10 Best Single Page Website Designs For 2024

10 Best Single Page Website Designs For 2024
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: December 09, 2023

In this mobile-dominated era, single-page web design is gradually becoming a preferable option. It offers a more effective way to promote your brand and drive conversions.

Understandably, single-page websites are a growing trend, especially among designer sites because this type of web design is perfect for portfolios, but it can also be found in apps and/or product sites that are not content-heavy.

Showcasing everything a website has to offer on a single page, with the expertise of a UI/UX design agency, is a great way to save time for visitors as they won't have to jump from section to section, and the site only needs to load once, providing a much better and unified UX/UI experience. This approach streamlines navigation and allows users to easily access all the relevant information and content on a single, cohesive page.

That said, get inspired with these the best single-page website designs for 2023 that are both pretty as a picture and easy to use.

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best single page website

Standout features:

  • Gradual change of background
  • Interactive elements
  • Large, bold typography and high-res visuals

“Ich Hasse Die Nature” or “I Hate The Nature” is an artistic pilot project. Designed by Gravik, the website is a virtual canvas and a major building block for the digital transformation of the Klassik Stiftun Weimar, one of the largest and most significant cultural institutions in Germany.

Essentially, the website is a virtual version of the opening exhibition at the Schiller Museum with unique exhibits and 3D representations of death masks and the complicated synergy/conflict of the human race and nature.

Since the relationship in focus is inherently tactile, the website opts for interaction. Just like any quality art, it requires a strong reaction. It is a unification of traditional and contemporary and every feature is an extension of the exhibition itself.

Drawing from the 18th-century German literary movement Sturm und Drang (storm and stress) that the poet Schiller wholeheartedly championed, it deconstructs the overwhelming force of nature.

In this complimentary contrast, the beauty of decay is seamlessly translated into the web design as well. Scrolling down, the color palette gradually changes, while the content commands attention with bold, defiant messaging and typography.

2. Marcos Rezende

single page website
[Source: Marcos Rezende]

Standout features:

  • Clear visual hierarchy
  • Prominent display of the website’s hero and his expertise
  • Crisp, consistent, and sharp look

Imagine if every CV looked like Marcos Rezende’s page. As an Ottawa-based UX designer, Marcos created a single-page website not only to showcase his impressive set of skills but also unselfishly demonstrate what a UX design should look like.

In one neat package, he managed to place both his credentials, impressive portfolio, and approach, while staying fateful to undeniably eye-pleasing design.

There are no crazy animations and interactive elements, but rather, just a hint of technical brilliance (such as the case in the animated signature on the top-left-hand side that leads to the About me section). The lack of obvious, on-the-nose “wow effects” only bolsters and inspires users to learn more.

The website is a textbook example of user-centric and its design gives just a peek, albeit the crucial one, of what’s “under the hood”.

3. Anza Lounge Bar & Restaurant by ToastedWeb

single page website layouts
[Source: Anza]

Standout features:

  • Mouthwatering visuals
  • Symmetrical layout
  • Smooth, full-screen Menu

A spellbinding fusion of contemporary Mediterranean gastronomy, Anza Lounge Bar & Restaurant highlights the elegance of simple flavors that have established Thessaloniki as the culinary capital of Greece and even the Balkans.

Created by their compatriots, ToastedWeb, every part of Anza’s website communicates what the brand and dining experience are all about.

While palatable food shots are imperative, the color scheme, or rather lack thereof, ample negative space, and font choice are what make Anza stand out among competitors.

Bold, serif font and large header image add visual appeal to the menu in a simple, yet effective way. Without displaying beautiful scenery, the website boasts a trendy atmosphere that is simultaneously uniquely Mediterranean.

Besides its convenient menu, the user journey is clearly split into two routes, for new and recurring visitors. In other words, booking a table doesn’t require a prominent CTA, but a streamlined reservation is done in just a couple of clicks, while the new visitors can get familiar with the place before stepping into the premises.

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4. Torus Kit

single page website design
[Source: Torus Kit]

Standout features:

  • "Lazy” loading
  • Animation
  • Smooth transitions

Torus Kit is a complete toolbox for creating website interactions and effects. With its simple, semantic markup, it allows for the creation of simple or complex transitions without the need for any advanced knowledge of CSS or JavaScript to use the Torus Kit.

The single-page website acts as both the tool provider store and an impressive display of Torus Kit’s capabilities.

While focused and professional, the website’s expansive array of animation examples does exactly what the toolkit promises – it engages the visitors, gluing their attention to key messages and services which in turn boosts conversion.

The page manages to transform a fairly tech-oriented niche into an entertaining user journey, even for the uninitiated. Adding lazy loading ensures reduced page load time, which contributes to the website’s emphasized efficiency.

Despite the multitude of visual elements, there’s no overlapping. The website design remains clean and legible. The dominant color that disrupts the prevalent whiteness is royal blue, used in some texts and elements. It guides visitors’ attention toward CTAs, product examples and animated illustrations while communicating reliability.

5. CRE8TIVE REVOLUTIONS by Studio Zakmes

single page website example

Standout features:

  • Alternating backgrounds
  • Parallax effects
  • On-brand animation

Creativity is not a simple attribute or a professional tool, it is in fact the most valuable capital. Cre8tive Revolution is a community platform aimed at nurturing and developing said human-centered Creative Capital and changing mindsets across the globe by enabling creative and business professionals to exchange skills and grow together.

Right upon landing on the website (created by Studio Zakmes), above the fold, several hi-res images paired with a memorable tagline deliver a simple message concerning the platform’s mission. The combination of different fonts, a playful italic typeface, and a more traditional sans-serif headline represents mark the unification of “creative spirit” and “a business mindset”.

Alternating dark and white sections also use warm accent colors (mostly orange). These three hues stand out in stark contrast to each other, creating a very sharp look while giving off a youthful vibe and a pleasurable relief to the visitor’s eyes.

Static only at first glance, the website takes on movement as the user scrolls past different content elements. Going down, visitors are encountered with all kinds of information, blocks of text, CTAs, engaging TEDx talks videos, and other helpful elements.

Using a dark mode-like appeal, the website’s layout somehow manages to stay even, while it’s also broken into distinct sections which clearly communicate the brand’s goals:

“Although we each have an individual journey to take, there is power in community.”

This single-page website design is very detail-oriented. Almost every user action is well-thought-out and anticipated. It is straightforward while oozing the creative charge behind every element.

6. Nuka eternal stationery by O0

Nuka eternal stationery website design
[Source: Nuka eternal statinery]

Standout features:

  • Interactive elements
  • Parallax effects
  • “Less is more” design philosophy

Ukrainian company Nuka makes “eternal stationery”, a special notebook and pencil. The peculiarity of this product is that you can erase unnecessary information easily. Additionally, it does not tear or get wet and ultimately, it lasts forever.

When designing a promotional site O0 adopted the philosophy behind the creation of the product and crafted a single-page website that is sure to stand the test of time, no matter the passing trends.

It’s super utilitarian, clear, and simple, without any unnecessary distractions. O0 ensured that the digital home for eternal stationery is built with the brand's three co-s in mind: collaborative, conscious, and coherent.

Simplicity, however, doesn’t take anything from the impressive presentation. The website is built with the idea of giving visitors a taste of what it’s like to own the revolutionary notebook.

The real focus is on what you can draw, write, or scribble in this eternal stationery. Through the lens of this website, Nuka writes its story and offers you the tools to tell your own.

Besides the initial wow factor, the choice of font and design elements are the epitome of minimalistic, because it’s not the center of the story. You are.

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7. Jessy Grossi by Cosmos Studio

best one page websites
[Source: Jessy Grossi]

Standout features:

  • Dark/light mode switch
  • Animation and parallax effects
  • Cursor effect

Jessy Grossi is a marketing expert from Paris helping EdTech & B2B SaaS startups grow. To properly “light up" his online portfolio, Cosmos Studio opted for a minimalist single-page layout that literally glows with animated elements.

The agency created an interesting and conceptual website, aiming to reflect his approach and business expertise.

Jessy Grossi’s website admirably balances impressive visual appeal with copy-heavy bits of content, using animation and interaction both to highlight important details and engage visitors. Cosmos studio also added an interesting take on dark/light mode switching. Pressing and holding the conveniently placed button flips the website colors, painting it with a sepia-like filter.

This choice caters to both millennial audiences that prefer the dark mode and older generations that likely favor the more “newspaper-like” aesthetics.

The selection of Molde sans-serif font helps the message spread as clearly as possible. The no-nonsense typography, however, doesn’t completely peel the website’s playful layer. Interspersed with various emoticons signals the users that it is even more impressive when viewed on the phone.

8. Planads by Humming Design

Best Single Page Website Designs
[Source: Planads]

Standout features:

  • On-brand, playful illustrations
  • Colorful
  • Clear visual hierarchy

Planads is an owner-managed, ambient media agency from Germany that develops ad projects with passion, holistic precision, and expertise. The agency's many years of experience in this particular type of advertising and guerilla marketing are crowned by its expertly made webpage, or single-page website, crafted by professionals from Humming.

Whether they drew from the renowned German rigor or the agency’s specific traits, Humming designed the Planads site to reflect order, simplicity, and conciseness.

The clear visual hierarchy, however, doesn’t lack exuberance at all. Its dominant whiteness is filled to the brim with jolly illustrations and an on-brand color palette. The orange and blue combo does wonders for the website’s visual appeal.

Not only do these colors work well together (because of their complementary nature), but their union also represents playfulness, energy, a summer vibe, and a clash of ideas. They perfectly mirror what the company is all about – merging unconventional to achieve success.

Content organization and navigational simplicity are a feat on their own and the Planads website executes them effortlessly, attested by its flawless UX.

9. Sitaas Full Service IT by Formgrad

Best Single Page Website Design
[Source: Sitaas]

Standout features:

  • Animated intro “code”
  • Striking color scheme
  • Bold typography

Another German entry on our list, Sitaas is a renowned regional expert IT agency for medium-sized companies focused on email, communication, IT, and data security for more than a decade.

First developing the Sitaas corporate design back in 2009 and building upon it along with the company’s growth, Formgrad completely reinvented the brand after 12 years of constant development. The new website, the crown jewel of this effort, not only reflects the expansion of Sitaas’s services but also their progressive and dynamic approach.

The excitingly polarizing elements permeate the whole website: from the combination of heavy bold and extra light fonts to a salient color mixture. The navy blue stands for depth and practicality, while the neon green emanates forward-thinking and technology-powered energy.

The site is basically the extension of Sitaas’s logo — just like the “cut” at the end and the emphasized “IT” that symbolizes the seamless integration of IT systems, the website perfectly bridges the gap between customers’ needs and appropriate tech solutions.

The navigation is deliberately simple, clear, and efficient, while the positive attributes underlining the main menu options clearly represent Sitaas’s customer-oriented attitude.

10. Luzzu by General Condition

great one page websites
[Source: Luzzu]

Standout features:

  • “Through the Looking Glass” intro font
  • Parallax effects
  • The color scheme evokes the movie’s cinematography

Luzzu is an award-winning Maltese film by Alex Camilleri that tells the story of Jesmark, a struggling fisherman from Malta, forced to risk everything by entering the world of the black market with his luzzu boat.

The movie’s website, courtesy of General Condition, also starts its story with striking blackness. But right upon landing, the visitors are met with an exuberant short trailer reel viewed through the lens of the transparent logo that announces the exotic, smooth, albeit long sail (scroll) down.

The site creatively implements elements from the film including beautiful stills of the protagonist’s boat and moving, key scenes that seamlessly amalgamate both Jesmark’s and the user's journey.

It manages to hit the perfect balance of style and substance, sacrificing neither. It is modern, stylish, and visually rich but simultaneously very clean and minimal. The eye-catching elements are there to create intrigue, tickle the audience's curiosity, and focus on the star: the film itself. 

The menu bar is sticky with cool “x” icons and hover effects. Lastly, for consistency’s sake, social media icons are replaced with two-letter copy text.

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