Dogstudio Beautiful Gallery

Bringing the tone of the website drastically down, Dogstudio transfers to a deep gray negative space as potential clients transition into the company’s Portfolio.

The choice makes the eclectic photographs on the page stand out impressively. Centered on the page in two side-by-side columns, the company showcases individual projects they have worked on.

Dogstudio takes a fun approach to introducing potential clients to their portfolio by debuting a golden-colored movie quote at the top of the page. Depending on how many times potential clients visit the page, they will find themselves greeted with a different movie quote each time.

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Dogstudio Beautiful About Page

With the vivid imagery of a gorgeous black dog, Dogstudio employs a faded bokeh blur outward from the detailed, crisp image to create the dark and textured background.

The combination of white and gold fonts stand out over the three-dimensional image. Centered down the page, the company uses a combination of creative tables, tiny paragraphs, flat design illustrations, and photographs to bring in all aspects of Dogstudio. The variation in design keeps the page intriguing and fresh for potential clients.

Dogstudio is a beautiful website design in the Professional Services industry.

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