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Sky Zone is a multi-dimensional site dedicated to the global phenomenon. The concept of Sky Zone is to incorporate trampolines, foam, and recreational sports all in one fun-packed location for people of all ages. The home page immediately immerses consumers into the high energy that is Sky Zone, with vivid video clips showing off actual activities that take place in the facility.

The landing page presents a variety of easy access points for consumers to navigate throughout the website by utilizing a clearly labeled menu at the top of the screen and a menu at the bottom. Scrolling through the first page allows the user the chance to preview the various items on the menu, and additional hyperlinks direct them to those individual pages if they do not want to use the top menu.

Across the entire website, Sky Zone uses the stark contrast between vibrant orange and black to draw attention to the pertinent information on each page. The site uses crisp, designed images on each page to display what is happening within Sky Zone and how it pertains to the user.

Sky Zone Great Contact Page

Sky Zone utilizes a number of interactive platforms for the user to find the information they are looking for. By connecting to Google Maps through Sky Zone’s site, viewers are able to locate the facility nearest to them, as well as others in the area and across the world. This can be done by searching either a specific address, a state, or a country.

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Additionally, Sky Zone uses an online store and online form center to allow consumers to speed up the process of visiting one of their recreational centers. Once a consumer has picked out their location, they are able to use on an online store to pick out the ticket package they want and the date they want to go. They are also able to begin event planning directly through the site without having to call in first.

Due to the nature of play at Sky Zone, all consumers are required to sign a waiver form for legal reasons. To expedite the process, the company has made the form available online, so consumers do not have to fill it out when they go to Sky Zone.

Sky Zone Clean Contact Page

For users interested in becoming a Sky Zone franchise owner, the company offers a plugin form that allows them to request information about the investment. Viewers simply input whatever information Sky Zone requires for the process and then submits. Sky Zone also utilizes an in-site texting application for consumers interested in a franchise to have a conversation with someone who can help them with whatever they may need.

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