5 Award-Winning Web Designs That Set New Industry Standards

5 Award-Winning Web Designs That Set New Industry Standards
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Last Updated: June 12, 2023

Discover the most exceptional examples of digital creativity and innovation with our carefully curated list of award-winning best website designs.

From sleek and minimalist interfaces to visually stunning masterpieces, we showcase the proud work of some of the top-rated website designers who have pushed the boundaries of design excellence.

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1. Ultra-MTS by Clay10

[Source: Ultra-MTS]

Standout Features:

  • An engaging one-page layout
  • A product-focused design
  • An educational, problem-solving video

Our first talking point among the best award-winning website designs is Clay10’s Ultra-MTS. The website represents a holistic and thorough introduction to the revolutionary means of transportation.

This attractive one-page layout provides a sketchbook scrolling experience. Each mouse roll will give a different product-centered image with changing urban environments and the vehicle’s colors. The design also prompts the browsers to “change the future” through interactive features like dragging your mouse across the screen to alter the image.

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The hero section immediately offers a subtle call to action that invites you to watch a video that explains and tackles the public transport issue, offering a new, game-changing solution with Ultra MTS.

2. Gemstones by Elespacio

[Source: Gemstones]

Standout Features:

  • Background music that triggers curiosity
  • A short guide
  • Simple and beautiful

The second award-winning web design we’ll talk about today features an engaging, simple game set in space. Gemstones' website, designed by Elespacio, represents swift entertainment for everyone involved.

The game cuts straight to the chase – you are placed in outer space trying to find and repair your planet’s destroyed moons by aligning different steroid shards into geometrical shapes. The controls are simple, but there’s a short guide and a top right-corner hint button that helps you get the ropes.

This simplistic but beautiful game features a dark palette with lots of stars shining bright, and it’s accompanied by curios background music with a sense of urgency that rushes you to save the planet in time!

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3. Champoléon Valley by Taya-webdesign

[Source: Champoléon Valley]

Standout Features:

  • An intriguing scrolling experience
  • An engaging geography lesson
  • Shapeless wildlife visuals

The following website design portrays the prominent flora and fauna of the French Champoléon Valley. This project was developed by Taya-webdesign, who created a fun, educative design that will pique your interest.

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There are heavy, bold headlines and incredible mountain photography throughout the website. We then participate in an authentic and intriguing browsing experience that combines animal photos with descriptive and informative content. The scrolling experience mimics an average mountainous hike, leading you left and right rather than only down.

This engaging geography lesson is supplemented with delightful footstep visuals on the sides, maps, and shapeless wildlife visuals that perfectly emulate the prominent nature of the area.

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4. Qless by Insivia

[Source: Qless]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and well-organized
  • An interactive, customizable query
  • Animated graphics

Another award-winning web design is Qless's website by Insivia. The agency helped the brand develop a new website to improve its communication with the target audience by enhancing the customer journey.

This award-winning design looks clean and well-organized, simultaneously speaking to different target groups through simple HTML animated graphics. These graphics effectively communicate Qless’ services.

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In addition to swifter informative sequences, the new design also quickens the approach to a desired solution through an interactive, customizable query that lets the browser modify the text according to their profile and needs.


[Source: IT SHARK]

Standout Features:

  • A customer-centric header
  • A detailed cleaning checklist
  • An easy-to-spot testimonial section

Making it to our list of the best award-winning website designs is MRS. CLEAN's website by IT SHARK. The design preserves the balance between proper branding and customer-centricity.

The latter can be seen as soon as you visit the website. The header is supplemented with an additional bar that includes all the essential service information and a time-saving fee calculator.

The design entails a series of employees doing their best to keep the clients’ homes and offices clean and tidy. The services menu is preceded by a set of benefits of employing this brand presented with the help of tiny, rounded icons.

Further below, there’s a detailed cleaning checklist that helps the browser understand the specifics of the offered packages. The design also encompasses a visible testimonial section that provides word-of-mouth reviews of happy customers.

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