Blackbird Cigar Web Design

Blackbird Cigar’s Visual Appeal Matches The Lifestyle And Personality Of Their Products

Blackbird Cigar is a cigar manufacturer that gives this traditionally hedonistic product a millennial spin for the new age.

This shift is not so much in the product itself, but in the way it communicates itself to the changing market.

Above the fold, the website uses a vibrant royal blue background and a striking illustration of a blackbird. Several types of Blackbird cigars are named after different bird species.

Orange brushstroke accents and the sans-serif Proxima Nova font in the primary copy depart from the more “classicist” style that premium cigar marketers resort to.

Instead, these elements point to a largely untapped market for this niche – young millennials.

From the more informal, relaxed language that communicates the key points of the product to the product design that ushers in the new era, Blackbird Cigar breaks away from tradition with a website that is, above all, cutting-edge.

The color of fonts and numbers lie in stark contrast to the background, while the color scheme never exceeds more than two or three shades at most, on a single screen.

Blackbird Cigar’s website features aesthetics that are very much in touch with modern trends and not so prevalent in this particular industry.

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Blackbird Cigar Website Design

The Website’s User Experience Is Top Notch Across All Devices And Platforms

Both desktop and smartphone variants of Blackbird Cigar’s website load extremely fast and facilitate easy navigation, despite the main menu pointing to more than five standalone pages.

The desktop version uses plenty of white space interchangeably with the graphics in color and blocks of blue to direct the eyes of the visitor to the substantial amount of copy explaining the quality of the product.

The mobile website simplifies the complexity of the desktop website using the one-column layout that successfully translates all the key points of the desktop website.

The main menu is hidden in the hamburger menu icon, which opens up a whole new screen to showcase menu items/links in a very legible, large typography.

Blackbird Cigar Website Design Homepage

Blackbird Cigar’s Homepage Storytelling Condenses All Vital Info Into One Place

The Blackbird Cigar website opens with a general UVP and eye-catching design, before moving on to the first stage of the conversion funnel, the informative About Us section that educates prospects on the brand.

One of the homepage highlights is the company’s Our History timeline that details the major milestones the brand has achieved since its inception in 2012.

Then comes the main portion of the homepage – the showcase of six distinctive blends, with sizes and anatomy detailed.

Every blend/cigar type comes with its own bold, colorful background, helping consumers differentiate between each by associating them with corresponding colors.

The copy, although substantial, is divided into smaller, bite-size chunks and readable bullet points.

The messaging is assisted by compelling visuals, such as the anatomy of the cigar and related graphics and even well-blended videos that showcase the cigars in a real-life environment and feature the packaging.

There is even a section dedicated to frequently asked questions. The layout of this segment is very clean, making for very legible reading.

The footer end of the website concludes the homepage user journey with a conversion CTA and some more basic info on the company, such as contact channels and addresses.

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Blackbird Cigar Website Design Anatomy Of Product

Diverse CTAs And A Live Chat Expedite The Conversion Process

The website’s call-to-action buttons are quite well-designed, in that they utilize the bold typeface to the maximum, along with the square orang outline that makes the CTAs visible.

Not overly bold, these CTAs still stand out quite nicely and can’t be missed. Instead of pointing to one conversion point, the CTAs come with different copy and lead to different pages, depending on where they are in the funnel.

Another handy detail that helps visitors make an informed purchase decision is the sticky “Chat with us” bubble that opens a live chat agent window.

Blackbird Cigar Web Design Product Showcase

Blackbird Cigar’s Website Uses Distinct Colors And Imagery To Appeal To New Demographics

Blackbird Cigar’s website design is quite a departure from the norm in this very specific niche.

As they produce and market a product that is seen as hedonistic, although not very health-conscious, the brand does a great job of balancing the fine line of modern-day acceptability and, even, the “reinvention of the wheel.”

As their own Discover Us section states:

“We value your experience, lifestyle, and personality. At Blackbird Cigar, we offer you remarkable quality so you know you are smoking the best cigars you’ve ever tasted. We manufacture our cigars with the finest tobaccos in the world to ensure you always receive unsurpassed cigars.”

What is more to the point, the website’s layout manages to be user-friendly while providing a bevy of messaging and copy. Unlike some other websites that use a more concise approach, this one goes to great lengths to explain all the nuances of each blend and the effect it has on the consumer.

The visual aspect of the website blends wonderfully with the textual portion. High-quality imagery of products outside the packaging and inside it, provide the vital link between the physical product and the verbal description of it, in the minds of readers.

Blackbird Cigar’s website mixes the best practices of web design in the 2020s and redefines the neglected market segment to appeal to the sentiments of today’s buyers.

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