Simply Chocolate Home Page Website Design

Simply Chocolate’s Bright Website Sells With Big Imagery & Contrasting Colors

Simply Chocolate is a Copenhagen-based chocolatier that burst onto the chocolate scene in 2011. The brand curates chocolate beans from around the world and has refined a chocolate-making process that helps keep it modern, fresh and exciting.

The landscape in Scandinavia isn't the best for chocolate making, so the team combs the globe for unique beans that will go into creating chocolate that steals the show. And they do it with a creativity and a simplicity that can't be ignored.

Well, we’re named Simply Chocolate, so it’s not that complicated. We create chocolate that tastes good. We wanted to make a product that not only your mouth but also your body would love and therefore we are very picky when it comes to our ingredients. We don’t use laquer, artificial colourings or additives in our chocolate. Life is too short for that. On the other hand, we didn’t want to make boring, plain chocolate.

The name comes from their process and their dedication to simple, clean ingredients. They pride themselves on choosing all-natural ingredients and simplifying the overall process so that their chocolate stands out. 

Simply Chocolate is changing the face of chocolate. It's changing the way people look at chocolate, eat chocolate and think about chocolate.

It's an innovative brand that has learned the basics and taught itself the rest. They are masters at what they do, and they needed an e-commerce platform to showcase the many flavors and combinations.

That's why they went with an online platform that was bright, colorful and unique. This lively design makes waves and grabs attention thanks to its immersive and exciting design elements.

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Simply Chocolate Product Page Black Betty Website Design

The Simply Chocolate Site Uses Exciting Parallax Scrolling & Subtle Motion

This chocolate e-commerce website design truly stands out from the competition in its layout, organization, and structure.

From the movement that plays along the pages to the overall template, this design sells.

Parallax scrolling is the main feature of this website which is made up of a single-page design. As you scroll, header bars float to the top and a new screen emerges. New header colors, a new ingredient theme, and an entirely new chocolate bar emerge in a subtle and seductive way.

This movement is paired with the movement of imagery on the page. Coconut-flavored chocolate is accompanied by coconuts, the white chocolate is paired with floating pieces of delicious chocolate.

This is subtle but effective. It's engaging, exciting and fun.

And it's not just the up and down scrolling that makes waves. There's a horizontal scroll that takes you from page to page with ease and satisfaction.

The dynamic nature of this website pulls users in and entices them to take a bite.

Simply Chocolate Product Page Crunchy Coco Website Design

Simply Chocolate’s Online Portal Creates Depth With Vivid Imagery

When you land on this stunning and seductive website, you're met with bright colors, clean space and product shots.

The top half of the webpage is covered in a soothing color that matches the wrapping of the chocolate bars themselves.

The bottom half of the screen is made up of a clean white space with dancing ingredients that float up.

At the center, there is a chocolate bar product shot. It's crisp, clean and vivid.

This bar sits at the center against the background in a way that adds depth. It quite literally jumps from the screen.

Clean, white typography and bold CTAs exist on the page as well. This makes navigation simple and the design elements clear and focused.

Users can use these product pages to make purchases directly. There is no navigation to new screens with this single-page design.

There's a flirty, playful and fun personality to this design that is hard to resist. Thanks to the vivid imagery and bright colors, matched with the creative and subtle organization and layout, this website design truly stands out. 

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Simply Chocolate About Page Website Design

The Simply Chocolate Website Utilizes Bold Elements & Engaging Movement

The Simply Chocolate website is bright, colorful and fun. It's a single-page design that shifts from chocolate bar to chocolate bar, each page coming with its own theme.

The chocolate bar imagery takes center stage with a matching background color that engages and entices.

Parallax scrolling creates a stunning design that transitions smoothly from product to product. And the intuitive nature of this website makes completing purchases and learning more simple.

There's a checkout bar right on the main page, with price and quantity indicators front and center.

Scrolling to the left and right moves the user from the products to the "About Page" and more.

This design is fluid, seamless and stunning. There's a dynamic quality to this design that is immediately alluring, giving you even more reason than you already had to buy chocolate.

Buying chocolate should be easy, and this website design puts simplicity and efficiency first without sacrificing personality and enthusiasm. 

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