Landor Minimal Homepage

Agility is hardly a word you’d think to use as a way to describe branding. However, Landor thrives on the concept of creating agile brands for their clients. The economy is always changing, so why shouldn’t a company’s brand match that ever-evolving environment?  Keeping clients and the well-being of their companies in mind, Landor wants to make users’ brands thrive to the best of their ability.

The entirety of Landor’s website is designed to demonstrate this, sticking with a dynamic and eye-catching color scheme of vibrant yellow, black, and white. The sheen of colors are laid over crisp photographs that showcase the company’s work on public display. The eyes are easily drawn on each and every page, led down the scroll by trails of yellow fonts, images, and designs.

Landor Minimal Menu Design

Landor’s clients include some very big name brands that everyone has heard of, and they aren’t afraid to let those names shine for potential clients to view. With names like BMW, Nike, and Old Spice in their portfolio, Landor easily showcases their professional expertise.

Landor chooses to show off from the moment users enter their menu, which is the only way to navigate through their website. Listed side-by-side with their page titles and their contents broken down, potential clients are able to immediately see which companies Landor has worked with in the past. The smartly-placed list excites potential clients about Landor’s abilities, about working with them, and about what they’ve been doing. The plain and simple setup relies heavily on the curiosity factor.

Landor Minimal Website Design

By claiming to design agile branding strategies, Landor understands that potential clients may or may not know what that concept entails. To make it easier to explain their technique, Landor utilizes a blog page they’ve cleverly titled, “Thinking.” Filled with articles and posts about advertising, marketing, and the company, potential clients are able to dive in and find out exactly what it is that they want to know about Landor’s coming-of-age branding style.

Articles are presented in a slider format at the top of the page that users can manipulate through in any manner they wish. Illustrations and photographs are combined with a white text box, and the text box overlays the image to bring the article name and its description blurb forward.

Landor’s agility-based branding techniques are prevalent in their own website design. With shifting sliders of images, a consistently vibrant color scheme, and a simple menu presentation, Landor clearly understands how to catch the eye of potential clients.

Landor is a minimal website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.