11 Best Video Designs You Need To Watch Now

11 Best Video Designs You Need To Watch Now
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: May 01, 2023

The best video designs communicate the artists' vision creatively and with significant impact. This list gathers some of the most outstanding works by video artists and production companies. Watch and discover how these videos contribute to the brand's sales and success!

From fast cars and beverage ads to influential short films and a lot more, check out our picks for the best video designs and get inspired!

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1. VANTAGE by David Whitaker

Standout Features:

  • Epic music mixed with powerful engine sounds
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Multiple angles

We’re starting our best video designs list with David Whitaker’s take on VANTAGE. The video shows the Aston Martin sports car in its glory, letting you experience the thrill of driving one yourself.

From the opening scene to the final second, this video grabs your attention and takes you on a fulfilling journey through the lush natural scenery with the VANTAGE sprinting on the highway. The epic background music and powerful engine sound dial down as the video shows the car’s glossy body from multiple angles.

But the violins return aggressively as the vehicle pushes through the gears and rushes along the highway until it’s cut out with a black screen with the producer’s initials.

2. MARTINI by playd

Standout Features:

  • Smooth transitions
  • Various techniques
  • Promotes the brand, not a single product

Playd’s ad for Martini secured its spot on our best video designs list thanks to the visuals presented in a sweet chain of short frames.

While the ad presents an entire series of products through a combination of presentation techniques, it focuses on promoting the brand, not a single product.

The video demonstrates the agency’s diverse skills and ability to combine them into a coherent composition. This holistic excellence wouldn’t be possible without several smooth transitions that connect the drastically diverse visual techniques.

3. Typical Div x CDP by Champion Dreams

Standout Features:

  • A heavy typeface
  • An urban and uplifting beat
  • Showcasing an average day in the studio

Champion Dreams’ promotional video for Typical Div X CDP presents a smooth introduction to the multifaceted entrepreneur, demonstrating his expertise.

The video builds a thriving atmosphere with the help of an uplifting urban hip-hop beat that blends well with scenes of a regular day in the artist's studio. Short empowering messages are shown as the frames shuffle between studio life and product placement (including wine, clothing, and coffee).

The texts are brief, but the typeface is heavy and bolded, making them easy to spot and follow.

4. Axis by Enso Rings by JFX Studio

Standout Features:

  • Product highlight
  • Trendy trap beat
  • Showcasing the customization

The next choice for our prime video designs is the Axis by Enso Rings ad, created by JFX Studio. The brief ad focuses on showing the ring and all its strong suits.

The ad is straightforward, instantly placing the new ring in the center of the screen. As we are shown multiple close shots of the product, the subtle typeface complements the feature showcase, including the flexibility of the premium silicone, removable inserts, and many aesthetic options.

We then see the ring in the center with colorful inserts hovering around it, changing its color. Once the rotation is finished, the ad ends with a lineup of all seven options reinforced by the brand’s logo hovering above the rings.

The video is accompanied by a trendy trap beat that suits the fast-paced tempo.

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5. Pulpy Iced Tea by Alpha Studios

[Source: Alpha Studios]

Standout Features:

  • A playful showcase of ingredients
  • Animated water droplets
  • Funky music

Our next pick for the best video design is created by Alpha Studios. The Pulpy Iced Tea ad is short and sweet, full of energy and incredible visuals.

The funky music takes us on a visual joyride as we look at the iced tea cans. The first frame shows us a close-up of the product’s packaging with water splashes.

The bubbles of water dance around the ingredients. First, we see a few drupelets assembling into a raspberry that rapidly multiplies until the screen is red, followed by similar playful ingredients showcased with the other fruit.

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6. Trayana - Sharing Is Caring TVC by Handplayed

Standout Features:

  • Positive vibe
  • Societal kindness
  • Great storytelling

Trayana – Sharing is Caring TVC is a delightful biscuit ad developed by Handplayed. The agency uses an uplifting song to support clips of positive and helpful people.

The commercial shows the butterfly effect of an individual's noble act leading to a chain of kindness. It takes us through a series of events with several protagonists who feel inspired to do a good deed once they have been met with compassion.

We first see a gardener finding someone’s wallet on the ground. As he returns it to the man, the owner proceeds to save a cat stuck on a tree, putting a smile on a little girl’s face. The girl and her friends then recognize a worried expression on an old lady’s face and dance below her window to cheer her up. Finally, she takes the biscuits and shares them with everyone.

The video is packed with smiles and sends a strong positive message that promotes working together toward everyone’s happiness.

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7. Aviation Gin by Digital Imprint Productions

Standout Features:

  • Old-school airplane animation
  • Interesting transitions
  • An adventurous vintage tune

Another excellent video design on our list is the short ad for Aviation Gin created by Digital Imprint Productions. The agency played around with the brand’s name and lured gin enthusiasts to fly with a glass of this delicious beverage.

The video starts with an animation sequence of an airplane in front of an open hangar. The old-school plane takes off swiftly. As the plane leaves the runway, it soars through the clouds, dropping a “bomb” that transitions into an ice cube that lands in a glass of gin.

We get a quick glance at the close-up of the brand’s label design on a glass bottle, and the ad ends by showing the glass and the bottle.

The video is accompanied by an adventurous vintage tune that contributes to the 20th-century classy aesthetics of the animation.

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8. Walking Gently on the Earth | A Portrait of Annie Smithers by Guido Pezz

Standout Features:

  • Tranquilizing repetitive sounds
  • Showcasing natural riches
  • Tells a personal story

The next item on our best video designs encapsulates a day in the life of a farmer who devotes herself to her land. This short film was produced by Guido Pezz, who captured every aspect of this beautiful and somewhat forgotten lifestyle.

A repeating humming sound throughout the film establishes and complements the narrative through its enchanting tune. As the background sound continues, we are introduced to multiple shots that portray the allure of this humble style of living.

The protagonist, Annie Smithers, narrates the video and lets us in on her fascinating personal story as we witness blooming harmony on her farm.

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9. Detached by Foreign Fauna

Standout Features:

  • Old school animation
  • Dystopian theme
  • Addressing a social issue

Detached is a short, animated film created by Foreign Fauna. The satirical film is a criticism of an ignored contemporary societal issue.

The video design's old-school animation resembles cartoons from the 60s. It shows us the protagonist’s drawer filled with perfectly arranged neckties. Once he picks the tie for the day, he opens the drawer below, which contains his three heads, each portraying an emotional state.

He picks the middle one and wears it, ready to go out.

The video proceeds to show a traditional society reacting to occurrences by switching their heads, and the protagonist seems like a careless person who ignores them. However, upon arriving at his desk, he takes his head off, places it on the table. The head quickly falls to the floor and breaks.

This dystopian video addresses the social issue of the inability to perceive someone’s mental state. We may seem fine and normal by wearing our clothes and performing our routines, but our psychological state remains invisible to others who only perceive our actions.

10. Sure Petcare ESCAPE ARTIST by Flow Productions

[Source: Flow Productions]

Standout Features:

  • Cozy and friendly
  • Mischievous
  • Product-focused

Flow Productions developed a promo video for Sure Petcare’s new Animo accessory: the ESCAPE ARTIST. It portrays a day in the life of a cute house dog, Max.

The cozy and warm atmosphere initially shows us frames of Max’s friendly interactions with various people indoors. However, when he hears the postman, he ventures outside and strays away from the safe zone shown in the video.

Immediately, the video shows us a helpful phone notification that lets the owner know that his dog might have strayed away.

The mischievous dog’s adventures are narrated in a relaxed, careless voice that lets us know he always knows where the dog is!

11. Wallaby Windows: Brand Anthem by Vibrant Media Production

Standout Features:

  • Emotional
  • Celebrating the small things
  • Subtle product placement

Our final pick for the best video designs list is Vibrant Media Production’s ad for Wallaby Windows. This commercial encompasses a mixture of interchanging frames of mundane and memorable moments in people’s daily lives.

The sequences are narrated by a soothing voice that emphasizes the frames’ content, providing an emotional background to the moving pictures. The narrator explains the brand’s vision of celebrating the small things in life, the special moments that demand a clear view.

The frames showing people’s daily lives are subtly interrupted by crafty scenes that highlight the product and the brand’s team at work to quickly return to the people smiling and enjoying their day.

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