StooStudio Great Homepage

European-based design company StooStudio specializes in sheepskins that are all about comfort, quality, and style. Their website is no different.

Featuring a clean and minimal design with a color palette to highlight light and dark sheepskins, the site is a classic example of customization that fits company culture. Sharp, centered images shift with mouse movements to exhibit various options of sheepskin products for customers.

Social media, newsletter, and blog invitations prompt user interaction with the site, and all pages feature a broad selection of Instagram images. Each perfectly posed image slightly brightens when a cursor lingers on the look, and all the images hyperlink to descriptive social media content that demonstrates potential uses for sheepskins within home and office spaces.

StooStudio Great Product Page

StooStudio’s shopping page is arranged to display a diversity of consumer options, including product origins, colors, sizes, and product types. These easy-to-use filters allow shoppers to customize their online experience for convenience and efficiency. Text fonts change gradients from dark to lighter grays throughout product descriptions, visually exhibiting available sheepskins selections.

This design structure ensures an easily usable interface with all the expected consumer features built into the site, including search tabs, customer service information, shopping bag links, and online payment methods.

StooStudio Great Website Design

Yet, StooStudio’s retail site would be incomplete without a human touch. Continuing the minimalistic theme that highlights the product, this site also effortlessly builds in conversational copy content and the company’s personal story to provide that personal finish.

Site pages are limited, but each one is purposeful and engaging. Most of the site uses limited text, but the “About page” featured here demonstrates the site’s commitment to user connection. The company story is headlined by a single image that reflects the site’s theme colors and relates the user experience to the product narrative. The site keeps shopping simple, and it creates a comfortable environment in which users are sure to enjoy exploring exciting, new products.

StooStudio is a great website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Manufacturing industries.