Bicklaw Clean Homepage

Bicklaw is a law firm that specializes in environmental law and dedicates its services to representing companies that share their love of conservation.

They want to make their impact on the environment by helping those who also care for wildlife and nature. This home page effectively evokes this combination of business and the wild.

The image of an alligator sitting in an office effectively communicates the idea that they care about the role of business in the environment. Seeing the creature amidst the workplace emphasizes the disconnect between the two.

We can see how different the two are and how incompatible they might often seem to be. This disconnect requires thoughtful management and legal counsel in order to manage this relationship. This page effectively paints Bicklaw as a necessary medium between the corporate world and the natural one.

Bicklaw Clean About Page

This “about” page details some of the take aways and ideas that Bicklaw represent themselves by. The design focuses on highlighting the value of nature on the top half of the page. Then foregrounding the information and insights on the bottom, its saying through design what’s at stake, and how to protect it.

By bringing both the splendor of nature and info to protect it, this designer has created an experience that self-sustains. By endearing people to the stakes of a situation, they become more receptive to the information provided in its defense. This designer understands consumer psychology and has designed accordingly.

Bicklaw Clean Website Design

This final page introduces a bit of interactivity and engagement by introducing a mechanic that allows users to manipulate information themselves. They can select from a variety of headings to get access to different genres of information.

This allows users to address their specific concerns themselves and make their decision themselves. By allowing users to explore the information on their own, this designer has empowered them to self invest in the site. This creates brand allegiance and translates directly into work.

Bicklaw is a best website design in the Legal & Insurance and Professional Services industries.