Gapsy Studio Website Design

The Gapsy Studio Website Design Boasts an Exquisite Balance Between Showcasing Their Skills and Entertaining Site Visitors

From the moment you land on the playful loading screen to arriving at the incredibly realistic three-dimensional (3D) interior, Gapsy Studio's website design instills a balance between exceptional web structure and creativity.

Manufacturing this combination is no easy task. No wonder Gapsy Studio stands side-by-side with the best website designs on DesignRush!

As you "enter" the building, you're met with a 3D writing on the wall featuring a tall typeface and peach-colored letters with a shadow effect, giving it an ultra-realistic look. The realistic aspect of the design is emphasized through immaculate lighting that seemingly falls through the slats from the roof. The shadow and reflection effects on the floor are spectacular details, too!

The agency utilized the room's walls and visuals to introduce themselves to site visitors. After a compelling widescreen showreel video, the design enters exhibition mode, letting you browse the studio's best works, resembling a gallery tour.

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Gapsy Studio's About Us Page

Gapsy Studio’s Website Design Exhibits Great Branding in the About Section

Once the landing page's unique layout gets you more interested in the team's creativity, the inviting About section reinstates the core notions through another visual composition. (Find other best "About Us" pages in web design.)

This webpage uses the more familiar vertical scrolling experience to introduce the team. The page also features the agency's showreel and a call-to-action (CTA) button pointing to the services page.

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The monochromatic collage picture of the team, decorated with peachy-pink borders, is such a scene-stealer! Scrolling down, you'll see each team member's avatar with their name and brief information about their role.

Once acquainted with the mission and the team, the About section lists the provided services while offering an entertaining learning journey. It includes dynamic visuals appearing on the screen as you hover over particular headlines.

Gapsy Studio Website Design Typography

Gapsy Studio’s Website Design Blends Striking Font Styles With Playful Headlines and Visuals

One of the key visual aspects of this design is its diverse typography. (Explore more of the most creative website designs in this article.)

Rather than settling for a single font style, the agency bravely incorporates a colorful blend of styles that stimulates the browser while retaining high readability. This is a pleasing difference from other websites that only use one font style.

The primary font style in a darker peach shade is present across the landing page and in the menu. Meanwhile, the graffiti, comic-book style adds energy and style to the overall aesthetic. This is mainly used to indicate the team's laid-back creative thinking.

Lastly, the design also uses a groovy typeface that features elongated glyphs. This font style is utilized in bold black letters and adds another layer to the deliberately imperfect, clean look.

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Gapsy Studio Website

Gapsy Studio’s Website Design Ensures Each Click Is a Refreshing Adventure

Aside from the gallery-like landing page that mesmerizes users with its surreal visuals, we recommend you click on the hamburger menu and explore other sections. You'll soon find innovative concepts that showcase how multifaceted the studio's work can be!

For example, heading to the "Cases" section will let you play around with the ring-like collection of their most prominent design work. It features sublime visuals through a revolutionary reflection effect below the hovering gallery.

But that's just the beginning! Entering any options transports you to a data-laden universe, painting a picture of the project's progress in phases with several engaging counters, photos, and videos relevant to the designated project.

Finally, Gapsy Studio's website design provides empirical proof that their team is among the best website design companies. The website combines vibrant colors and several striking font styles into a cohesive design that looks clean and modern!

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