6 Best TV Channel Logo Designs That Showcase the Beauty of Broadcast

6 Best TV Channel Logo Designs That Showcase the Beauty of Broadcast
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Last Updated: September 01, 2023

From the early days of television to the digital age, TV channel logos have undergone remarkable transformations. What began as rudimentary graphics has evolved into intricate designs that adapt to changing tastes and technologies. This is thanks to exceptional logo design companies.

Join us as we discover some of the best TV channel logo designs that have shaped the visual identities of these brands, elevating them to iconic status.

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1. Notícies 12 by Anna Escurriola Peña

[Source: Anna Escurriola Peña]

Standout Features:

  • Bolded letters
  • Positive space
  • Sharp and direct

Anna Escurriola Peña ensured that Notícies 12 gets a sharp, direct logo design that proclaims stability and information speed.

The agency refrained from using flashy colors. The white logo features the brand name in all capital letters against a blue background. Blue is frequently associated with digital news networks and modern communication, making this logo resonate in the industry.

Another interesting aspect of this design is that the letter “N” is built using positive space. It contains two symmetrical symbols, with the other turned upside down.

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2. Toofani News by Mohsin Fiaz

[Source: Mohsin Fiaz]

Standout Features:

  • Different font styles
  • Well-contrasted
  • Dual-colored monogram

The Toofani News emblem was designed by Mohsin Fiaz. The logo design uses the initials presented next to each other, divided by contrasting colors.

The “T” is colored in two shades of blue with a serif font spelling “Toofani,” while the “N” has an orange hue with a bolder font style for “News.” This dual-colored monogram stands on a blue arrow pointing to the right, and below it lies a dark orange rectangle. (Check out other excellent blue and orange logo designs.)

Overall, this logo design balances casual and informative, a perfect visual representation for a news channel.

3. Channel Twelve by EYAMAY

[Source: EYAMAY]

Standout Features:

  • Sophisticated and minimal
  • Funky retro typeface
  • Multicolor palette

Tasked with improving the visual identity of Channel Twelve, EYAMAY developed one of the best TV channel logo designs. It did wonders in attracting their diverse and changing audience.

The new logo design is sophisticated, easily customizable, and presentable in five colors. This makes it adaptable to various platforms and backgrounds.

Aside from the multicolor feature, the logo combines funky and retro font styles that deliver a retro aesthetic to this modern design. (Browse through more incredible multicolor logo designs.)

The emblem is neat, sending out clear information while retaining its playful identity that reflects the brand.

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[Source: IINGENIO DS®]

Standout Features:

  • Bold font
  • Lowercase lettering
  • Standard communication network palette

IINGENIO DS® helped Territorio TV develop a laidback logo design that allows the brand to present itself to its audience straightforwardly.

The emblem features two identical lowercase Ts, with minimal spacing between them. The latter letter extends to a V, merging into an easily legible monogram.

The font colors are soft, sky-blue, set against a plain, white chat box. Blue is associated with professionalism, authority, and trust in logo designs.

5. TV Zimbo by Ivan Barbosa

[Source: Ivan Barbosa]

Standout Features:

  • Consistent visuals
  • Multiple color palettes
  • Identical outline

When TV Zimbo approached Ivan Barbosa, the brand was seeking not one but three logo designs. Each news show needed its own visual identity. However, they all had to be uniform.

As a solution, the designer created contemporary and consistent logo designs, marking all three emblems with an identical outline.

To differentiate them, the logo designer used different color schemes, each based on the show’s respective air schedule. That said, the noon show uses a solar color palette, the primetime show has shades of blue, and the late-night show has indigo blue colors. This clever use of colors makes it one of the best TV channel logo designs.

6. KaeTV by Bub-Lee Web & Graphic Designs

[Source: Bub-Lee Web & Graphic Designs]

Standout Features:

  • Glossy pink effect
  • TV box frame
  • Lower case letters

Bub-Lee Web & Graphic Designs’ logo design for KaeTV boasts a distinctive, attention-grabbing logo design with a glossy pink hue.

The glossy effect gives off a glamorous vibe, with a 3D TV box frame with the brand name printed inside. The lettering on the emblem is in lowercase, giving off a casual appearance that attracts younger audiences.

Overall, the design is playful with a modern flair and retro touch, a standout among serious-looking and straightforward TV channel logo designs.

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