Park Avenue Tower Realty Website Design

Hazy blue fills the city sky, mingling with early morning fog. Deep shadows are cast over the azure buildings and the air fills with a sense of calm. For only a moment, New York City is quiet. But it won’t last long! Set amidst the hustle and bustle of New York chaotic lifestyle, Park Avenue Towers offers prime real estate for offices.

Park Avenue Towers opens up their homepage with a gorgeous photograph of the New York City skyline. After all, it should be the view you see from your next office, right? Many shades of blue come together in the image to instill a feeling of wonder and awe, a feeling of peacefulness as you take in the skyline. It’s an image meant to impact you from the second you enter their website -- and it does.

Adding an experimental twist to their website, Park Avenue Towers makes nearly everything about their website accessible through the use of the scroll option. Simply start scrolling and you’ll hit a majority of everything you could want to know about the office building. It’s a fantastic tool to simplify your experience by removing any hassle scrolling may cause by condensing it all into one easy to access location.

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Park Avenue Tower Top Web Design

image_1518082247_JA5tMi7kjILm3vaPfHQNnSKpaKIDFJd4xuSuenB8.gifAiming for a visual impact, Park Avenue Towers wants you to reimagine the way you do business… reimagine your office overlooking the New York Skyline… reimagine your company at the top.

Delighting with a muted display of a dark background and textured green font, the sense of wonder and awe the website initially gave you goes away as you’re instilled with curiosity about this drastic change. 

Fall into a creative rendition of a Portfolio as Park Avenue Towers combines videos and photographs on the page to give you inside details to their building. The large format in combination with the stark background guarantees not a single detail will be missed by you. It’s the perfect way to assure you catch how amazing this building truly is and what it has to offer your company.

Park Avenue Tower great Website

image_1518082259_BKAkSHwh2o7TqYoAIN9AFv0nWEbI1P6gpjv4B9Bo.gifGiving you the chance to let it impact you how it will, Park Avenue Towers relies on an interactive platform to let you experience what they have to offer.

Constructed from many shades of green, you’re given the chance to dive headfirst into each floor of the office building that is currently available for you to lease.

The option opens up new screens to showcase the floor plan and layout. Pick and choose what floors you want… whether it’s the ground floor or the penthouse, all you have to do is start clicking!

Taking an experimental twist on their website design sets them apart as Park Avenue Towers vies to be your number one choice for an office building. Interactive displays, simple navigation, and detailed videos combine to create a fresh user experience that leaves you wanting more of the building.

Park Avenue Tower is a beautiful website design in the Real Estate and Luxury industries. 

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