid colors and a prominent call-to-action promising specific results at the end of the video.

19. Wildwoods By Forge Apollo

Standout features:

  • A bright, saturated color filter
  • A fitting soundtrack for the theme
  • Multiple shots of people and amenities

The video for Wildwoods, NJ by Forge Apollo emphasizes the laidback, summery nature of this vacation spot. Its serene yet exciting imagery, sounds and post-production work get the most out of the exquisite camerawork.

The just-under-one-minute video displays footage of people enjoying their time in the coastal region. The camera angles switch from a birds-eye view to aerial and ground level. The video has a very bright, saturated color filter that adds to its leisure vibe. 

There is no narration or messaging in the video. The sights and sounds do all the talking when it comes to pointing out the values of visiting this area.

20. Relief for Human Suffering Foundation By nine dots

Standout features:

  • Subtitles improve accessibility
  • Vibrant colors
  • A very detailed storytelling

The animated video created by nine dots for the Relief for Human Suffering Foundation clocks at around 1:30 and shows the story of an African villager whose eyesight health issues prevented him from contributing to his family. The video consists of vibrant imagery and colors, a detailed narration and subtitles that make it easier to follow the story. 

The storytelling goes to great lengths to explain how the Foundation helps people in need. The subtle music background provides enough ear candy and stays just beneath the threshold of disrupting the message.

The images used in the animation help greatly with the timely delivery of the message as they discuss all the vital points in the narration.

21. FIBA Motion Identity By UnitedSenses

Standout features:

  • Complex use of imagery and footage
  • Rhythmical sound sync with the video
  • Extremely high production values

UnitedSenses' video for FIBA (International Basketball Federation) runs for 1:24 seconds but has plenty going on in terms of overlapping visuals and message delivery. The complex rhythms from the basketball tapping on the court synchronize with the change of images and provide cohesion for the video.

Excellent production quality lends a very high-end appeal to the video, as it communicates the several different basketball events organized by FIBA. Despite the lack of narration, the graphics deliver the message well.

The images of both on and off-court action switch in fast sequences, adding dynamics to a promotional video for an equally dynamic sport.

22. Mad For Fun

Standout features:

  • Element of humor
  • Surrealist surroundings
  • Bright, pastel colors

Mad For Fun's promotional video for their own agency's services uses an imaginative, almost surrealist setting to "explain the difference between an anteater and their company." The element of humor is a refreshment in this segment, while amazing colors and its short duration of only 20 seconds keep the audience's attention.

The narration is in Polish, so subtitles come in handy. They also follow the pastel color pattern of the entire video which features high production values and multi-camera shots of an anteater moving through a playful landscape. 

23. Walmart Photo By 87th Street Creative

Standout features:

  • Unconventional colors
  • A simple story told in only 15 seconds
  • Feel-good music

87th Street Creative's promotional video for Walmart Photo service runs for 15 seconds only but in that short amount of time packs a heartwarming story, colored in unconventional yet striking hues. 

The musical soundtrack is the unassuming, feel-good melody, which is usual in videos of this kind. Narration is omitted and replaced with a simple and understandable story told by on-screen bits of messaging.

The video ends with the brand's message, "Save money. Live better." delivering the final touch to this very charming video.

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