Litiguard Clean Homepage

Litiguard is a website dedicated to a group of international lawyers who specialize in a number of legal areas. The sheer sense of professionalism of the firm comes across in the sleek, clean-cut design Litiguard employs on its home page, featuring sharp, black-and-white images with blue and yellow accents.

The website uses an easily labeled menu for clients to navigate through its content. The menu also allows potential international clients to change the language of the website to Dutch.

The home page utilizes a deep scroll to immediately give clients an adequate amount of information when it comes to whatever they are looking for.

Litiguard Clean About Page

Litiguard’s website inserts images of each lawyer in the firm, granting potential clients the opportunity to see who they may be represented by and what areas each lawyer specializes in. From each lawyer’s section on the page, users can see where their office is located. The site utilizes modal windows to connect with the user’s personal email, so potential clients are able to directly contact the lawyer they want to speak with.

The same modal window platform is utilized throughout the website in Litiguard’s portfolio section, where potential clients are able to see cases that have been represented by the firm. Users can view what lawyers worked on certain cases, and they can once again contact the lawyer directly through that page.

Litiguard Clean Website Design

On the Litiguard’s own contact page, they use hyperlinks to redirect potential clients to new browser windows where Google Maps will help them find a route to one of their two offices.

Litiguard continues the use of hyperlinks within their “360 degree” page, where clients and potential clients are able to see what Litiguard is doing across the world. Each section of the long scroll page includes a hyperlink to a new browser page, where they can dive into more information about various global endeavors.

Litiguard is a top website design in the Legal & Insurance and Professional Services industries.