EV Universe website design

EV Universe’s Electrifying Website Design Entices Users to Drive Through the Cutting-Edge Pages

EV Universe, an online marketplace for electric vehicles and an ingenious startup, partnered with Digital Silk to create something truly innovative and reflective of their brand; an expansive digital presence with a crown jewel – EV Universe website design!

It’s a fully optimized website with advanced and interactive features that are sure to turn heads beyond the automotive industry. The dynamic visuals and contrasting design elevate EV Universe’s website far from its peers.

Essentially, it is as if your typical corporate site stepped on a pedal and evolved into something we usually perceive as futuristic. Flashy visuals, animation and micro-interactions, however, never stray away from the brand’s mission and their sole purpose is to focus visitors’ attention and guide them down to the conversion funnel.

Custom typography and palette

The Custom-Made Font Combination and Color Scheme Conveys State-of-the-Art Technology

Develop a consistent identity across different platforms by working with the best branding agency. EV Universe's website seems like a natural extension of the company’s branding (also designed by Digital Silk). While it’s true that the corporate logo sports very tailored typography that’s, at the first glance, far removed from what is used on-site, the website emanates an equally futuristic feel with the way written content looks.

The combination of two, sans-serif fonts perfectly matches the chosen palette and is quite legible and easy to skim through. It is both classy and contemporary, evergreen and trendy – a perfect fit for a future-proof startup such as EV Universe.

Messaging is also fast and on-point. It never exceeds more than several lines when delivering the key selling points, benefits and services.

When it comes to the color palette, the website achieves the impossible. It is somehow both colorful and monochrome, despite the contrasting hues. The secret is, masterful placement and saturation of different elements – nothing seems off.

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Ev Universe (slide 3)

Electric Vehicle Science-Inspired Microanimations Give Power to EV Universe Website Design and Conversion Points

From the introductory vehicle carousel to the computer game-like roadmap markers each visual element pulses with energy. In fact, the red-blue color palette might be a direct homage to the basic electric circuits.

The CTAs use the same logic. As a staple of modern, customer-centric web design, they educate the audience, drive more leads (pun intended!) and direct visitors to pages of special importance.

EV Universe website design uses different CTAs across the entire homepage for different purposes. In fact, other than your conventional buttons, even the showcased cars are used as CTAs, which is ingenious in itself.

These lead to a contact page, buying, selling, choosing a vehicle, registration, etc. - different user journey touchpoints that all serve a specific purpose, depending on individual interests. Easy and direct access to these website hotspots ensures the audience is directed to all the right pages which in turn inspires conversion.

Overall, EV Universe's website proves that combining a customer-centric UI with engaging visuals is possible. Launch your website as impactful as this one when you work with a top-rated WordPress web design company.

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