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Fuel consumption is an issue everyone needs to take seriously. EvoEnergy sees the potential problems that being uninformed can cause and works to fix them on their dynamic, one-page site.

EvoEnergy's website design maximizes their impact as you learn about fuel consumption in the U.K.

The site alleviates the seriousness of the situation by using bright and bold colors like orange, pink, blue, and green to capture your attention. Colors like yellow, brown, purple, and white make for stunning accents. The vibrant choice of colors offers a double purpose as you find bits of information coded by these different colors. The simple coding makes for quick reading.

Opting for a strong visual impact, EvoEnergy lines the page with creative diagrams. Tree graphs, pie graphs, bar charts, and grids stand out against the pale-colored backdrop to deliver the powerful message of the U.K.’s fuel consumption over the years. The images take a minimalist approach, letting your focus fall on the message rather than an overly done illustration. Each is simple to read, maximizing the impact. Visually represented, the images create a silent message on the environmental impact the U.K.’s fuel consumption has.

A website section EvoEnergy takes special pride in is the Solar PV Carbon Offset Calculator. Using the on-site calculator, visitors can establish how much of their carbon footprint they can reduce and how much money they can save by installing solar panels.

This particular section uses a lot of urgency and FOMO messaging, content explaining the benefits of using this calculator, with plenty of large headline typography and negative space around the actual calculator for better focus.

You can use our solar PV carbon offset calculator to see how much CO₂ and money your business could save with the installation of panels on your roof.

Get involved and interact with the page! No, really… EvoEnergy invites you to! As you scroll down the page, keep an eye out for the little hand. It’s all over the place on the page and it’ll show you how to interact with the site. Not only is it fun to directly affect the way the page is presented to you, but it instills a deeper feeling in you. You can actually feel the way you are able to make a difference in such a big way, even if you’re just playing around with statistics. It draws you into a cause you may not have realized affects your life.

The interaction doesn’t stop there, so give yourself the time to explore. Nearly every square, circle, and rectangle come to life at the scroll of your mouse. Whether through in-depth image conversions or by simply bringing a number to your attention, the page contains dozens of secrets. It’s up to you to find them!

And as you search for the little hand, watch out for the animations as well. Little bits of information move gently on the page. Their movements are subtle and just eye-catching enough to pull your eye. These animations accent small tidbits and suddenly make you realize just how big these pieces of information are. It makes them impossible to ignore.

Touching on such a controversial subject, it’s no wonder EvoEnergy uses a dynamic interactive experience to put you smack-dab in the middle of the issue. Giving you control over your learning pulls you down the page and showcases the impact you can have on fuel consumption. Contrasting pale and vibrant coloring makes each diagram and chart stand out, only increasing your chance of finding the ways you’re prompted to interact!

EvoEnergy is a playful website design in the Government and Technology industries.

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