Elysian Law Firm website design by Conan's Web

Elysian Law Firm Website’s Shows How To Effectively Address The User’s Needs

Elysian Law Firm is a business law consultancy company owned by attorney Phyniques Williams. Her law firm helps young companies and entrepreneurs navigate the legal side of running a business. The firm’s website is a brainchild of Conan’s Web creative agency.

The Elysian Law Firm website design does a great job at understanding the visitors and their need for a legal solution. Right off the bat, Atty. Williams demonstrates that she understands the business owners’ concerns and pain points regarding staying within the legal frameworks.

Messaging is the most important aspect of any website’s marketing efforts, and this type of legal service is all about timely, accurate and understandable messaging. Throughout the homepage, Elysian Law Firm provides proof of its expertise with informative paragraphs promising simple solutions.

The main tagline promises to “transform struggling solos into confident CEOs.” This messaging doesn’t make legal matters any more complicated than it already is. It even encourages visitors to know more about the firm and check its list of services. Clear, straightforward, and impactful taglines – that's how branding experts simplify complex concepts that resonate with the target audience!

A selection of blog articles on relevant topics, from creating a business plan to legal audit checklists, provides further thought authority and builds trust.

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Elysian Law Firm website design

Elysian Law Firm Website Design Demonstrates Excellent Responsiveness

With vital messaging out of the way, it’s time to address the actual design of the website, which delivers its main point successfully on a variety of devices. Web designers create mobile-optimized websites considering more than half of all internet traffic comes from handheld devices.

The uniformity of colors, fonts and imagery on the Elysian Law Firm website translates seamlessly into the mobile environment. Changing the browser dimensions on a laptop computer makes all elements readjust and form a natural layout - a certain sign that the web design agency provided excellent design responsiveness.

Pointing the mobile browser to the website’s URL loads a familiar environment – stylistically consistent with the “main” desktop website – however, with a navigation that is slightly different due to the way the smartphones are used. The menu links readjust to be more accessible to mobile users, while CTAs grow in size relative to all other elements on the website.

Navigation Helps Educate Prospects At Every Touchpoint On The Elysian Law Firm Website

The website’s main navigation tool – the main menu – is comprised of a white bar with legible texts pointing to sections like “About,” “Services,” “Blog” and so on. Some of these menu items have subcategories that appear in a dropdown menu.

As the visitor scrolls down the homepage, the menu stays with them the whole time. It is the so-called “sticky” menu. It ensures that the main points of interest are always within the user’s reach.

The content on each page follows a logical order in that it answers the visitor’s questions in sequential order. These mini conversion funnels serve an educational and persuasive purpose.

Elysian Law Firm website design

Prominent CTAs And Downloadable Resource Guide Prove To Boost Elysian Law Firm’s Website Conversions

Other vital navigational elements are calls-to-action or CTAs, which are quite abundant on the Elysian Law Firm website.

CTAs like “Learn More” and “Subscribe” come with prominent buttons in the accent salmon shade, contrasting the white and black background for better visibility.

Moreover, the website features a free resource called “Mind Your Business Guide.” It is a business planning checklist that visitors can download in exchange for their email addresses.

This lead-capturing form requires only three mandatory fields for filling out before sending a PDF file to the user’s email address.

By providing this social proof in the form of an eBook, the business does a great job of persuading prospects of their expertise – leading to likelier conversions.

Elysian Law Firm website design by Conan's Web

Elysian Law Firm Website Design Is An Inviting Experience To An Otherwise Intimidating And Complicated Subject For Most Entrepreneurs

Conan’s Web is a website development agency that specializes in making websites for legal firms. Their experience and knowledge in this sector are evident in the Elysian Law Firm website design.

With bright pastel colors, professional photography of the business owner posing casually yet confidently and a friendly tone devoid of all complicated legal jargon, they successfully encourage trust in the firm and its services without being too intimidating.

The Elysian Law Firm website design communicates that legal language should not be incomprehensible, the firm is ready to help and every entrepreneur can be well-versed in business law.

For all of these reasons and for combining seamless, fast user experience with problem-solving solutions, Elysian Law Firm website design triumphs in our Best Website Design category.

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