Bite Size Entertainment Great Website Design Homepage

The digital agency Bite Size Entertainment is known for their out-of-the-box campaigns and projects. Their website reflects their creativity, and it revolutionizes the way designers are approaching eye-catching concepts. Each page is crafted to combine user interaction with symmetrical viewpoints and easy sitemap navigation.

The interactive homepage demonstrates the team’s craftsmanship. It uses a parallax scrolling concept, allowing users to experience an easy transition from one page to the next. The floating anchor menu simplifies the sitemap navigation while providing access to every page of the website at all times.

Bite Size Entertainment uses an interesting concept to enhance their user interface. Underneath their motto, “Connecting brands with people,” is an interactive design that relies heavily on shapes. When users move their cursors over the graphic, the tiny dots, circles, and triangles disperse and constrict back to the company’s logo.

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Bite Size Entertainment Top Web Design

The homepage also serves as the company’s portfolio page. Above each section, a label describes the category of each work. Besides the vivid images, the name of the client is brightly listed in green while the title of the campaign itself is contrasted in a bold black typeface. Users are presented with a “View Project” call to action button, allowing for easy access to linked pages that provide more information about each work sample.

When the users move their cursor over the individual images, an effect causes the image to move forward slightly toward the user. It is an effect that makes it seem as if the image is going to pop off the screen at the user in a way that is inviting.  Similarly, another effect on the homepage brings up each image from the bottom of the screen until it settles into place at the center of the user’s attention.

Sticking with the company’s name as a theme for the homepage, the bottom of the page prompts the user to look deeper into the projects available for viewing by incorporating a green button asking the user if they are “Hungry for More.” Activating it prompts redirecting the user to Bite Size Entertainment’s official portfolio page.

Bite Size Entertainment Best Website Homepage

When visitors arrive on the “About” page, a full-screen background video opens, which conveys the company's playful atmosphere and gives potential clients insight into the company’s culture.

When users scroll down, they’ll see a checkerboard grid. Each panel categorizes the agency’s process. The content in each panel is rich and informative, providing information about Bite Size Entertainment’s strategy without using flowery phrases. The page juxtaposes against a white backdrop that presents basic shapes and illustrations to center the user’s attention on the grid of information. As the users move down the “About” page, the grid unfolds in sets of threes as if expanding on the screen.

Bite Size Entertainment Amazing Website Design Blog

Bite Size Entertainment’s blog page offers insight on current events and upcoming projects for new and potential clients. It uses high-resolution images that coincide with the week's text post.

When writing a blog, most websites forget the importance of infiltrating keywords. Bite Size Entertainment emphasizes this strategy by highlighting essential phrases or words in green. This approach develops clickbait words and titles to enhance the user interface.

Bite Size Entertainment’s web design is creative, simple, and easy to navigate. The company’s clear understanding of the importance of branding and marketing strategies is vastly apparent in their innovative website.

Bite Size Entertainment is a great website design in the Technology, Advertising and Professional Services industries. 

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