Dock Elegant Homepage

Dock is a real estate company and search tool that brings a real-world, property shopping experience to a digital shopping space. Dock’s home page is designed to directly evoke the workspace of a real estate professional. The graphic overlay, with its vector and blueprint-esque interface, evokes the sense that what is unfolding is curated and professional. Browsing the site is as authentic as doing so in real life. It creates the sense that you’re reading the plans for your future home, which creates a UX of inspiration and hope. Dock’s home page captures the literal and emotional experience of real-life house hunting. It shows how design can capture a moment and transpose it into a digital space.

Dock Elegant Gallery

Dock’s gallery page that displays their property listings continues to recreate a real-world, property shopping experience onto this digital realm. The graphic interface is still evocative of construction plans, but the panelling of the listings foregrounds the value and space of the properties themselves. Users feel like they're truly passing through a tour of listings and open houses. This is yet another page that the designer has imbued with spatial tactility.

Dock Elegant Product Page

On Dock’s side, users can access an interactive map that brings a whole other level of experiential engagement to the site. Thus far, the designer has been evoking space in a representational way, but now they have implemented a feature that very literally reconstructs it. Users can manipulate their way through a variety of properties—products—and witness the spatial nuance of the listings firsthand. By implementing this interactive, immersive mechanic, the designer has uttered, in the most literal sense possible, the experience of real-world house hunting.

Dock is an elegant website design in the Real Estate industry.